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The Netwide Assembler, NASM, is a cross-platform x86 assembler with an Intel-like syntax.
30 hours ago Ozkan Add -Werror flags last (BR 2292332)master
33 hours ago H. Peter Anvinrdflib: actually get the timemachomerge
33 hours ago H. Peter Anvinoutmacho: rename outmac.c to outmacho.c
39 hours ago H. Peter Anvinoutmac: generate section-relative relocations for local...
40 hours ago H. Peter Anvinassemble.c: when converting an address to RAWDATA,...
40 hours ago H. Peter Anvinoutmac: correct the format name for macho32
43 hours ago Cyrill Gorcunovoutput: outmac -- Fix few nits during merge
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinoutmac: allow section alignment to be declared more...
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinoutmac: default to bits 32 for macho32 output format
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinoutmac: move the format definitions down to the format...
2 days ago H. Peter AnvinMerge the macho32 and macho64 (outmac32/64) backends
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinrealpath: prefer the buffer size given by pathconf()
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinmacho64: remove -64 suffix from static variables
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinmacho: make a bunch of global variables static
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinassemble.c: fix the handling of zero-extending unsigned...
2 days ago H. Peter Anvinassemble.c: handle oversized relative relocations
33 hours ago nasm-2.12rc3 NASM 2.12rc3
2 weeks ago nasm-2.10rc2 NASM 2.10rc2
2 weeks ago nasm-2.12rc2 NASM 2.12rc2
2 weeks ago nasm-2.12rc1 NASM 2.12rc1
4 weeks ago nasm-2.11.09rc2 NASM 2.11.09rc2
6 months ago nasm-2.11.09rc1
11 months ago nasm-2.11.08 NASM 2.11.08
14 months ago nasm-2.11.07 NASM 2.11.07
15 months ago nasm-2.11.06 NASM 2.11.06
20 months ago nasm-2.11.05 NASM 2.11.05
21 months ago nasm-2.11.04 NASM 2.11.04
21 months ago nasm-2.11.03 NASM 2.11.03
23 months ago nasm-2.11.02 NASM 2.11.02
23 months ago nasm-2.11.01 NASM 2.11.01
2 years ago nasm-2.11 NASM 2.11
2 years ago nasm-2.11rc4 NASM 2.11rc4
30 hours ago master
33 hours ago machomerge
2 days ago machofix
11 months ago nasm-2.11.xx
2 years ago signrel
2 years ago nasm-2.10.xx
2 years ago avx512
3 years ago new-preproc
4 years ago nasm-2.09.xx
4 years ago path
4 years ago pragma
5 years ago insns
5 years ago preproc-rewrite
5 years ago owc
5 years ago nasm-2.08.xx
5 years ago preproc-paste-fix
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