5 days ago Stefan Kögl[Clients] handle Unicode decode error when uploading... master
5 days ago Stefan Kögl[Requirements] update to latest Pillow=3.0.0
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Publisher] handle None values in max()
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] convert map result to list before serial...
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Flattr] decode Flattr response before parsing
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] fix JSON serialization of py3 dict_values
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[Tasks] fix celery startup
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] fix "except" syntax for Python 3
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[Heatmap] treat None as 0 in heatmap data
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] handle ExpatError in OPML parsing by raising...
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] fix invalid variable reference in Legacy API
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Tests] increase test coverage precision in report
2015-06-28 Stefan KöglRemove usage for ultrajson (ujson)
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Tests] for coverage omits
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[API] fix empty JSON API response
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Tests] enable django_coverage_plugin for tempalte...
2015-06-28 Stefan KöglMove coverage parameters to .coveragerc
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] handle IntegrityError when adding related...
2015-06-21 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] log errors during parsing of feedservice response
2015-06-21 Stefan Kögl[Users] fix number of queries during login
2015-06-21 Stefan Kögl[Users] active case-insensitive login
2015-06-21 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'case-insensitive-username'
2015-06-21 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] check for empty URL when getting/creating...
2015-06-21 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix TypeError in Heatmap calculation
2015-06-14 Stefan Kögl[Users] Check case-insensitive username when registering34/head
2015-06-13 Stefan Kögl[Users] start switch to case-insensitive username
2015-06-13 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] feedservice should convert texts to markdown
2015-06-13 Stefan Kögl[Web] explicitly set RedirectView.permanent for help...
2015-06-11 Stefan Kögl[Django] use new template settings
2015-06-11 Stefan Kögl[Django] use new import path of RequestSite
2015-06-11 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] add missing import
2015-06-11 Stefan Kögl[Flickr] handle unavailable API
2015-06-10 Stefan Kögl[Search] use podcasts ID (instead of UUD repr) for...
2015-06-10 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] fix Python3 unicode error
2015-06-10 Stefan Kögl[Flattr] POST data should be bytes (not str)
2015-06-10 Stefan Kögl[API] handle "since" param with non-int value
2015-06-10 Stefan Kögl[Suggestions] Remove unused module
2015-06-08 Stefan KöglImport GenericForeignKey from new path
2015-06-08 Stefan KöglUpdate App loading to new requirements of Django 1.7+
2015-06-08 Stefan Kögl[Conf] fix handling of CACHES setting
2015-06-08 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'env-cfg'
2015-06-08 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix OPML upload
2015-06-05 Stefan Kögl[Users] Fix login with Google
2015-06-05 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] fix heatmap calculation
2015-06-05 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] fix max_listeners calculation
2015-06-05 Stefan Kögl[Django] Model._meta.module_name has been renamed to...
2015-06-05 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] fix encoding issue with Flickr feeds
2015-06-05 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] open/write logo files in binary mode
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Config] get configuration from environment variables33/head
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix shadowed variable name
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Share] Encode email address before hashing
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Docs] Remove Python 3 compatability list
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Search] don't encode query string
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] exclude None from listener_count values
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[API] don't encode query string
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglEncode strings before hashing
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'master' into py331/head
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[History] don't try to query non-existing field
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglUpdate all requirements to latest versions
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Setup] optionally use add opbeat to installed apps
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] fix updating of content_types field
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglMove import
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'master' into py3
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] don't continue updating when fetching feed...
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] handle objects passed to update_episode_state
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] fix variable name in feeddownloader
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglRemove __future__ imports -- the future is here!
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'master' into py3
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglRevert "Revert "Update podcasts from feedservice""
2015-06-04 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'master' into py3
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Flattr] pass Id instead of whole obj to flattr things
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Cleanup] remove unused module mygpo.cache
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Tests] Track code coverage through Coveralls
2015-06-04 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] pass Id instead of whole obj to update_episo...
2015-06-03 Stefan KöglRevert "Update podcasts from feedservice"
2015-06-02 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] fix error log message
2015-06-02 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] fix podcast search
2015-06-02 Stefan Kögl[Suggestions] don't retry failed suggestions update
2015-06-02 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] don't query episodes when podcast.max_episod...
2015-06-02 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] trim URL when creating episode
2015-06-02 Stefan Kögl[Directory] fix update_category()
2015-06-02 Stefan KöglRemove some unnecessary 2to3 safeguards
2015-06-02 Stefan KöglFix Python 2 / 3 incompatabilities
2015-05-31 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'master' into py3
2015-05-31 Stefan KöglUse Django's new UUIDField
2015-05-31 Stefan KöglUpdate to Django 1.8
2015-05-31 Stefan KöglUpdate podcasts from feedservice
2015-05-05 Stefan Kögl[Docs] move API docs from wiki to Sphinx
2015-04-29 Stefan Kögl[Tests] enable container-based tests on Travis-CI
2015-04-29 Stefan Kögl[Web] add hosting info after footer
2015-03-29 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] check no match in Flickr regex
2015-03-29 Stefan Kögl[Tests] verify num of db queries for failed auth
2015-03-26 Stefan Kögl[API] Uploads of similar episode events were detected...
2015-03-26 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix Symbian OPML export
2015-03-20 Stefan Kögl[Directory] handle IntegrityError when updating category
2015-03-20 Stefan Kögl[Directory] remove unused imports
2015-03-20 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] handle ValueError when setting episode slugs
2015-03-17 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] speed up get_subscribe_targets()
2015-03-17 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] avoid counting podcast's episodes during...
2015-03-17 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] optimize keeping Podcast.episode_count up...