2007-08-06 Mike PapeMerge branch 'master' of into... master
2007-08-06 Mike PapeAdded is_dev_null check because Windows /dev/null is...
2007-08-06 Mike PapeAdded GnuPG for signing tags.
2007-08-06 Johannes SchindelinAdd a convenience script to run the tests
2007-08-06 Johannes SchindelinFix overzealous <host>:/<path> -> ssh://<host>/<path...
2007-08-06 Marius Storm... Add gitattributes file to avoid checking out the termca...
2007-08-06 Marius Storm... Revert "Add tcl/tk, so gitk and git-gui will work"
2007-08-06 Marius Storm... Add back md5sum, which is required by git tests
2007-08-06 Marius Storm... Add tcl/tk, so gitk and git-gui will work
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinDelete fest
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinWork around MinGW mangling of "host:/path"
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinTrace ssh connections when GIT_TRACE is set
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinActivate tab completion for git commands by defaultmsysGit-v0.5
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinInclude /.gitignore in the installer
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinDeprecate Rxvt for now
2007-08-05 Johannes SchindelinAdd a script to make it easier to initialize /.git
2007-08-04 Mike PapeRebuilt curl.
2007-08-04 Johannes SchindelinProvide manifests for Vista's UAC
2007-08-04 Dmitry KakurinCorrectly test for absolute path
2007-08-04 Johannes SchindelinMinimal changes to allow for GIT_TRACE=/trace.txt ...
2007-08-04 Mike PapeFall back to http:// if git:// fails.msysGit-v0.4
2007-08-04 Mike PapeAdd and use expat and curl to enable http://.
2007-08-04 Johannes use $PROGRAMFILES
2007-08-04 Johannes SchindelinUndo commenting-out of templates and perl installation
2007-08-04 Johannes SchindelinAdd the release script to make a new installer
2007-08-04 Johannes SchindelinAdd a .gitignore file
2007-08-03 Johannes SchindelinMake known
2007-08-03 Johannes SchindelinSupport compilation on Vista
2007-08-03 Johannes SchindelinNotify the user that the fetch from
2007-08-03 Johannes SchindelinInitial bulk commit for "Git on MSys"msysGit-v0.2