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3 days ago Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] check no match in Flickr regexmaster
3 days ago Stefan Kögl[Tests] verify num of db queries for failed auth
5 days ago Stefan Kögl[API] Uploads of similar episode events were detected...
5 days ago Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix Symbian OPML export
11 days ago Stefan Kögl[Directory] handle IntegrityError when updating category
11 days ago Stefan Kögl[Directory] remove unused imports
11 days ago Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] handle ValueError when setting episode slugs
2015-03-17 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] speed up get_subscribe_targets()
2015-03-17 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] avoid counting podcast's episodes during...
2015-03-17 Stefan Kögl[Episodes] optimize keeping Podcast.episode_count up...
2015-03-15 Stefan Kögl[Favorites] remove unused access to token
2015-02-24 Stefan Kögl[Users] allow login with email address as username
2015-01-27 Stefan Kögl[Directory] Add "title" tag to the Top Tags API
2015-01-18 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] handle race-conditions when creating podcast...
2015-01-18 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] update test for new paging
2015-01-18 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] prefetch episode slugs on podcast page
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