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Project Description Owner Last Change
anything-config.git Predefined sources and actions... 22 months ago
bbdb-vcard.git vCard Import and Export for... 5 years ago
bigclean-emacs.git Bigclean's own emacs configura... 5 years ago
+ conkeror.git a xulrunner web browser with... 2 weeks ago
ebib.git A BibTeX database manager... 3 years ago
eclim-emacs.git A frontend to eclim 5 years ago
ectags.git Exuberant Ctags Support for... 7 years ago
elbb.git Emacs Lisp Bill-Board 4 years ago
elinstall.git Elisp installer for emacs 4 years ago
emacs-config.git My Emacs config No commits
erlware-mode.git Erlware Erlang Emacs Mode 5 years ago
ess.git Emacs Speaks Statistics 7 years ago
ETest.git Emacs Test Framework etest@shellarchive... 6 years ago
fileset-whole.git extension to emacs filesets 21 months ago
geiser.git Emacs and Scheme talk to each... 6 weeks ago
gnus.git Gnus repository mirror No commits
google-weather-el.git Access to Google Weather API... 3 years ago
+ markdown-mode.git Major mode to edit Markdown... 3 months ago
meg.git mediogre's emacs goodies 7 years ago
more-wl.git Patches for Wanderlust 5 years ago
muse-el.git Emacs Muse: an authoring and... 5 years ago
ngit.git Attempt to write new emacs... 6 years ago
+ org-mode.git Org-mode, an Emacs mode for... 5 hours ago
org2blog.git org2blog/atom: Post from org... 3 years ago
planner-el.git Planner: an organizer and... 15 months ago
project-buffer-mode.git Emacs mode to manage project 4 years ago
remember-el.git Remember - a minimal PIM for... 7 years ago
sepia.git Simple Emacs Perl InterAction 2 years ago
srid.dotfiles.git Sridhar's unix/cygwin dotfiles... 6 years ago
temp.git my emacs tree 5 years ago
tinydb.git Elisp code that helps values... 4 years ago
vee.git Vic's Emacs Environment 7 years ago
wesnoth-mode.git Emacs major-mode for editing WML 5 years ago