2005-12-17 Michael OlsonRelease Emacs Muse 3.02.5.v3.02.5
2005-12-17 Michael Olsonmuse-colors: Fix QuickStart display bug.
2005-12-16 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 302)
2005-12-16 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 298)
2005-12-15 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 297)
2005-12-14 Michael OlsonMerged from muse--main--1.0 (patch 286, 296)
2005-12-14 Michael OlsonMerged from muse--main--1.0 (patch 295)
2005-12-13 Michael Olsonmuse-mode: Fix semicolon in paragraph issue.
2005-12-13 Michael Olsonmuse-project: Deal with edge case.
2005-12-11 Michael Olsonmuse-project: Prevent auto-save files from being included.
2005-12-11 Michael OlsonMerged from muse--main--1.0 (patch 278, 281-283)
2005-12-11 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Get table of contents to publish correctly.
2005-11-21 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 276)
2005-11-21 Michael Olsonmuse-wiki: WikiWords can have consecutive capital letters.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonRelease Emacs Muse 3.02.02.v3.02.02
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonUpdate examples.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 272-273)
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonNEWS: Add migration note.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonMove ChangeLogs around.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonPrepare debian files for new minor release.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonBe more fault-tolerant about muse-file-extension.
2005-11-19 Michael OlsonAllow bad WikiWords to be colorized, by popular request.
2005-11-17 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: backslash-escaping in texttt bugfix.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonDon't interpret enddots, dots, and rule inside of links.
2005-11-17 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Hone escaping further.
2005-11-17 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Rough hack to escape most specials properly.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonFix use of function that we don't permit yet.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonMiscellaneous safe updates from muse--main--1.0.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 263, 266-268)
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonAdd with-muse-project macro from parts of patch-260.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonAdd markup for comments, via parts of patch-261.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonApply LaTeX table underlining from patch-259.
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonApply some anchor fixes from muse--main--1.0 (253).
2005-11-17 Michael OlsonMerged from (patch 242-246, 249...
2005-09-22 Michael OlsonIf more than 1 blank separates list/table items, separa...
2005-09-19 Michael Olsonmuse.texi: Use @example instead of @smallexample.
2005-09-19 Michael Olsonmuse-html: Add muse-xhtml-style-sheet.
2005-09-16 Michael OlsonRelease Muse 3.02.v3.02
2005-09-16 Michael OlsonPrepare for release.
2005-09-16 Michael OlsonFinish documentation.
2005-09-16 Michael OlsonDocument style elements for muse-define-style.
2005-09-16 Michael OlsonMake documentation separately installable.
2005-09-15 Michael Olsonmuse-mode: Set comment syntax.
2005-09-13 Michael Olsonmuse.texi: Add publishing order information.
2005-09-09 Michael OlsonHack on documentation. The release is in sight!
2005-09-08 Michael OlsonFix publishing of stuff like <code><></code>.
2005-09-08 Michael OlsonUpdate NEWS, fix muse-url-protocols customization inter...
2005-09-05 Michael OlsonFix title coloring bug; muse-latex: escape '<' and...
2005-09-05 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Handle special characters in a better way.
2005-09-05 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Fix compiler warning.
2005-09-05 Michael OlsonAdd <code> tag.
2005-09-05 Michael OlsonStrip text properties before browsing a URL.
2005-09-05 Michael Olsonmuse-latex: Call pdflatex twice to get <contents> publi...
2005-09-04 Michael OlsonMake info:// and man:// not publish a link, handle...
2005-09-04 Michael OlsonIf a URL has a resolve function of nil, publish the...
2005-09-02 Michael OlsonImplement protocol handling.
2005-09-01 Michael Olsonmuse-xml: Use a more standard sort of header.
2005-09-01 Michael OlsonAdd schema for muse-xml, tweak verse formatting, fix...
2005-09-01 Michael OlsonAllow links to temporary files to be visited.
2005-09-01 Michael OlsonFix save-match-data gaffe.
2005-08-31 Michael OlsonIntroduce :link-suffix. muse-wiki: Don't mangle acronym...
2005-08-29 Michael OlsonCorrect the publish-project example.
2005-08-29 Michael OlsonReinstate former extended character class rules.
2005-08-28 Michael OlsonFix paragraph-filling breakage in Emacs21.
2005-08-27 Michael OlsonAllow Emacs 21.3 to use extended character classes...
2005-08-26 Michael OlsonDon't prompt unnecessarily when doing C-c C-t in a...
2005-08-25 Michael OlsonFix problem with links at beginning of buf and paragraphs.
2005-08-24 Michael OlsonDocument publishing directives.
2005-08-23 Michael OlsonDocument WikiNames and update header publishing informa...
2005-08-22 Michael OlsonFinish NEWS, handle emphasis at EOF edge case.
2005-08-19 Michael Olsonmuse-html: Add muse-xhtml-extension.
2005-08-19 Michael OlsonAdd items through patch-149 to NEWS.
2005-08-18 Michael OlsonMake building of Debian revisions work.
2005-08-14 Michael OlsonPrepare initial upload for Debian project.
2005-08-13 Michael Olsonmuse-mode: Minor regexp tweak.
2005-08-13 Michael OlsonMinor fixups from Peter K. Lee.
2005-08-12 Michael OlsonKeep lists from getting mashed together on M-q.
2005-08-12 Michael OlsonQuickStart: Minor typo in anchor example.
2005-08-09 Michael OlsonMakefile: Use BUILDOPTS.
2005-08-09 Michael OlsonMake generated Debian packages slightly easier to upload.
2005-08-09 Michael OlsonMakefile: Minor deletion cleanups.
2005-08-09 Michael OlsonCompilation cleanups.
2005-08-08 Michael OlsonFix failure to resolve interwiki link when clicking...
2005-08-06 Michael OlsonMakefile: Remove stale Debian packages for this version.
2005-08-03 Michael OlsonFix trailing backslash error.
2005-07-27 Michael OlsonRelease 3.01.91 (3.02 RC2).v3.01.91
2005-07-27 Michael OlsonEscape email address and URL always.
2005-07-26 Michael OlsonInter-project output name fix.
2005-07-26 Michael OlsonMake coloring of verbatim greater-than sign same as...
2005-07-26 Michael OlsonAllow transform function for link descriptions. Bare...
2005-07-26 Michael OlsonHandle anchors in all publishing styles, as well as...
2005-07-26 Michael OlsonGeneralize some blosxom helper functions.
2005-07-26 Michael Olsonmuse-xml: definition lists, muse-docbook: center.
2005-07-24 Michael OlsonMinor namespace fix.
2005-07-24 Michael OlsonCorrect breakage induced by previous patch.
2005-07-24 Michael OlsonMake interwiki links work in a few more edge cases.
2005-07-24 Michael OlsonFix warnings during font-lock, example tag highlighting.
2005-07-24 Michael Olsonmuse-xml: Separate section from title.