2011-01-31 Martin Jansavo_glamo: sub.h was moved to sub directory in c9026cb32... master
2011-01-31 Martin JansaMerge remote-tracking branch 'mplayer/master'
2011-01-28 Uoti Urpalacore: timing: fix overflow with extreme playback speed
2011-01-28 Uoti Urpalacommands: improve playback speed property/commands
2011-01-26 Uoti UrpalaMerge branch 'sub'
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasub/OSD: move some related files to sub/
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: options: enable -ass by default
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: change default libass rendering style
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalademux_mkv, chapters: change millisecond arithmetic...
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalacleanup: rename ass_* functions to mp_ass_*
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasubs: use correct font aspect ratio for libass + conver...
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalacleanup: some random minor code simplification and...
2011-01-25 Uoti Urpalaconfigure: remove obsolete things used for internal...
2011-01-25 Clément BœschTOOLS: Remove most of the mencoder scripts and references
2011-01-25 Clément Bœschmp_msg: Remove uses of MSGT_MENCODER
2011-01-25 Clément Bœschcleanup: remove unused MEncoder-related code
2011-01-25 Clément Bœschrpm: Remove MEncoder from rpm packaging
2011-01-25 Clément Bœschconfigure: remove MEncoder-related options and tests
2011-01-24 Uoti update copyright year
2011-01-24 Uoti Urpalamanpage: document -playlist being unsafe in its option...
2011-01-21 Uoti Urpalademux_ty: fix "seek to negative position" warning
2011-01-21 Uoti Urpalademux_lavf: reject format probe matches with low score
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalavf_vo: fix EOSD change detection bug
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalasd_ass: remove subreader use, support plaintext markup
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: style support for common SubRip tags and...
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalacore: ordered chapters: fix bad subtitle parameter
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalasubs/demux: don't try to enable sub track when creating it
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalasubtitles/demux: store duration instead of endpts in...
2011-01-18 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: add framework for subtitle decoders
2011-01-17 Uoti Urpalacleanup: mp_msg.h: simplify mp_dbg definition
2011-01-17 Uoti Urpalacleanup: mplayer.c: use VFCAP_ names instead of numeric...
2011-01-17 Uoti Urpalademux: add sanity checks to packet allocation functions
2011-01-17 Uoti Urpalacleanup: move demux packet functions from demuxer.h...
2011-01-15 Uoti Urpalaoptions: add special -leak-report option
2011-01-15 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: remove code trying to handle text subs with...
2011-01-15 Uoti Urpalacleanup: move MP_NOPTS_VALUE definition to mpcommon.h
2011-01-15 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: move global ass_track to struct osd_state
2011-01-15 Uoti Urpalacore: move most mpcommon.c contents to mplayer.c
2011-01-11 Uoti Urpalacore: move global "subdata" and "vo_sub_last" to mpctx
2011-01-11 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: remove sub_last_pts hack
2011-01-11 Uoti Urpalaoptions: move -noconfig to option struct, simplify
2011-01-09 Clément Bœschmanpage: Remove forgotten "MPlayer only" notes
2011-01-06 Clément Bœschmanpage: Remove "MPlayer only" notes
2011-01-04 Uoti Urpalavo_vdpau: allow "deint=-N" to specify mode without...
2011-01-01 Uoti Urpalacore: add timing workaround for PulseAudio misbehavior
2010-12-25 Clément Bœschmanpage: Remove MEncoder references
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalacore: fix audio-only + framestep weird behavior
2010-12-20 Uoti UrpalaMerge branch 'hr-seek'
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalainput: add default keybindings Shift+[arrow] for small...
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalainput: support bindings with modifier keys for X input
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalacore: audio: make ogg missing audio timing workaround...
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalacore: add support for precise non-keyframe-limited...
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalacore: add struct for queued seek info
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalacosmetics: remove unused code, small formatting tweaks
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalacommands: clean up get_metadata() and related code
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalavd_ffmpeg: set thread count to number of cores on machi...
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalademux_mkv: remove old code for -nocorrect-pts support
2010-12-20 Uoti Urpalademux_mkv: fix seeks to before the first index entry
2010-12-18 Uoti UrpalaDOCS/tech/slave.txt: update some obsolete information
2010-12-18 Uoti Urpalacommands: add generic option -> property wrapper
2010-12-18 Uoti Urpalaoptions: add "choice" option type, use for -pts-associa...
2010-12-16 Uoti Urpalacore: remove looping in update_video(), modify command...
2010-12-16 reimardemux_asf: Add a missing free to ASF demuxer close
2010-12-16 reimarplaytreeparser.c: Add playlist parser for .nsc files
2010-12-16 compnexample.conf: add some profile information and user...
2010-12-16 reimardemux_mov: fix possible hang on invalid input
2010-12-16 reimaraviheader.c: avoid using uninitialized data in an error...
2010-12-16 reimarad_faad: fix crash when used on an empty audio stream
2010-12-16 reimarad_speex: improve timestamp handling
2010-12-16 reimardemux_mov: fix some memory allocation handling
2010-12-16 reimarstream.h: check against huge negative values in stream_...
2010-12-16 reimardemux_gif: Fix memleaks on error
2010-12-16 reimarvd_ffmpeg: fix MP_IMGTYPE selection for non-ref non...
2010-12-16 compnmanpage: correct -tv audiorate description, change...
2010-12-16 reimardemux_ts: change overlapping memcpy to memmove
2010-12-16 reimardemux_ts: fix several memleaks
2010-12-16 reimardemux_ts: cleanup
2010-12-16 reimardemux_ts: avoid using unitialized data
2010-12-16 reimarmp3_hdr.h: fix mp_check_mp3_header()
2010-12-16 reimardemux_demuxers: Fix crash with -audiofile and audio...
2010-12-16 reimarvd_ffmpeg: Reset ctx->vo_initialized to 0 on a resoluti...
2010-12-16 reimarad_speex: Fix possible memory leaks on error
2010-12-16 reimardemux_asf, asfheader.c: cleanup
2010-12-16 reimardemux_real: fix some unaligned writes
2010-12-16 reimarcommands: Allow cycling subtitles backwards with 'J'
2010-12-16 reimardemux_audio: Do not generate nonsensical pts values...
2010-12-16 cboeschChange some filename-handling code to use mp_basename()
2010-12-16 jrashDOCS/man/zh_CN: sync with en/mplayer.1 rev. 32661
2010-12-16 cboeschstream/http: Add support for login/password in http_pro...
2010-12-16 cboeschstream/: delete base64_encode(), use libavutil av_base6...
2010-12-16 compnDOCS/xml: change --with-extraincdir to --extra-cflags
2010-12-16 reimardemux_audio: Set needs_parsing to 1 for DTS audio
2010-12-16 reimardemux-ts: fix TS files with MP4 ES AAC descriptor
2010-12-16 reimarvidix: radeon and big-endian fixes
2010-12-16 compncodecs.conf: add ffmpeg g722 audio codec
2010-12-16 compnmp_taglists.c: add tag for svq3
2010-12-16 reimardemux_lavf: Add support for uncompressed BGR24 pixfmt
2010-12-16 reimarvd_qtvideo: Do not dump image description by default
2010-12-16 reimarcosmetics: make some arguments const, "unsigned char...
2010-12-16 reimarav_sub: Support clearing subtitles