10 days ago H. Peter AnvinReplace unchecked fwrite() callsmaster
2014-10-17 Jim KukunasNASM 2.11.06nasm-2.11.06
2014-10-17 Jim Kukunasdoc: Document -MF/-MD and updated AVX512 instructions
2014-10-16 Mark CharneySync to public Intel EAS version 021.
2014-09-21 Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: elf -- Use common elf_ structures
2014-09-21 Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: elf -- Move common structures into outelf.h...
2014-08-29 Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: elf -- Move elf_directive into single instance
2014-08-29 Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: elf -- Rename section_attrib to elf_section_attrib
2014-08-25 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Move 'np' mnemonic into @plain_codes
2014-08-25 Cyrill Gorcunovassemble.c: Introduce mnemonics into bytecode spec
2014-08-07 Jim Kukunasmsvc.mak: Update arguments
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm: Handle -MF and -MD options
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm: Convert operating_mode to use bitmask
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovnasm: Make op_type members being capitals
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc: pp_cleanup -- Don't forget to zeroify variables
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc: Use nasm_zalloc in new_Block
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovpreproc: Convert tabs to spaces
2014-06-28 Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: outbin -- Fix relocation size
2014-05-22 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'nasm-2.11.xx'
2014-05-22 H. Peter Anvindoc: Make it clear that --v is only in 2.11.05 and...
2014-05-21 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'nasm-2.11.xx'
2014-05-21 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11.05nasm-2.11.xxnasm-2.11.05
2014-05-21 H. Peter Anvindoc: Document --v and duplicate REX prefix fix
2014-05-21 H. Peter AnvinBR 3392279: Fix duplicated REX prefixes
2014-05-09 H. Peter AnvinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/signrel'
2014-05-09 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'nasm-2.11.xx'
2014-05-09 Cyrill Gorcunovoptions: Add --v option
2014-05-09 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11.04nasm-2.11.04
2014-05-09 Cyrill Gorcunovoptions: Add --v option
2014-05-09 Cyrill Gorcunovdebug: Drop LOGALLOC usage
2014-05-09 Cyrill GorcunovRename REX_REAL to REX_MASK
2014-05-07 Jin Kyu Songchanges: Document bug fixes
2014-05-05 Jin Kyu Songndisasm: Match vector length with EVEX.b set
2014-05-05 Jin Kyu SongAVX512: Remove invalid error checking
2014-05-05 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11.03nasm-2.11.03
2014-05-05 H. Peter Anvinchanges: Document TIMES bug
2014-05-05 Cyrill Gorcunovassemble.c: Don't drop rex prefix from instruction...
2014-02-19 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11.02nasm-2.11.02
2014-02-19 H. Peter AnvinAdd CLFLUSHOPT instruction
2014-02-19 H. Peter Anvininsns: add XSAVEC, XSAVES and XRSTORS instructions
2014-02-18 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11.01nasm-2.11.01
2014-02-18 H. Peter Anvinchanges.src: changelog for 2.11.01
2014-02-18 H. Peter Anvinoutelf: Error out on "section align" without value
2014-02-16 H. Peter AnvinBR 3392275: Don't require xmm0 to be specified when...
2014-02-15 Cyrill GorcunovBR3392274: output: Elf -- Don't crash on erronious...
2013-12-31 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11nasm-2.11
2013-12-31 H. Peter Anvindoc: Document DEFAULT BND/NOBND in changes, add use...
2013-12-31 H. Peter Anvinchanges: Document change in [nosplit reg]
2013-12-19 Jin Kyu Songnosplit: Generate index-only EA only when a multiplier...
2013-12-19 Jin Kyu Songmpx: Clean up instruction data
2013-12-19 Jin Kyu Songnosplit: Limit the effect of NOSPLIT
2013-12-19 Jin Kyu Songmib: Avoid RIP-relative addressing in mib
2013-12-13 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Mark LOADALL, LOADALL286 with ND flag
2013-12-12 Jin Kyu Songmib: Handle MIB EA in a different way from regular...
2013-12-11 H. Peter Anvinmisc/release: Generate manpages
2013-12-10 Cyrill Gorcunoviflag: Don't use c99 array initialization
2013-12-07 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns-iflags: Drop occasionally introduced \Tab's
2013-12-07 Cyrill Gorcunoviflag: \Tabs -> \Space
2013-12-07 Cyrill Gorcunoviflag: Introduce IFLAG_INIT helper
2013-12-05 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11rc4nasm-2.11rc4
2013-12-05 Jin Kyu Songdoc: Update nasmdoc
2013-12-05 Jin Kyu Songbnd: Add a new nobnd prefix
2013-12-05 Jin Kyu Songbnd: Show warning when bnd prefix is dropped
2013-12-03 Jin Kyu Songpfmask: Limit the preferred mask to the vendor specific...
2013-11-29 H. Peter Anvindoc: Make the bit about mib operands a bit clearer
2013-11-29 H. Peter Anvindoc: Clean up changelog for 2.11
2013-11-28 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11rc3nasm-2.11rc3
2013-11-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd {vex3} and {vex2} prefixes by analogy with {evex}
2013-11-28 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.11rc2nasm-2.11rc2
2013-11-28 H. Peter AnvinRemove "high 16" register class macros for xmm/ymm/zmm
2013-11-28 Jin Kyu Songtestcase: Remove escape characters - '\'
2013-11-28 Jin Kyu Songpreproc: Handle curly braces in multi-line macro parameters
2013-11-28 Jin Kyu SongRevert "AVX-512: Handle curly braces in multi-line...
2013-11-27 Jin Kyu Songstdscan: Rework curly brace parsing routines
2013-11-27 Jin Kyu Songiflags: Add IF_EVEX for checking {evex} availability
2013-11-27 Jin Kyu Songopflags: Separate vector registers into low-16 and...
2013-11-27 Jin Kyu Songdoc: Update the change history and nasmdoc
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anvindisasm: Don't rely on iflag_cmp() returning +/-1
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anviniflag: Do the equality test in iflag_cmp() first
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anvinassemble: Only treat a displacement as signed if it... signrel
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anvintest: Add a test for various 32- and 64-bit relocations
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anvinassemble: Emit signed relocations where appropriate
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anvinlisting: handle negative (signed) address size values
2013-11-27 H. Peter Anvinoutput: Allow OUT_ADDRESS with a negative size to mean...
2013-11-26 H. Peter Anviniflag: In iflag_cmp() scan from the most significant...
2013-11-25 H. Peter Anviniflag: Drop the use of double underscores
2013-11-25 H. Peter Anviniflag: Make the insns_flags array const
2013-11-25 H. Peter Anvininsns.dat: Fix a typo in a comment
2013-11-24 H. Peter Anviniflag: Move instruction flag comment
2013-11-24 H. Peter Anviniflag: remove C99 constructs, don't hardcode the number...
2013-11-24 H. Peter Anvin"make alldeps"
2013-11-24 H. Peter Anviniflag: Fix dependencies, factor out static components...
2013-11-24 H. Peter Anvin"make alldeps"
2013-11-24 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Restore back MMX,FPU flags
2013-11-24 Cyrill GorcunovUpdate .gitignore
2013-11-24 Cyrill Gorcunovmake: Update deps
2013-11-24 Cyrill Gorcunoviflag: Start using new instruction flags engine
2013-11-24 Cyrill Gorcunovinsns: Introduce
2013-11-24 Cyrill Gorcunovmake: Add 'golden' target
2013-11-22 Jin Kyu Songbnd: Drop bnd prefix for relaxed short jmp instructions