2010-11-23 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Fixup MOV[APS|UPS] for xmmrm casesinsns
2010-11-23 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Implement size bits on KATMAI
2010-11-23 Cyrill Clear tabs/space mess
2010-11-23 Anthony Williamsmake: Lift up openwcom.mak for build on FreeDOS
2010-11-21 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.09.04nasm-2.09.04
2010-11-21 Cyrill GorcunovChanges for 2.09.04
2010-11-21 Victor van... BR3104852: only warn once for repeated prefixes
2010-11-21 Victor van... BR3058845: mostly fix bogus warning with implicit opera...
2010-11-21 Cyrill Gorcunovmisc: Enhance tag-release
2010-11-20 Cyrill Gorcunoveval: rexp3 should operate with 64bit numbers
2010-11-20 Victor van... Fix autoconf 2.68 warning.
2010-11-20 Cyrill Gorcunovcoff: Handle massive relocations
2010-11-16 H. Peter AnvinBR 3109604: Fix C4 vs C5 VEX form selection in calcsize()
2010-10-27 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.09.03nasm-2.09.03
2010-10-27 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Update changes for 2.09.03
2010-10-27 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc.c: Restore concat rules on context local variables
2010-10-27 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc: Issue warning on unterminated %{ construct
2010-10-27 Frank KotlerBR3079777: Explain %00 in documentation
2010-10-27 Cyrill GorcunovBR3079550: NASM crash on run-time for OMF output format
2010-10-27 Cyrill GorcunovBR3074517: Print %macro name inside %rep blocks
2010-10-06 H. Peter Anvindoc: fix spelling of "compatibility"
2010-09-17 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.09.02nasm-2.09.02
2010-09-17 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc/changes.src: Describe changes
2010-09-17 Cyrill GorcunovAdd test-case for BR3066383
2010-09-17 Cyrill GorcunovBR3066383: Restore backward compatibility with token...
2010-09-15 Cyrill Gorcunovchanges.src: Describe changes for 2.09.02
2010-09-15 Cyrill GorcunovBR3064376: ndisasm crash
2010-09-15 Cyrill GorcunovBR3064459: Missing %endif doesn't always cause error
2010-09-15 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc/nasmdoc.src: Fix octal number prefix misprint
2010-09-15 H. Peter Anvinchanges: document fixed token reversal for %deftok
2010-09-15 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: reverse the order of the tokens in %deftok
2010-09-07 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.09.01nasm-2.09.01
2010-09-07 Cyrill Gorcunovchanges.src: Describe changes for 2.09.01
2010-09-07 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc.c: Make %substr robust
2010-09-07 Cyrill GorcunovHandle %substr invalid parameters preventing NULL deref...
2010-09-07 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm_quote: Use memcpy only if length provided
2010-09-06 Cyrill GorcunovFix NULL dereferences on %substr missing operands
2010-09-06 Cyrill GorcunovBR3060469: Fix SIGSEV on missed %deftok second parameter
2010-08-24 H. Peter Anvindoc: document the %use fp macro packagenasm-2.09
2010-08-24 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.09
2010-08-20 H. Peter make insnsd.c a bit easier to read
2010-08-20 H. Peter Anvinndisasm: handle VEX.LIG
2010-08-19 H. Peter Anvinndisasm: unify VEX handling
2010-08-17 H. Peter Anvinndisasm: fix handing of byte codes 250-253, 324
2010-08-16 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.09rc7nasm-2.09rc7
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvintest/avx: remove deleted instructions
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: permit contracted forms for VBLENDVP
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvinassmemble.c: fix VEX.W logic
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: fix encoding of VCVTSD2SS
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: SSE encoding of VBLEND with VEX prefix is...
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: updates from AVX v7
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvinassemble: handle vex.lig
2010-08-16 H. Peter Anvinvex: change .wx to .wig to match the latest AVX spec
2010-08-16 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Update -O option description
2010-08-16 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Fix typo in changes.src
2010-08-14 Keith Kaniospreproc.c: revamped context-local fall-through warning...
2010-08-14 Keith Kaniosdoc/nasmdoc.src: revamped context fall-through entry
2010-08-13 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Describe context-through lookup
2010-08-13 H. Peter AnvinLICENSE: update year
2010-08-12 Cyrill Gorcunovsectalign: Implement on/off mode
2010-08-12 Cyrill Gorcunovstandart.mac: Style nitfix
2010-08-11 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc.c: Context-through single macros expansion...
2010-08-11 Keith Kaniospreproc.c: modified deprecation warning for context...
2010-08-09 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc.c: Fix error message typo
2010-08-09 Cyrill Gorcunovtest: Add br3041451 testcase
2010-08-09 Cyrill GorcunovBR3041451: Implement upper bound for %rep counter
2010-08-09 Keith Kaniospreproc.c: added deprecation warning for context-local...
2010-08-06 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.09rc6nasm-2.09rc6
2010-08-04 Cyrill Gorcunovtest: Add automatizing annotations to imm64.asm
2010-08-02 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: unbreak test/imm64.bin
2010-07-29 Cyrill Gorcunovelf: Move stabs symbol table format into outelf.h
2010-07-29 Cyrill Gorcunovnasmlib.c: fix typo in nasm_init_malloc_error
2010-07-28 Cyrill GorcunovNASM 2.09rc5nasm-2.09rc5
2010-07-28 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Updates on macro ranges
2010-07-28 Cyrill Gorcunovlabels.c: cleanup
2010-07-28 Cyrill GorcunovGet rid of misc/
2010-07-28 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Explain SECTALIGN
2010-07-26 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Fix ..sym section name misprint
2010-07-26 Cyrill Gorcunovassemble.c: Style nitfix
2010-07-25 H. Peter AnvinRevert "Improve process_ea and introduce -OL"
2010-07-25 H. Peter Anvinnasm.h: move "regs.h" to top; make is_register() a...
2010-07-25 Cyrill Gorcunovmove is_register helper to nasm.h
2010-07-24 Cyrill GorcunovUse is_register helper
2010-07-24 Cyrill Introduce is_register() helper
2010-07-24 Victor van... Remove redundant sentence in docs
2010-07-24 Victor van... Improve process_ea and introduce -OL
2010-07-23 Cyrill Gorcunovdoc: Update changes.src
2010-07-23 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc.: Fix NULL dereference on broken %strlen argument
2010-07-20 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: allow non-identifier character in environment...
2010-07-17 Cyrill Gorcunovchanges.src: Fix misprint in "instructions" word.
2010-07-16 H. Peter Anvinnasmdoc: we still miss Chuck, but...
2010-07-16 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'nasm-2.08.xx'
2010-07-16 H. Peter Anvinchanges.src: update with the 2.08.xx changesnasm-2.08.xx
2010-07-16 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.09rc4nasm-2.09rc4
2010-07-16 H. Peter AnvinMake -Ox the defaultpreproc-paste-fix
2010-07-13 Bryant KellerDocumentation: describe %ifenv and friends
2010-07-13 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: add %ifenv
2010-07-13 H. Peter AnvinBR3028880: Revert to nonfatal, better error message...
2010-07-13 Cyrill GorcunovUpdate changes.src
2010-07-13 Cyrill GorcunovBR3028880: Make nonexistent environment variable being...