2010-01-12 Heiko VoigtGit for Windows Git-
2010-01-12 Heiko Voigtinstaller: further automate release script
2009-12-22 Heiko Voigtinstall git-cheetah explorer extension by default
2009-12-22 Heiko Voigtinstaller: remove old explorer shell extensions using...
2009-12-22 Heiko Voigtinstaller: add comments to explain AfterInstall and...
2009-10-22 Johannes SchindelinUpdate "git" submodule for releaseGit-
2009-10-22 Johannes SchindelinUpdate ReleaseNotes
2009-10-22 Johannes SchindelinInstall ccache-win32 (SVN revision 2)
2009-10-22 Erik Faye-Lundadd script to install ccache
2009-10-22 Johannes SchindelinUpdate Git Cheetah to a newer version
2009-10-18 Johannes SchindelinReplace CR/LF with LF line endings
2009-10-18 Johannes SchindelinUpdate release notes to upcoming
2009-09-01 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Only offer to use Plink if at least...
2009-08-31 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Fix indenting, no functional changes
2009-08-31 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Make a better guess for the PuTTY fallba...
2009-08-29 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Use a nicer small image file in the...
2009-08-29 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Replace default wizard image with Git...
2009-08-29 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Update Inno Setup to 5.3.4 Unicode version
2009-08-13 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: If GIT_SSH is set, also set SVN_SSH...
2009-08-05 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Remove quotes as done by ISTool
2009-08-05 Sebastian SchuberthGit installer: Rework some if-statements, no functional...
2009-07-30 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: create an annotated tagGit-1.6.4-preview20090730
2009-07-30 Johannes SchindelinRemove send-email from the list of unsupported commands
2009-07-30 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: do not delete bin\git.exe blindly
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinGit Installer: fix motd
2009-07-29 Johannes Schindelinnet installer: include libcrypto.dll and libssl.dll
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinReleaseNotes: two issues actually no longer exist:...
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinGit for Windows 1.6.4Git-1.6.4-preview20090729
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinAdd git-send-email and msmtp to the installed programs
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinConfigure msmtp as the default mail program
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: adjust the path to the CA bundle
2009-07-29 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: include (needed) OpenSSL libraries
2009-07-28 Johannes Schindelin/git/: Include the send-email and https fixes
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinInstall msmtp-1.4.17.tar.bz2
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinInstall libgsasl-1.2.tar.gz
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinInstall curl-7.19.5.tar.bz2
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinInstall OpenSSL 0.9.8k header files
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinInstall OpenSSL 0.9.8k import libs
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinInstall OpenSSL 0.9.8k
2009-07-28 Erik Faye-Lundadd a script to install msmtp from source
2009-07-28 Erik Faye-Lundadd a script to install libgsasl from source
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: include the root certificate file for...
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinDefault to /mingw/bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt for https...
2009-07-28 Johannes Schindelincurl: Add the certificate for
2009-07-28 Johannes Schindelincurl: add all certificates in /src/curl/certs/ to the...
2009-07-28 Johannes Schindelincurl: Add a script to download certificates from https...
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelincURL: install ca-bundle.crt, too
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinIgnore downloaded and unpacked files
2009-07-28 Johannes Schindelin/src/curl/ make sure to cd to the correct...
2009-07-28 Erik Faye-Lundcurl: add a script to install cURL from source
2009-07-28 Erik Faye-Lundopenssl: generate import libs
2009-07-28 Johannes Schindelin/src/openssl/ make sure to cd to the correct...
2009-07-28 Erik Faye-Lundopenssl: install EXE, DLLs and header files
2009-07-28 Erik Faye-Lundopenssl: link openssl.exe to OpenSSL DLLs
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinAdd a script to compile OpenSSL in MinGW mode
2009-07-28 Johannes SchindelinUpdate to include a symlink-aware import-tars.perl
2009-07-26 Johannes Schindelinfull installer's try to initialize ...
2009-07-26 Johannes Schindelinfull installer: Give the user a hint to run
2009-07-26 Johannes SchindelinRemove stale file
2009-07-26 Johannes SchindelinmsysGit: show a hint how to install a shortcut to msysGit
2009-07-26 Johannes SchindelinFix stupid typo in
2009-07-26 Johannes SchindelinFix /share/msysGit/
2009-06-19 Pat ThoytsUpdate tk to version 8.5.7
2009-06-19 Pat ThoytsUpdate tcl to version 8.5.7
2009-06-19 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: do not forget dde and reg packages for...
2009-06-19 Johannes SchindelinProperly fix the 'cd $HOME' issue
2009-06-08 Johannes SchindelinNet installer: include cp.exe
2009-06-08 Johannes SchindelinNet installer: include the pthread .dll
2009-06-08 Johannes SchindelinUpdate Release Notes for the fixup for
2009-06-08 Johannes SchindelinGit Installer: replace identical file versions
2009-06-08 Johannes SchindelinAdd an up-to-date test for msys-1.0.dll
2009-06-07 Johannes SchindelinSome touch ups to the known issues in the release notes
2009-06-07 Johannes SchindelinAdjust path in net installer script
2009-06-07 Johannes SchindelinMake the name of the full installer script consistent
2009-06-07 Johannes SchindelinUpdate the release notes for
2009-06-07 Johannes SchindelinUpdate the documentation submodule to
2009-06-07 Johannes SchindelinUpdate Git to
2009-05-25 Markus HeidelbergGit installer: add more git syntax files for Vim
2009-05-25 Markus HeidelbergGit installer: add file syntax/nosyntax.vim for Vim
2009-05-24 Steffen ProhaskaAdd file THIS_IS_MSYSGIT to indicate an msysgit environment
2009-05-23 Markus Heidelbergvim: don't restore the cursor position in git-add's...
2009-05-21 Johannes SchindelinMerge commit '3b609e72' into devel
2009-05-18 Sebastian SchuberthWinGit: Prefer TortoisePlink over vanilla Plink for...
2009-05-18 Johannes SchindelinMerge commit 'origin/issue108' into devel
2009-05-18 Johannes SchindelinTeach share/msysGit/ about submodules
2009-05-18 Johannes Schindelin/share/WinGit/ clone documentation instead...
2009-05-18 Johannes SchindelinWhen the documentation lacks CR/LF, do not suggest...
2009-05-17 Markus Heidelbergvimrc: remove filetype detection for the commit message
2009-05-17 Markus Heidelbergvim: don't restore the cursor position in git commands
2009-05-14 Johannes Schindelin/etc/profile: use $HOMEDRIVE\$HOMEPATH as default HOME
2009-05-13 Johannes SchindelinUpdated msys-1.0.dll to MSYS-1.0.11-20090120+homedrive
2009-05-13 Johannes SchindelinFix ls to show Korean characters and accented character...
2009-05-12 Johannes SchindelinClean up cc.exe not taken care of by the gcc updates
2009-05-11 Johannes SchindelinUpdated msys-1.0.dll to MSYS-1.0.11-20090120+notty
2009-05-11 Johannes Schindelin/etc/profile: source ~/.bashrc last
2009-05-11 Johannes SchindelinInclude /etc/inputrc in the installer
2009-05-07 Johannes SchindelinUpdate documentation to 1.6.3Git-1.6.3-preview20090507-2
2009-05-07 Johannes SchindelinGit installer: make sure that the builtin list is included
2009-05-07 Johannes SchindelinUpdate Git to 1.6.3contribGit-1.6.3-preview20090507
2009-05-07 Johannes SchindelinUpdate ReleaseNotes for 1.6.3