2010-10-25 Pat ThoytsUpdated for Git
2010-10-02 Pat ThoytsUpdated to Git v1.7.3.1Git-
2010-09-29 Pat ThoytsWinGit: update for new vim version
2010-09-29 Pat ThoytsInstall vim73
2010-09-29 Jonathan Niedervim: update to vim 7.3
2010-09-29 Pat Thoytsfile-5.04
2010-09-29 Jonathan Niederfile: update the file utility to version 5.04.
2010-09-29 Jonathan Niederfile: adapt for new compat/regex
2010-09-28 Pat ThoytsWinGit: do not add uninstaller to the start menu
2010-09-28 Pat Thoytsissue #524: remove unnecessary sdl-config script.
2010-09-27 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Fix creating the special shell link without...
2010-09-23 Pat ThoytsUpdated to v1.7.3
2010-09-20 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Update Inno Setup to version 5.3.11 (Unicode)
2010-09-17 Pat ThoytsUpdated git submodule for latest devel id
2010-09-13 Pat ThoytsChomp CRLF before feeding to tar when building netinsta...
2010-09-13 Pat ThoytsAvoid quoting environment variable values.
2010-09-11 Pat ThoytsUpdated git and git documents and ReleaseNotes to v1... Git-
2010-09-10 Pat ThoytsInstall curl-7.21.1.tar.bz2
2010-09-10 Pat Thoytscurl: update to release 7.21.1
2010-09-09 Pat ThoytsUpdate tk to version 8.5.9
2010-09-09 Pat ThoytsUpdate tcl to version 8.5.9
2010-09-09 Pat Thoytstcltk: update script for tcl/tk 8.5.9
2010-08-12 Stefan NaeweInstaller: output correct location of the new built...
2010-08-11 Johannes Schindelinrebasing-merge: require --force to rebase without new...
2010-08-05 Sebastian Schuberthcmd: Remove the quotes introduced in 53e5b4faa; we...
2010-07-14 Sebastian SchuberthEqualize git-cmd.bat to cmd/git.cmd
2010-07-14 Sebastian Schuberthcmd: Also add a window title when launching gitk (like...
2010-07-14 Sebastian Schuberthcmd: Use the same HOME fallback-logic as in etc/profile
2010-07-05 Johannes Schindelinrun-tests: adjust generate_skip_list for new test outpu...
2010-07-05 Johannes Schindelinrun-tests: prepare for new 'make test' output format
2010-07-05 Johannes Schindelinrebasing-merge: in case of an error, write out a finish...
2010-07-05 Johannes Schindelinrebasing-merge: allow other upstream branches than...
2010-06-13 Johannes SchindelinRedirect /dev/null to stdin for
2010-06-13 Sebastian SchuberthTypo: Fix "explicitely" -> "explicitly" and some minor...
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinUpdate docs for upcoming releaseGit-1.7.1-preview20100612
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinMake /share/WinGit/ callable from anywhere...
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinUpdate Git and Git-Cheetah for the upcoming release
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinClarify the audience
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinUpdate ReleaseNotes for current release
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinMark more scripts executable
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinMerge branch 'devel' of
2010-06-12 Johannes SchindelinMake rebasing-merge usable on Linux, too
2010-06-12 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Set OutputDir correctly even if compiling...
2010-06-12 Johannes Schindelinrebasing-merge: record the exact commit name of $ONTO
2010-06-11 Johannes SchindelinMerge branch 'devel' of
2010-06-11 Johannes Schindelinrun-tests: stop hiding that things are foul
2010-06-11 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Update Inno Setup to version 5.3.10 (Unicode)
2010-06-11 Johannes SchindelinMerge branch 'devel' of git:// into...
2010-06-11 Johannes SchindelinFix rebasing-merge script
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Check for tcl85.dll being in use to detect...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Remove manually created shortcuts during...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Unregister Git Cheetah on uninstall (fixes...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: List the processes that use files to be...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Check for msys-1.0.dll being in use, too...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Allow to pass multiple modules when finding...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Move the code to replace in-use files to...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Let the setup do all the renaming for in...
2010-06-08 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Refresh the process list only in ShouldSkipP...
2010-06-06 Johannes SchindelinUpdate Release Notes
2010-06-06 Johannes SchindelinAvoid using Date::Parse and HTML::Entities
2010-06-06 Johannes SchindelinMerge remote branch 'contrib/devel2' into devel
2010-06-06 Johannes SchindelinTry harder when looking for fixed issues
2010-06-03 Johannes SchindelinAdd a script to list the fixed issues from GoogleCode...
2010-06-03 Michael Geddescmd: Prevent chcp in git.cmd from gobbling stdin (fixes...
2010-05-27 Johannes SchindelinFix compilation of WhoUses
2010-05-25 Peter KahleFixing zlib compilation on MinGW-w64.
2010-05-25 Peter KahleUpdate MinGW-w64 zlib to newer version.
2010-05-25 Johannes SchindelinMerge remote branch 'origin/w64' into devel
2010-05-10 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Create some icons regardless of the "no...
2010-05-10 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Make more use of AppDir instead of expanding...
2010-05-10 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: A minor formatting / comment improvement
2010-04-19 bert Dvornikadd-shortcut.tcl: Determine the MSYS root directory...
2010-04-11 Sebastian SchuberthMerge branch 'ss/inno-5.3.9' into devel
2010-04-11 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Tune LZMA compression settings
2010-04-11 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Update Inno Setup to version 5.3.9 (Unicode)
2010-04-11 Pat Thoytsgetcp: locale independent utility to read the current...
2010-04-11 Pat ThoytsProvide a locale independent method to read the current...
2010-04-10 Johannes Schindelinwordpad: take the first matching executable
2010-04-08 Johannes Schindelinrebasing-merge: really ignore obsolete history
2010-04-07 Johannes SchindelinAdd a script to perform a 'rebasing merge' in /git/
2010-04-07 Johannes SchindelinNet installer: make contributing via 'mob' easierGit-
2010-04-07 Johannes SchindelinPoint the net installer to the 'devel' branchesGit-
2010-03-26 Stefan Naewefix usage of env array in add-shortcut.tcl
2010-03-26 Stefan Naeweadd missing git-remote-http.exe to net installer filelist
2010-03-25 Sebastian SchuberthMSYS: Add bison-2.4.1-1-msys-1.0.11-bin.tar.lzma
2010-03-25 Sebastian SchuberthMSYS: Add m4-1.4.13-1-msys-1.0.11-bin.tar.lzma
2010-03-25 Sebastian SchuberthMSYS: Add flex-2.5.35-1-msys-1.0.11-bin.tar.lzma
2010-03-25 Sebastian SchuberthMSYS: Add libregex-1.20090805-1-msys-1.0.11-dll-1.tar...
2010-03-11 Johannes SchindelinAdd back a few Perl files
2010-03-10 Pat ThoytsPropagate error codes from the git executable.
2010-03-10 Johannes SchindelinMerge branch 'devel' into HEAD
2010-03-10 Johannes SchindelinAdd a (Python) script to upload files to GoogleCode
2010-03-09 Johannes SchindelinGet modified 7-Zip SFX module againGit-
2010-03-09 Johannes SchindelinGit for Windows
2010-03-09 Johannes SchindelinUpdate docs
2010-03-09 Johannes Schindelin/share/WinGit/ update for
2010-03-09 Johannes SchindelinUpdate /git/ to
2010-03-09 Johannes SchindelinAdd a simple conflict helper
2010-03-09 Johannes Schindelin/share/WinGit/ fix intelligent tagging
2010-03-09 Johannes Schindelinrun-tests: t4201 passes now