2006-04-08 Michael OlsonMake things in contrib directory installable.v3.02.90
2006-04-08 Michael OlsonRemove muse-registry.el.
2006-04-08 Michael OlsonPrepare Debian package for Arch snapshot.
2006-04-05 Michael Olsonmuse-wiki: Honor setting for muse-wiki-hide-nop-tag.
2006-04-05 Michael OlsonFix a couple of compiler warnings.
2006-04-05 Michael OlsonMake interwiki links work with the new option.
2006-04-05 Michael OlsonPermit table generation to be disabled for a single...
2006-04-05 Michael Olsonmuse-wiki: Match filenames before WikiWords.
2006-04-05 Michael OlsonUse a better mechanism for updating autogenerated varia...
2006-04-05 Michael Olsonmuse-wiki: Implement implicit links for all files in...
2006-04-05 Per B. SederbergAppend implicit file link update to publish/save hooks.
2006-04-05 Per B. SederbergAdd in extension to implicit links to match project...
2006-04-04 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 86)
2006-04-04 Michael OlsonUpdate Muse's file-alist after saving any Muse page.
2006-04-04 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 85)
2006-04-04 Michael OlsonAdd a hook that is called whenever Muse's file-alist...
2006-04-04 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 82-84)
2006-04-04 Michael Olsonmuse-mode: Recognize definition lists when filling...
2006-04-04 Michael OlsonRemove unrelated part of patch-82.
2006-04-04 Michael Olsonmuse-journal: Fix dates in RSS feeds.
2006-04-01 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 81)
2006-04-01 Michael Olsondebian: Install ChangeLog properly.
2006-04-01 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 79-80)
2006-04-01 Michael OlsonFix a bug triggered by batch-publishing.
2006-03-31 Michael Olsonmuse.texi: Move some sections to a new Extending Muse...
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 77-78)
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonFix a couple of recently-introduced bugs.
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonUpdate my example configuration file.
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 74-76)
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonRemove cruft from patch logs.
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonMake faces more robust and namespace-conforming.
2006-03-26 Michael Olsonmuse.texi: Mention the <code> tag.
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 73)
2006-03-26 Michael OlsonFix bug in verse markup, undesired behavior with emdash.
2006-03-25 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 72)
2006-03-25 Michael Olsonhttpd.el: Update to work with newer versions of Emacs.
2006-03-25 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 71)
2006-03-25 Michael Olsonmuse-journal: Make custom RSS heading regexps possible.
2006-03-25 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 69-70)
2006-03-25 Michael OlsonFix #5190: Endless loop in muse style-run-hooks when...
2006-03-25 Michael Olsonmuse-mode: Don't require muse-publish.el.
2006-03-21 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 67-68)
2006-03-21 Michael OlsonMinor code cleanup.
2006-03-21 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 15-26)
2006-03-21 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 66)
2006-03-21 Per B. SederbergAdd general searching and backlink searching.
2006-03-20 Michael OlsonMake it easier to call context-specific region-escaping...
2006-03-17 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 65)
2006-03-17 Michael OlsonAttempt to make new syntaxes easier to support.
2006-03-14 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 64)
2006-03-14 Michael OlsonFix #5477: muse-replace-regexp-in-string throws error...
2006-03-13 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 55-63)
2006-03-13 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Add footnotes to links so that they show...
2006-03-13 Michael OlsonFix publishing error with multi-line wrapped list items.
2006-03-13 Michael OlsonAdd COPYING file; update headers.
2006-03-13 Michael OlsonUpdate Muse XML schema.
2006-03-12 Michael OlsonFix output for consecutive list items of same type.
2006-03-12 Michael OlsonMake C-> and C-< keybindings not indent nested items.
2006-03-12 Michael OlsonSlightly improve flyspell integration.
2006-03-11 Michael OlsonMake nested definition list items work much better.
2006-03-11 Michael OlsonAdd backlink support, thanks to Jim Ottaway.
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 53-54)
2006-03-10 Michael Olsonmuse-protocols: Add Wikipedia support.
2006-03-10 Michael Olsonmuse-protocols: Add DOI handling.
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 51-52)
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonRefine previous patch.
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonMake visiting of links a bit faster.
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 50)
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonMake resolving of inline image paths more flexible.
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 49)
2006-03-10 Michael OlsonFix inline image lockup.
2006-03-07 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 48)
2006-03-07 Michael OlsonFix publishing problem with XEmacs.
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 46-47)
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonGet increase and decrease of list indentation to work...
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonCode simplification; improve muse-list-item-type function.
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 42-45)
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonPut movement by list and paragraph functions in muse.el.
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 5-14)
2006-03-06 Michael OlsonUse slightly better algorithm for removing initial...
2006-03-05 Per B. SederbergAdded enhanced list item indentation.
2006-03-04 Michael OlsonIn a preliminary way, make definition lists nest.
2006-03-03 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 41)
2006-03-03 Michael OlsonFix nested list regression.
2006-03-03 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 40)
2006-03-03 Michael OlsonMake code look nicer by using muse-forward-dl-* functions.
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 39)
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonHandle blockquoted sections within lists properly.
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 36-38)
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonFix problem when previous list item was nested.
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonFix #5376: Changing muse-wiki-wikiword-regexp does...
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonFix #5325: nested formatting not working in HTML output.
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 35)
2006-03-02 Michael OlsonMake paragraphs respect the end of a list or list item.
2006-03-01 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 34)
2006-03-01 Michael OlsonMake sure an initial term exists before publishing...
2006-03-01 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 32-33)
2006-03-01 Michael OlsonAdd comments to nested list code.
2006-03-01 Michael OlsonMake nested list items work when separated by one blank...
2006-03-01 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 28-31)