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The Netwide Assembler, NASM, is a cross-platform x86 assembler with an Intel-like syntax.
4 days ago H. Peter Anvindisp8: make constant arrays in get_disp8N() staticmaster
12 days ago Fabian Giesenoutput: elf -- Generate SHT_RELA relocs for elfx32...
12 days ago Fabian Giesenoutput: elf -- Fix debug info.
12 days ago Henrik Gramnerinsns.dat: Enable contracted forms for additional instr...
12 days ago Henrik Gramnerinsns.dat: Fix EVEX vpbroadcast(b|w), vpextr(b|w),...
13 days ago H. Peter AnvinRun make alldeps
13 days ago H. Peter don't scan files until we know all the paths
2016-08-02 H. Peter disable common data to avoid problems...
2016-07-26 Cyrill GorcunovMerge branch 'nasm-2.12.xx'
2016-07-26 Fabian Giesencodeview: Fix ill-formed "S_COMPILE2" record.
2016-07-26 Fabian Giesenrdoff: Add rdf2bin input dependency
2016-07-18 Fabian Giesencodeview: Fix ill-formed "S_COMPILE2" record.
2016-07-18 Fabian GiesenMake "make clean" actually clean all object files.
2016-07-18 Fabian Giesenrdoff: Add rdf2bin input dependency
2016-07-18 Cyrill Gorcunovlabels: Warn if new label created on pass two
2016-07-14 bcallah@devio.usAdd explicit void parameter to newmembuf() function...
7 weeks ago nasm-2.12.02 NASM 2.12.02
2 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc9 NASM 2.12.02rc9
2 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc8 NASM 2.12.02rc8
2 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc7 NASM 2.12.02rc7
3 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc6 NASM 2.12.02rc6
3 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc5 NASM 2.12.02rc5
3 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc4 NASM 2.12.02rc4
3 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc3 NASM 2.12.02rc3
3 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc2 NASM 2.12.02rc2
4 months ago nasm-2.12.02rc1 NASM 2.12.02rc1
5 months ago nasm-2.12.01 NASM 2.12.01
5 months ago nasm-2.12.01rc2 NASM 2.12.01rc2
5 months ago nasm-2.12.01rc1 NASM 2.12.01rc1
6 months ago nasm-2.12 NASM 2.12
6 months ago nasm-2.12rc7 NASM 2.12rc7
6 months ago nasm-2.12rc6 NASM 2.12rc6
4 days ago master
4 days ago nasm-2.12.xx
5 months ago nsis
5 months ago ctype
6 months ago elfmerge
6 months ago machomerge
6 months ago machofix
18 months ago nasm-2.11.xx
2 years ago signrel
2 years ago nasm-2.10.xx
2 years ago avx512
4 years ago new-preproc
5 years ago nasm-2.09.xx
5 years ago path
5 years ago pragma
5 years ago insns
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