2009-07-13 Keith Kaniospreproc: add %[i]defid supportdefid
2009-07-12 Keith Kaniospreproc: add %exitmacro support and clean up recursive...
2009-07-11 Keith Kaniospreproc: refine appropriate handling of PP_RMACRO/PP_RI...
2009-07-11 Keith Kaniospptok: add rmacro/rimacro
2009-07-11 Keith Kaniospreproc: fix potential bug regarding MMacro->prev and...
2009-07-11 Keith Kaniospreproc: add recursive macro expansion support
2009-07-09 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.07rc4nasm-2.07rc4
2009-07-09 H. Peter AnvinDocument macho64 output format
2009-07-09 Keith KaniosRevert "NASM 2.07rc4"
2009-07-09 Keith KaniosNASM 2.07rc4
2009-07-09 Keith Kaniosmacho64: Manually merge macho64 branch with master...
2009-07-08 Keith Kaniosoutmacho.c: fix section/relocation alignment issue
2009-07-07 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.07rc3nasm-2.07rc3
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinchanges: document listing fix
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: revert to older form of preprocessor user...
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: always reprocess smacros after %+ - pasting
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinlisting: preserve list file on error, include errors
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinoutdbg: be excrutiatingly correct...
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinoutdbg: fix OUT_REL*ADR, add OUT_REL8ADR
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinoutbin: be consistent in spelling "Intel hex" with...
2009-07-07 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.07rc2nasm-2.07rc2
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinchanges: add Mach-O alignment issue fix
2009-07-07 Keith KaniosMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-07-07 Keith Kaniosoutmacho: fixed section/relocation alignment issue
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinchanges: document %+ behavior revert
2009-07-07 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: don't handle %+ until the final phase of smacr...
2009-07-06 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.07rc1nasm-2.07rc1
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinchanges.src: document user-visible changes
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvindoc: update license and contact information
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinspec: change License to BSD
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinnasm.nsi: remove COPYING; add LICENSE
2009-07-06 H. Peter AnvinNASM: relicense under the 2-clause BSD license
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinoutbin: minor cleanups
2009-07-06 H. Peter AnvinBR 2817225: don't overrun a permts buffer with a maximu...
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinnasm.nsi: in the "NASM shell", put NASM first in PATH
2009-07-06 H. Peter AnvinChange noreturn macro to no_return to avoid header...
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinnasm.nsi: use LZMA compression
2009-07-06 H. Peter AnvinMore "make install" fixes...
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinrdf2bin: be smarter about extracting the format from...
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinnasm.nsi: add additional rdf2bin aliases
2009-07-06 H. Peter Anvinrdoff: fix "make install"
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvintest/Makefile: add ith and srec targets
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvindoc: S-records seems to usually be pluralized
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvindoc: srec produces S-records, not Intel hex...
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvindoc: use the term "extensions" to mean of-specific...
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvindoc: fix capitalization
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvinoutbin: when using saa_rnbytes() we have to saa_rewind()
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvinoutbin: when writing S-records, write head record
2009-07-05 H. Peter Anvinoutbin: add support for Intel hex and Motorola S-records
2009-07-05 H. Peter AnvinMake it possible for outputs to be either text or binary
2009-07-04 H. Peter Anvinnasmlib.h: add unlikely() to nasm_assert()
2009-07-04 H. Peter Anvinrdf2bin.1: add missing space
2009-07-04 H. Peter Anvinrdoff/test/Makefile: actually do build tests
2009-07-04 H. Peter Anvinspec: update specfile with new rdf2bin aliases
2009-07-04 H. Peter Anvinrdf2bin: update man page, add link pages for aliases
2009-07-04 H. Peter AnvinAdd rdf2ith and rdf2srec to .gitignore
2009-07-04 H. Peter AnvinCorrect the legacy name rdf2ihx (as opposed to rdf2ith)
2009-07-03 H. Peter Anvinrdf2bin: revamp so it can output bin, ith, or srec
2009-07-03 H. Peter Anvinrdfload: make the base addresses unsigned
2009-07-03 H. Peter AnvinRemove rdf2ihx.c, since it looks unlikely we'll get...
2009-07-03 H. Peter AnvinCorrection: preproc.c is *not* in the clear just yet.
2009-07-02 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.06.01rc1nasm-2.06.01rc1
2009-07-02 H. Peter AnvinBeginnings of a crude utility to dump the contents...
2009-07-02 H. Peter AnvinFix early report_error(); avoid nuisance phase warnings
2009-07-02 H. Peter Anvinoutobj: handle the case of SEG <undefined> in pass 0
2009-07-02 H. Peter Anvinnasmlib: add nasm_assert(); use const char * for filenames
2009-07-02 H. Peter Anvincompiler.h: new macro for a non-returning function
2009-07-01 H. Peter Anvinoutmacho: change license to 2-BSD
2009-06-30 Cyrill GorcunovELF64: fix incorrect type for the .strtab section header
2009-06-30 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.06nasm-2.06
2009-06-29 H. Peter Anvinheaders/doc: copyright header for documentation files
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd new copyright headers to the rdoff code
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd new copyright headers to the output modules
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright headers to standard macro packages
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright headers to macro files
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinMacro file copyright header
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright headers to the *.c/*.h files in the main...
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinIn memory of Chuck...
2009-06-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright header to nasmdoc.src
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinLICENSE: include the actual BSD license
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright notices to other *.dat files
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright notice to insns.dat
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd copyright verbiage to Perl scripts; update LICENSE
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinStandard copyright verbiage headers
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinLICENSE: give the current license status.
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.06rc16nasm-2.06rc16
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinRun make alldeps
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinMove prototypes for null_debug to outform.h and outlib.h
2009-06-28 H. Peter AnvinMove backend-specific code to output/; break out null...
2009-06-28 H. Peter Anvindebug: make *all* the null debug routines available...
2009-06-28 H. Peter Anvinoutput: call debug init from a central location
2009-06-28 H. Peter Anvintest/Makefile: add rule to produce a .dbg file
2009-06-28 H. Peter Anvinoutform: build ALL formats by default, including DBG
2009-06-28 H. Peter Anvinoutelf.c: add appropriate #ifdefs
2009-06-28 H. Peter Anvinoutdbg: make outdbg.c compile cleanly
2009-06-27 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.06rc15nasm-2.06rc15
2009-06-27 H. Peter AnvinBR 2781900: handle common labels while optimizing
2009-06-27 H. Peter Anvinparser.c: fix stylistic nitpick
2009-06-27 H. Peter Anvinassemble.c: stylistic nitpick
2009-06-27 H. Peter Anvinpreproc: use %if 0 instead of %ifdef BOGUS