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21 hours ago Stefan Kögl[Publisher] move add_published_objs to PublishedPodcastmaster
21 hours ago Stefan Kögl[Migration] move update_flattr_settings to view
21 hours ago Stefan Kögl[Migration] move user_agent_stats() to view
21 hours ago Stefan Kögl[Registration] implement User registration logic
3 days ago Stefan Kögl[Migration] use migrated users
4 days ago Stefan Kögl[Models] add PublishedPodcast, Client, SyncGroup
5 days ago Stefan Kögl[Migration] remove unused commands
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Models] set episode slug only if one can be generated
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Search] replace deprecated [function_score]
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Web] fix multiple iteration over prefetch_related...
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Models] fix variable name when creating URLs
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[Sessions] Switch to cached_db session backend
6 days ago Stefan Kögl[DB] add missing import
7 days ago Stefan Kögl[Migration] migrate users (still w/o devices)
7 days ago Stefan Kögl[Models] Create UserProfile, PublishedPodcast model
9 days ago Stefan Kögl[Tasks] Update Celery configuration / setup
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