is a webservice that connects podcast players
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mygpo - Source of

mygpo is the webservice powering


mygpo is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. See file COPYING for details.


See file INSTALL for details


Please report bugs in the Component of the gPodder Bugtracker

Mailing List

mygpo and related issues are discussed on the gPodder Mailinglist

Documentation and Wiki

Documentation, especially for the API, can be found in the Wiki

Name (Why mygpo?)

mygpo is a short version of "" which was the old (domain)name of and has been used as the project name since then.

3 days ago Stefan KöglUpdate requirementsmaster
3 days ago Stefan KöglRemove unused requirement django-uuidfield
2016-09-05 Stefan KöglTravis-CI: remove 3.4, add nightly instead
2016-09-05 Stefan KöglFix generating candidate Slugs for podcast update
2016-09-05 Stefan KöglStrip whitespace when looking up category
2016-09-05 Stefan KöglCatch invalid device UID in get_device()
2016-09-05 Stefan KöglFix problems with DB initialization on SQLite
2016-08-08 Stefan KöglAdd case-insensitive index for username
2016-07-24 Stefan KöglHandle exception when updating podcast
2016-07-24 Stefan KöglAdd index for Podcast.last_update
2016-07-24 Stefan KöglFix invalid method call in host-info view
2016-07-24 Stefan KöglFix byte/str mix in get_git_head()
2016-07-24 Stefan KöglUpdate requirements
2016-06-10 Stefan KöglHandle None in ``podcast_logo`` templatetag
2016-06-10 Stefan Kögl[Tests] track coverage of templates
2016-04-19 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] fix logging
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