2007-06-17 Michael OlsonRelease Emacs Muse 3.03!v3.03
2007-06-17 Michael OlsonGet Info version of QuickStart to publish
2007-06-17 Michael OlsonUpdate my example stuff
2007-06-17 Michael OlsonMakefile: build ELPA package for Muse
2007-06-17 Michael OlsonManual: Finish updating for new release
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonManual: Complete Options for Projects, on to new features
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonManual: Finish documenting Sources for "Options for...
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonManual: Begin documenting muse-project-alist options
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonIDEAS: Add some ideas from David D. Smith
2007-06-16 Michael Olsonmanual: Write "Projects and Subdirectories" chapter
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonManual: update significantly
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonWork on QuickStart, fix more bugs
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonDo the simpler fix for <literal>
2007-06-16 Michael OlsonTidy <literal> output when opening/closing tags on...
2007-06-15 Michael OlsonBegin work on revamping QuickStart
2007-06-15 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS
2007-06-15 Michael OlsonMake C-c C-i do the same thing as C-c TAB
2007-06-15 Michael OlsonFix bug #6250: Numbers in definition lists incorrectly...
2007-06-15 Michael Olsonemacs-wiki-migration: Call this "good enough"
2007-06-15 Michael OlsonUpdate RelaxNG schema
2007-06-14 Michael Olsonemacs-wiki-migration: Flesh out index page topic
2007-06-14 Michael OlsonInitial incomplete draft of etc/emacs-wiki-migration.txt
2007-06-14 Michael Olsonmuse: Docfix in muse-with-temp-buffer
2007-06-14 Michael Olsonmuse-mode: Use C-c C-M-t to do the same thing as C...
2007-06-14 Michael OlsonUpdate copyright years
2007-06-14 Michael OlsonFix a few Emacs 21 bugs that caused errors during display
2007-06-14 Michael OlsonMake interwiki links with anchors (three-part-links...
2007-06-14 Michael Olsonmuse-coiors: Fix reverse order in markup rules
2007-06-13 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Install changes to publish slides and lectu...
2007-06-13 Michael OlsonREADME: Document new etc/ directory
2007-06-13 Michael OlsonIDEAS: Install new contributors' code after the release
2007-06-12 Michael OlsonNo, we really did need the auto-mode-alist part at...
2007-06-12 Michael OlsonMake add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist part an autoload...
2007-06-10 Michael OlsonFix the well-reported URL publishing bug
2007-06-06 Michael Olsonmanual: Fix archive year. Now, back to disaster recove...
2007-06-06 Michael Olsonmanual: Document muse-xhtml-style-sheet
2007-06-06 Michael OlsonMake table publishing work with XEmacs 21
2007-06-06 Michael OlsonMakefile: Fix error when doing "make install"
2007-06-05 Michael Olsonmuse-journal: Fix double-escaping of qotd contents
2007-06-05 Michael OlsonFix bug #5115: Avoid accessing remote files during...
2007-06-05 Michael OlsonFix bug with <contents> and multiple <include> tags
2007-06-03 Michael OlsonSupport table.el-style tables
2007-06-02 Michael OlsonMake it possible to not inline an image
2007-06-02 Michael Olsonmanual: Clarify what image-link, link, and link-and...
2007-06-02 Michael OlsonFix failure to recognize images in description before...
2007-06-01 Michael OlsonNEWS: Fix typo
2007-06-01 Michael OlsonNEWS: Add example for setting `muse-html-table-attributes'
2007-05-31 Michael Olsonmuse-xml-common: Allow multiple tbody tags in orgtbl...
2007-05-30 Michael Olsonmuse-publish: Support orgtbl-mode style tables
2007-05-27 Michael Olsonmuse-project: Allow custom things to be added to autoge...
2007-05-26 Michael OlsonBring NEWS up to date with today's changes
2007-05-26 Michael OlsonPublish the QuickStart as pdf, rather than info-pdf
2007-05-26 Michael OlsonMake <src> and <qotd> block-level
2007-05-26 Michael OlsonMerged from ...
2007-05-26 Michael OlsonWork around a truly abominable tilde-in-path edge case...
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMerged from ...
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMerged from
2007-05-25 Michael Olsonmuse-publish: Fix inline use of <lisp>
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMerged from ...
2007-05-25 Michael Olsonmuse-texinfo: Fix an improper escaping issue
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMakefile: Fix typo in debprepare
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMakefile: Remove unnecessary command
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMerged from ...
2007-05-25 Michael OlsonMakefile: Improve building of Debian packages
2007-05-24 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS
2007-05-24 Michael Olsonmuse-publish: Docfix for last patch
2007-05-24 Michael OlsonFix bug with markup that comes immediately after paragraphs
2007-05-24 Michael OlsonIgnore Mercurial and bzr metadata directories
2007-05-20 Michael Olsonmuse-html: "Borrow" idea about class tags in footnotes...
2007-05-19 Michael OlsonRevert link-and-anchor change
2007-05-15 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Use better markup for link-and-anchor
2007-05-14 Michael OlsonMention new muse-el-logs mailing list in documentation
2007-05-14 Michael Olsonmuse-protocols: Fix publishing bug
2007-05-12 Michael Olsonmuse-blosxom: Fix bug with muse-publish-region
2007-05-01 Michael Olsonmuse-publish-region: Remove read-only properties after...
2007-04-24 Michael OlsonFix stray footnote references causing control chars...
2007-04-22 Michael OlsonRevert trivial change
2007-04-22 Michael OlsonTesting commit mail ...
2007-04-22 Michael OlsonFix bug with browsing woman:// links
2007-04-22 Michael OlsonDisplay prominent warning for malformed muse-project...
2007-04-22 Michael OlsonDeal with trailing backslash in muse-project-alist...
2007-04-22 Michael OlsonAdd muse-slides to IDEAS
2007-04-21 Michael OlsonFix typo: context -> contex
2007-04-21 Michael Olsonmuse-latex2png: Make this work with ConTeX
2007-04-20 Michael OlsonSimplify <markup> implementation
2007-04-20 Michael OlsonFix bug introduced in patch-293
2007-04-20 Michael OlsonAdd listing of ideas to new IDEAS.muse file
2007-04-19 Michael OlsonImplement conditional deletion of text in <literal...
2007-04-12 Michael Olsonmuse-publish: Ensure blank line exists after heading
2007-04-12 Michael OlsonYet another test
2007-04-12 Michael OlsonThis time, without colors
2007-04-12 Michael OlsonRevert trivial change.
2007-04-12 Michael OlsonStill more testing ...
2007-04-12 Michael OlsonThat didn't take ... trying again
2007-04-12 Michael OlsonQuick pointless change to test
2007-04-02 Michael OlsonREADE: List available mailing lists
2007-04-01 Michael OlsonNew function: muse-publish-region
2007-03-31 Michael OlsonFix muse-style-derived-p edge case
2007-02-26 Michael Olsonmuse-publish: Introduce muse-publish-date-format option
2007-02-23 Michael OlsonREADME: Mention which versions of Emacs work with Muse