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2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Podcasts] make Episode.get_or_create_for_url() atomicmaster
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] more efficient pagination
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix configuration of default privacy...
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] require login for FlattrTokenView
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Admin] don't select related objects in podcasts admin
2014-11-28 Stefangl[Web] fix token handling
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Web] handle start = None in heatmap visualization
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] add missing import
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Feeds] fix periodic task schedule_updates()
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] require latest version of mygpo-feedservice
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Directory] fix variable name
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[History] refactor inserting history entries
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[History] remove "Episode" from history title
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix log statement for unicode
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] add publisher view for podcast groups with ID
2014-11-28 Stefan Kögl[Subscriptions] fix subscribe page w/ sync groups
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