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The Netwide Assembler, NASM, is a cross-platform x86 assembler with an Intel-like syntax.
2 hours ago H. Peter AnvinWindows portability: fix construct in,... master
9 hours ago H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.13rc22nasm-2.13rc22
9 hours ago H. Peter Anvinnasmlib/path.c: a few more detection macros
10 hours ago Chang S. Baeoutmatch: fix file info and cleanup in dwarf generation
10 hours ago Chang S. Baenasmlib: include macro for Mach system and fix on filen...
10 hours ago H. Peter Anvindoc: formatting consistency for %!
32 hours ago H. Peter Anvindoc: make the %! (environment variable) construct a...
32 hours ago H. Peter Anvindoc: add (deprecated) to context fall-through lookup...
47 hours ago H. Peter Anvinoutmacho: clean up list walks, use nasm_basename/nasm_d...
47 hours ago H. Peter Anvinsaa, raa: saa_init() and raa_init() will never return...
47 hours ago H. Peter AnvinSAA: add saa_wcstring()
47 hours ago H. Peter Anvinnasmlib: fix MacOS classic catsep definition
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinnasmlib: add function to splice pathnames
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinnasmlib: add path-splitting functions
2 days ago H. Peter fix --enable-sections
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinaclocal.m4: fix underquoted strings
9 hours ago nasm-2.13rc22 NASM 2.13rc22
5 days ago nasm-2.13rc21 NASM 2.13rc21
8 days ago nasm-2.13rc20 NASM 2.13rc20
8 days ago nasm-2.13rc19 NASM 2.13rc19
11 days ago nasm-2.13rc18 NASM 2.13rc18
11 days ago nasm-2.13rc17 NASM 2.13rc17
2 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc16 NASM 2.13rc16
2 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc15 NASM 2.13rc15
2 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc14 NASM 2.13rc14
2 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc13 NASM 2.13rc13
2 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc12 NASM 2.13rc12
2 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc11 NASM 2.13rc11
3 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc10 NASM 2.13rc10
4 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc9 NASM 2.13rc9
6 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc8 NASM 2.13rc8
6 weeks ago nasm-2.13rc7 NASM 2.13rc7
2 hours ago master
10 hours ago elf
2 months ago nasm-2.12.xx
6 months ago reldef
13 months ago nsis
13 months ago ctype
13 months ago elfmerge
14 months ago machomerge
14 months ago machofix
2 years ago nasm-2.11.xx
3 years ago signrel
3 years ago nasm-2.10.xx
3 years ago avx512
5 years ago new-preproc
5 years ago nasm-2.09.xx
5 years ago path
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