2006-11-07 Michael OlsonMake Emacs Muse 3.02.93 (3.03 RC3) availablev3.02.93
2006-11-06 Michael OlsonAdd ChangeLog entry for manual change
2006-11-06 Michael OlsonMerged from
2006-11-06 Michael OlsonFix link-following bug with invalid relative links
2006-11-04 Michael OlsonFix bug with recognizing wiki project names too loosely
2006-11-04 Michael OlsonBe smarter about where explicit interwiki links end
2006-11-04 Michael OlsonTry to make relative links to project pages work
2006-11-04 Michael OlsonFix bug when using C-c C-T to publish a file
2006-10-30 Michael OlsonReally fix <example> highlighting bug this time
2006-10-30 Michael OlsonFix goofy assertion
2006-10-30 Michael OlsonFix bug #7424: Error in redisplay while using Emacs...
2006-10-30 Michael OlsonFix bug in coloring of <example> tags
2006-10-30 Michael OlsonImplement publish-time detection of whether a link...
2006-10-29 Michael OlsonUpdate my example configuration
2006-10-29 Michael OlsonPermit non-Muse files in projects to be linked to,...
2006-10-29 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS
2006-10-29 Michael OlsonFix some link resolving bugs
2006-10-29 Michael OlsonFix issue with link suffix in links to other files
2006-10-28 Michael OlsonUpdate ChangeLog for last change
2006-10-28 Michael OlsonFix all known definition list publishing issues
2006-10-28 Michael OlsonCheckpoint my definition list publishing changes
2006-10-16 Michael OlsonAdd self-nested tag support to muse-colors as well
2006-10-16 Michael OlsonAdd autoload cookie for muse-mode-choose-mode
2006-10-16 Michael OlsonNew files: muse-import-docbook.el and muse-import-xml.el
2006-10-16 Michael OlsonMerged from
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonAdd forgotten ChangeLog entry
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonFix bug in nested tag support
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonMinor cleanups
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 98)
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonDo some bookkeeping
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 99...
2006-10-15 Michael OlsonInitial implementation of nested tag support
2006-10-11 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS for 3.02.6 release
2006-10-10 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS for 3.02.7 bugfix release.
2006-09-26 Michael Olsonmuse-colors: Fix bug found by recent Emacs 22 builds
2006-09-26 Michael OlsonAdd ChangeLog entries for recently contributed changes
2006-09-26 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 95-96)
2006-09-15 Michael Olsonmuse-texinfo: Silence compiler warning
2006-09-15 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 92)
2006-09-13 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 206)
2006-09-13 Michael OlsonFix #6970: Info-pdf publishing fails when a WikiLink...
2006-09-12 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 205)
2006-09-12 Michael OlsonManual: mention the muse-el-internationalization mailin...
2006-09-11 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 201-204)
2006-09-11 Michael OlsonUse our own safer variant of file-name-sans-extension
2006-08-30 Michael OlsonRevert prematurely committed patch.
2006-08-30 Michael Olsonmuse.texi: Fix typo.
2006-08-30 Michael OlsonUpdate pyblosxom plugin header info.
2006-08-28 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 198-200)
2006-08-28 Michael OlsonGet rid of some tabs.
2006-08-28 Michael OlsonFix bug introduced in last patch.
2006-08-27 Michael Olsonmuse-wiki: Separate project-file stuff from wikiword...
2006-08-26 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 194-197)
2006-08-26 Michael OlsonFix a publishing bug with nested list items.
2006-08-26 Michael Olsonmuse-wiki: Try to fix an issue with large projects.
2006-08-25 Michael Olsonmuse-blosxom: Fix XEmacs format-time-string bug.
2006-08-18 Michael OlsonFix issue where backup files were being added to the...
2006-08-13 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 171-193)
2006-08-13 Michael OlsonMake second release candidate (3.02.92) available.v3.02.92
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonReally put autoloads in the right place.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonMake sure the autoloads file is distributed with releases.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonMore of the same.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonMinor Makefile tweak.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonCatch up with NEWS items.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonIf style is used twice, prompt for the directory.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonMiscellaneous clean-ups.
2006-08-12 Michael OlsonMake implicit URL descriptions publish better.
2006-08-11 Michael OlsonCommit ChangeLog file.
2006-08-11 Michael Olsonmuse-latex2png: Parametrize and create subdirectory...
2006-08-10 Michael OlsonMake centered captioned images work for XHTML.
2006-08-10 Michael OlsonFix issue with table of contents and derived html styles.
2006-08-09 Michael OlsonTrim whitespace from table fields.
2006-08-09 Michael OlsonTry to fix image centering with long captions issue.
2006-08-08 Michael OlsonFix bug introduced in last patch.
2006-08-08 Michael OlsonPublish captions for images that have descriptions.
2006-08-07 Michael OlsonUse separate escaping for embedded images.
2006-08-06 Michael OlsonFix #5359: Word wrap ignores definition lists.
2006-08-06 Michael OlsonFix bug #6399; designate this 3.02.91 (RC2).v3.02.91
2006-08-06 Michael OlsonMake command, lisp, perl, python, and ruby tags interpr...
2006-08-06 Michael OlsonImplement <perl>, <python>, and <ruby> tags.
2006-08-06 Michael OlsonTweak build system.
2006-08-05 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 165-170)
2006-08-05 Michael OlsonRename muse-convert-latex.el to muse-import-latex.el.
2006-08-04 Elena PomohaciMerged from (patch 6-7)
2006-08-03 Elena PomohaciMerged from (patch 0-5)
2006-07-29 Michael OlsonManual: Update mailing list info.
2006-07-29 Michael OlsonMention both Ubuntu and Debian throughout.
2006-07-27 Michael OlsonFix #5899: muse-follow-name-at-mouse breaks mouse-yank...
2006-07-27 Michael OlsonMake C-c C-t publish the current file in a more sensibl...
2006-07-27 Michael OlsonImplement interactive insertion of URLs.
2006-07-27 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 158-164)
2006-07-27 Michael OlsonMake escaping of brackets in links work properly.
2006-07-09 Michael OlsonMake space around emdash optional.
2006-07-08 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Make publishing of <contents> tags optional.
2006-07-04 Michael OlsonFix publishing bug introduced in last patch.
2006-07-04 Michael OlsonMake links to files in subdirectories work.
2006-07-03 Michael OlsonFix publishing of blank table fields.
2006-07-03 Michael OlsonMake muse-publish-markup-buffer usable even with no...
2006-06-26 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 157)
2006-06-26 Michael OlsonDon't use illegal C-c i keybinding.