2014-10-24 Stefan KöglWIPdesign26/head
2014-10-22 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'static-media' into design
2014-10-11 Stefan Kögl[Web] split static and media filesstatic-media28/head
2014-10-11 Stefan Kögl[Web] remove unused static files
2014-10-07 Stefan Kögl[Config] get SECRET_KEY from env
2014-10-07 Stefan Kögl[Design] rip out bootstrap, font-awesome, jquery
2014-10-05 Stefan Kögl[Migrate] remove unused CouchDB related code
2014-10-04 Stefan Kögl[Migration] handle Episode.listeners = None in episode...
2014-10-01 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #25 from gpodder/categories
2014-10-01 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove CouchDB-based Categories25/head
2014-09-30 Stefan Kögl[Categories] use categories from Django ORM
2014-09-25 Stefan Kögl[Categories] migrate to Django ORM
2014-09-25 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] fix linking to podcasts w/o title
2014-09-25 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] move template to correct project
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] refactor (un)subscribing from/to podcasts
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Users] handle ValidationError during registration
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Sync] fix subscription sync between clients
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Device] move Symbian OPML button into drop-down item
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Web] add missing csrf-token
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Sync] add button to manually re-sync a sync group
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Users] fix username pattern and validation
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Favorites] fix creating podcast from favorites feed
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Migration] don't log duplicate CouchDB results as...
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[API] fix parameter name of HttpResponse
2014-09-12 Stefan Kögl[Web] improve validation of Client UIDs
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[Settings] remove invalid comment about "contenttypes...
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] fix pagination
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] fix entry count in template
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[PubSub] add podcast to pubsub subscription
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[API] handle Podcast groups in OPML
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] fix typo
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[Toplist] add DB indexes
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[Migration] reset cached db queries
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove CouchDB-based podcast lists
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] use auto_now[_add]
2014-09-10 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] migration to Django ORM23/head
2014-09-08 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] update Django to 1.7
2014-09-01 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] update all requirements to latest versions
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[PubSub] remove now unused code to complete migration
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Users] regularly clear expired sessions
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[PubSub] migrate to Django ORM
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] remove unused class
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Directory] remove podcast examples text file
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Directory] migrate example podcasts to Django ORM
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[DB] optimize queries using DISTINCT
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Users] clean up imports
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Migration] load tags from Django ORM
2014-08-31 Stefan Kögl[Suggestions] remove spurious log
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused toplist method
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Suggestions] add initial suggestions migration file
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Suggestions] migrate suggestions to Django ORM
2014-08-30 Stefan gl[Podcasts] add migrations for episode indexes
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[User] related field name for user profile
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Suggestions] move existing code into own app
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused repeat_on_conflict imports
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused method is_couchdb_id()
2014-08-30 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused
2014-08-29 Stefan Kögl[Static] remove unused logo image
2014-08-29 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused
2014-08-29 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused
2014-08-29 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] make pep8 compliant
2014-08-29 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] fix merging Episodes with same URL
2014-08-29 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix broken test
2014-08-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] catch correct excepion when Client update fails
2014-08-28 Stefan Kögl[Flattr] fix bug when flattring episode
2014-08-28 Stefan Kögl[API] fix variable name in Updates API
2014-08-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix Flattr related settings
2014-08-28 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] bump to Djang 1.7 RC3
2014-08-28 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] handle errors when adding multiple URLs
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Administration] fix merging podcasts and episodes
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Podcast] trim slugs
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[API] fix Subscription API
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix web tests
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] add logo_url to PodcastGroup
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] trim new slugs to maximum length
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] fix Episode.get_or_create_for_url()
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[API] fetch episodes in Updates API per podcast
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] trim Subscription.ref_url to max length
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Core] handle None in to_maxlength()
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix getting podcasts of PodcastGroup
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Web] optimize loading podcast/episode by slugs
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Web] handle SyncGroups as Clients
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[API] handle SubscribedPodcast as Podcast
2014-08-27 Stefan Kögl[Web] refactor / fix token handling
2014-08-26 Stefan Kögl[DB] create unique index for
2014-08-26 Stefan Kögl[Registration] check usernames when registering
2014-08-26 Stefan Kögl[History] pass callables to URL dispatcher
2014-08-26 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix display of sync groups
2014-08-26 Stefan Kögl[Profile] fix sorting podcasts
2014-08-26 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] trim fields of Podcasts, Episodes during update
2014-08-25 Stefan Kögl[Migration] fix episode state migration
2014-08-25 Stefan Kögl[Docs] set PostgreSQL statement_timeout
2014-08-25 Stefan Kögl[DB] add indexes for episodes, slugs
2014-08-25 Stefan Kögl[Web] add missing import
2014-08-25 Stefan Kögl[Directory] show Admin link for staff users
2014-08-25 Stefan Kögl[Core] remove gevent usage
2014-08-22 Stefan Kögl[DB] create additional episodes index
2014-08-22 Stefan Kögl[DB] index User (email, username)
2014-08-21 Stefan Kögl[Users] fix user cleanup task interval
2014-08-21 Stefan Kögl[DB] optimize Podcast/Episode queries by slugs