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descriptionkirr's msysgit tree
last changeMon, 21 Jan 2013 10:28:14 +0000 (21 14:28 +0400)
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2013-01-21 Kirill Smelkovastextplain: Try to workaround textconv vs symlinks... master
2013-01-17 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Add registry-based context menus also to...
2013-01-12 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Do not use Inc() for compatibility with...
2013-01-10 Pat ThoytsUpdated to Git v1.8.1
2013-01-10 Pat ThoytsCompare the wincred helper against its original in...
2013-01-10 Pat ThoytsEnable the wincred credential helper by default for...
2012-12-16 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Continue the idea of d5f2b0e for all calls...
2012-12-04 Pat Thoytsshell prompt should not beep and only show MSYSTEM...
2012-12-03 Johannes SchindelinMerge branch 'devel' of
2012-11-30 Johannes SchindelinReplace 'devel' with 'master'
2012-11-27 Pat ThoytsMerge branch 'pt/tcltk8513' into devel
2012-11-26 Sebastian SchuberthMerge pull request #72 from pointoforder/devel
2012-11-23 David MatsonInstaller: Use sh.exe directly in Git Bash icon if...
2012-11-14 Pat ThoytsUpdate tk to version 8.5.13
2012-11-14 Pat ThoytsUpdate tcl to version 8.5.13
2012-11-14 Pat Thoytstcltk: updated release script to use 8.5.13 release
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3 years ago x/built
4 years ago msys
4 years ago devel
4 years ago ks/crossmsys
4 years ago x/libiconv
4 years ago x/gettext