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4 days ago Erik Faye-LundRevert "perl: make File::Spec treat msys as Window"master
4 days ago Erik Faye-Lundperl: make File::Spec treat msys as Window
4 days ago Johannes SchindelinAdd a script to list the download statistics for Git...
4 days ago Johannes SchindelinRemove the TODO file
5 days ago dschoMerge pull request #187 from bbodenmiller/patch-2
5 days ago dschoMerge pull request #186 from bbodenmiller/patch-1
5 days ago Ben Bodenmillerfix another typo
5 days ago Ben Bodenmillerfix typo
6 days ago dschoMerge pull request #185 from vfr-nl/master
6 days ago Vincent van... Installer: Fix a typo
8 days ago Johannes SchindelinRewrite for current GitHub API
8 days ago Johannes SchindelinRemove support scripts for uploading to GoogleCode
8 days ago Johannes SchindelinCommit submodules in preparation for 1.9.2
8 days ago Johannes SchindelinPrepare ReleaseNotes for 1.9.2
2014-04-02 Johannes SchindelinUpdate xargs.exe to version 4.4.2
2014-03-19 Sebastian SchuberthInstaller: Do not mention Cygwin on the PATH page to...
17 months ago Git-1.8.0-preview20121022 Git for Windows 1.8.0-preview20121022
21 months ago Git-1.7.11-preview20120710 Git for Windows 1.7.11-preview20120710
21 months ago Git-1.7.11-preview20120704 Git for Windows 1.7.11-preview20120704
21 months ago Git-1.7.11-preview20120620 Git for Windows 1.7.11-preview20120620
2 years ago Git-1.7.10-preview20120409 Git for Windows 1.7.10-preview20120409
2 years ago Git-1.7.9-preview20120201 Git for Windows 1.7.9-preview20120201
2 years ago Git-1.7.8-preview20111206 Git for Windows 1.7.8-preview20111206
2 years ago Git- Git for Windows
2 years ago Git-1.7.7-preview20111014 Git for Windows 1.7.7-preview20111014
2 years ago Git-1.7.7-preview20111012 Git for Windows 1.7.7-preview20111012
2 years ago Git-1.7.6-preview20110720 This tags the revision for the...
2 years ago Git-1.7.6-preview20110708 Git for Windows 1.7.6-preview20110708
3 years ago Git-1.7.4-preview20110204 Git for Windows 1.7.4-preview20110204
3 years ago Git- Git for Windows
3 years ago Git- Git for Windows
3 years ago Git- Git for Windows
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