is a webservice that connects podcast players
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mygpo - Source of

mygpo is the webservice powering


mygpo is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. See file COPYING for details.


See file INSTALL for details


Please report bugs in the Component of the gPodder Bugtracker

Mailing List

mygpo and related issues are discussed on the gPodder Mailinglist

Documentation and Wiki

Documentation, especially for the API, can be found in the Wiki

Name (Why mygpo?)

mygpo is a short version of "" which was the old (domain)name of and has been used as the project name since then.

2015-10-01 Stefan Kögl[Clients] handle Unicode decode error when uploading... master
2015-10-01 Stefan Kögl[Requirements] update to latest Pillow=3.0.0
2015-10-01 Stefan Kögl[Publisher] handle None values in max()
2015-10-01 Stefan Kögl[PodcastLists] convert map result to list before serial...
2015-10-01 Stefan Kögl[Flattr] decode Flattr response before parsing
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] fix JSON serialization of py3 dict_values
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[Tasks] fix celery startup
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] fix "except" syntax for Python 3
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[Heatmap] treat None as 0 in heatmap data
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] handle ExpatError in OPML parsing by raising...
2015-09-22 Stefan Kögl[API] fix invalid variable reference in Legacy API
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Tests] increase test coverage precision in report
2015-06-28 Stefan KöglRemove usage for ultrajson (ujson)
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Tests] for coverage omits
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[API] fix empty JSON API response
2015-06-28 Stefan Kögl[Tests] enable django_coverage_plugin for tempalte...
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