3 days ago Stefan Kögl[Directory] Add "title" tag to the Top Tags APImaster
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] handle race-conditions when creating podcast...
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] update test for new paging
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] prefetch episode slugs on podcast page
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[History] handle TypeError when adding action via web
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Registration] remove reference to deleted UserProfile...
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Publisher] fix wrong method in make-publisher cmd
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Web] remove now unused slow episode pagination
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Registration] handle already used email address
12 days ago Stefan Kögl[Repo] ignore venv*
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] make Episode.get_or_create_for_url() atomic
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] more efficient pagination
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix configuration of default privacy...
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] require login for FlattrTokenView
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Admin] don't select related objects in podcasts admin
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] fix token handling
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] handle start = None in heatmap visualization
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] add missing import
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] fix periodic task schedule_updates()
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] require latest version of mygpo-feedservice
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Directory] fix variable name
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[History] refactor inserting history entries
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[History] remove "Episode" from history title
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix log statement for unicode
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] add publisher view for podcast groups with ID
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix subscribe page w/ sync groups
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[UserSettings] fix variable name
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] update / fix feed-downloader
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[API] normalize URLs after removing empty entries
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[API] type error with "since" parameter
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] incorrect number of new/existing publisher...
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix OPML export
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] add missing import
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Setup] update gunicorn config
2014-11-27 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] order episodes by "order"
2014-11-26 Stefan Kögl[Users] remove unused UserProfile.uuid
2014-11-26 Stefan Kögl[Tests] remove outdated comment about failing test
2014-11-19 Stefan Kögl[Directory] don't fail on missing random podcast
2014-11-13 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] make Episode.duration a BigInteger
2014-11-13 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] make Episode.order a BigInteger
2014-11-10 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] add pep8, flake8 as dev requirements
2014-11-10 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] schedule due podcast updates every hour
2014-11-09 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] precompute episode order for faster paging
2014-11-08 Stefan Kögl[History] add index
2014-11-08 Stefan Kögl[UserSettings] fix UserSettings.get_private_podcasts()
2014-11-08 Stefan Kögl[UserSettings] fix migration
2014-10-31 Stefan Kögl[UserSettings] refactor, add tests30/head
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] fixes various bugs, adds tests
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove remaining CouchDB related code
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[History] add EpisodeHistoryEntry.create_entry()
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Tests] use new Django 1.6 test runner
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[History] store episode history in Django ORM
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused CouchDB related scripts
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] remove unused import
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Administration] remove CouchDB parts from hostinfo...
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Docs] remove outdated files-overview.rst
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove usage of @repeat_on_conflict
2014-10-26 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] implement replacing list's entries
2014-10-25 Stefan Kögl[API] get latest episode states from EpisodeState
2014-10-25 Stefan Kögl[EpisodeStates] log update of episode state
2014-10-25 Stefan Kögl[EpisodeStates] add EpisodeState class
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] bump Django to 1.7.1 bugfix release
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Directory] fix updating categories
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[API] fix retrieving client
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Directory] fix linking of categories with linebreaks...
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Directory] fix pagination
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] fix decorator
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] fix updating of published podcasts
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Search] fix scoring of results
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Search] add display_title property to SearchResult
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Settings] fix typos
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Web] add missing import
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[Shell] auto-import all Models
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[History] refactor episode history tests to use Django ORM
2014-10-23 Stefan Kögl[History] create episode heatmap from Django ORM
2014-10-20 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused CouchDB related tests
2014-10-19 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused CouchDB related code
2014-10-19 Stefan Kögl[Chapters] use Django ORM in Chapters API
2014-10-19 Stefan Kögl[API] move APIView to mygpo.api
2014-10-19 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] remove unused code
2014-10-19 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] fix usage of "update_token" in view
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] get play stats from Django ORM
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] get episode history from Django ORM
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] check for episode history in Django ORM
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused CouchDB methods
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Favorites] store favorites to Django ORM29/head
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Favorites] get favorite episodes from Django ORM
2014-10-18 Stefan Kögl[Favorites] make favorite (episode, user) unique
2014-10-17 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused method
2014-10-17 Stefan Kögl[Userpage] fix podcast count of podcast lists
2014-10-17 Stefan gl[Migration] remove / rewrite get_seconds_played27/head
2014-10-17 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove / rewrite get_latest_episode_ids
2014-10-17 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove / rewrite get_num_played_episodes
2014-10-17 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove / rewrite get_num_listened_episodes
2014-10-07 Stefan Kögl[Config] get SECRET_KEY from env
2014-10-05 Stefan Kögl[Migrate] remove unused CouchDB related code
2014-10-04 Stefan Kögl[Migration] handle Episode.listeners = None in episode...
2014-10-01 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #25 from gpodder/categories
2014-10-01 Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove CouchDB-based Categories25/head
2014-09-30 Stefan Kögl[Categories] use categories from Django ORM