2014-03-30 Filip KłębczykSmall spelling fixes21/head
2014-03-30 Stefan Köglupdate dependencies
2014-03-30 Stefan Köglupdate to latest stable Django 1.6.2
2014-03-30 Stefan Köglfix paths in
2014-03-30 Stefan Köglfix typo
2014-03-30 Stefan Kögladd dev requirements w/ transifex-client
2014-03-30 Stefan Köglupdate Transifex config
2014-03-30 zeugmaUpdated TR translation
2014-03-30 UnknownUpdated IT translation
2014-03-30 Jim NygårdUpdated NB translation
2014-03-30 Sérgio MarquesUpdated PT translation
2014-03-30 Tomasz DominikowskiUpdated Polish translation
2014-03-30 Louis Carlioz... Updated FR translation
2014-03-30 Silvio SistoUpdated ES translation
2014-03-30 Stefan KoeglUpdated DE translation
2014-03-15 Stefan Köglfix comparison of Proxy objects
2014-03-15 Stefan Kögladd missing imports
2014-03-10 Stefan Köglassign publisher permissions via web interface
2014-03-05 Stefan Köglcleanup / refactor podcast views
2014-03-05 Stefan Köglinclude podcast ID in key of podcasts/by_oldid
2014-03-04 Stefan Köglbump requirement for mygpo-feedservice for Youtube...
2014-03-04 Stefan Köglupdate requirements
2014-03-04 Stefan Köglavoid duplicates in subscription lists
2014-02-22 Stefan Kögladd
2014-02-22 Stefan Kögloverwrite new default JSON session serializer
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglcatch urllib2.HTTPError when updating feeds
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglfix HTML for Google Ads
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglcatch IOError when updating feeds
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglbutton style in add-podcast-status.html
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglrequire at least two episodes for a "common" title
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglprotocol-relateive imports in contribute.html
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglmissing logger setup
2014-02-22 Stefan Köglfix import of get_single_result
2014-02-02 Stefan Köglfix (work around) intermittent test failures
2014-01-31 Stefan Köglfix PodcastGroup results of podcast_by_id_uncached()
2014-01-31 Stefan Kögldon't access help page in tests
2014-01-31 Stefan Köglset SECRET_KEY when testing
2014-01-30 Stefan Köglfetch git deps via HTTPS
2014-01-30 Stefan Kögladd .travis.yml for Travis-CI bulds
2014-01-30 Stefan Köglfix requirements
2014-01-30 Stefan Köglremove unused import
2013-12-31 Stefan Köglrefactor DB queries w/ new get_single_result()
2013-12-30 Stefan Kögladd missing requirement "coverage"
2013-12-30 Stefan Köglrequire current couchdbkit git master
2013-12-30 Stefan Köglupdate to Django 1.6
2013-12-30 Stefan Kögluse new Django email validation (Django 1.5+)
2013-12-29 Stefan Kögluser docs are now hosted on
2013-12-29 Stefan Kögladd user and publisher docs
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglreport unexpected multiple results in
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglset temporary socket timeout in feeddownloader
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglhandle socket.error in feeddownloader
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglretrieve suggestions from correct database
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglfix variable name
2013-12-25 Stefan Kögladd "hide-author" podcast restriction
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglmissing parameter to messages.error()
2013-12-25 Stefan Kögltouch-couchdb-views accepts DB URL from commandline
2013-12-25 Stefan Kögluse bootstrap in unify-slugs-select.html
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglautofocus 1st input of merge-select.html
2013-12-25 Stefan Köglmove User documents into mygpo_users database
2013-12-04 Stefan Kögl[publisher] show update interval, next update
2013-12-01 Stefan Köglavoid conflict when confirming pubsub sbuscription
2013-11-26 Stefan Köglfix KeyError in subscription list
2013-11-26 Stefan Köglcatch FlowExchangeError during Login with Google
2013-11-24 Stefan Köglupdate requirements from live installation
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglrefactor, improve feed-downloader
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglfix grouping of episodes before merging
2013-11-23 Stefan Kögladapt merge form to Bootstrap 3
2013-11-23 Stefan Kögladd feed queue status to host info page
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglfix name of unittest tearDown() method
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglignore .coverage file
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglmove, fix makefile
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglremove unused script
2013-11-23 Stefan Köglremove unused import
2013-11-23 Stefan Kögllog failure to subscribe to hub in feeddownloader
2013-11-21 Stefan Köglreduce log level for incorrect pubsub status
2013-11-21 Stefan Köglhelp page: link to client list on wiki (fixes bug 1861)
2013-11-14 Stefan Köglreduce use of logger.exception() for non-critical excep...
2013-11-14 Stefan Kögladd (intermittently failing) test for unsubscribing...
2013-11-12 Stefan Köglrefactor retrieval of devices
2013-11-12 Stefan Köglfix podcasts_by_next_update for podcast groups
2013-11-12 Stefan Köglfix feed-downloader --next for podcast groups
2013-11-12 Stefan Köglfix episode_count_for_podcast() for podcasts w/o episodes
2013-11-12 Stefan Köglallow merging of duplicate podcasts (with same URL)
2013-11-12 Stefan Kögladd logging to API tasks
2013-10-28 Stefan Köglgracefully handle missing podcasts in subscriptions
2013-10-28 Stefan Köglextract split_quoted() into
2013-10-27 Stefan Köglfix button on task status page
2013-10-27 Stefan Köglfeed-downloader: get number of episodes from db query
2013-10-27 Stefan Köglhandle broken quotation in lucene search
2013-10-27 Stefan KöglLog multiple podcast results for the same URL
2013-10-27 Stefan Kögluse latest version of feedservice
2013-10-27 Stefan KöglUpdate podcasts based on avg update interval
2013-10-27 Stefan Köglsimplify directory API
2013-10-27 Stefan Kögladd default limit param to podcasts_by_last_update
2013-10-27 Stefan Kögldecode unicode before passing to urllib.quote_plus
2013-10-27 Stefan Kögluse "Source Sans Pro" font via Google Web Fonts
2013-10-27 Stefan Köglfix podcasts/by_last_update view
2013-10-27 Stefan Köglcheck for missing oldid should accept 0
2013-10-27 Stefan KöglImprove search results ranking
2013-10-22 Stefan Köglfix link to removed page on "subscribe" page