2009-07-01 Vitaly MayatskikhNew feature: toggle visibility of mime buttons.master
2009-05-22 Vitaly MayatskikhUpdate message count on command "select <folder>"
2009-03-26 vitalyUse modb-standard-entity-filename instead of hardcoded...
2009-03-26 vitalyRemove stale entities
2009-03-25 vitalySynchronize with CVS version
2009-03-25 vitalyFix list-messages for new folder
2009-02-08 vitalyFix typo in wl-expire-delete-reserved-messages
2009-02-08 vitalyFix merge updates.
2009-02-08 vitalyNew helper function: elmo-union
2009-02-08 vitalyUse elmo-imap4-list in elmo-imap4-folder-list-flagged
2009-02-08 vitalyUse already existing function.
2009-02-02 vitalyExpire reserved messages.
2008-11-11 Vitaly MayatskikhFixed typo: inversed condition was used.
2008-11-07 Vitaly MayatskikhFixed bug reported by Heinz Diehl: don't try to autodec...
2008-10-31 Vitaly MayatskikhEmacs crashes with segmentation fault when mime-view...
2008-10-27 Vitaly MayatskikhAdded feature: allow email address as user name for...
2008-10-27 Vitaly MayatskikhFixed bug: search for new messages in merge updates...
2008-10-27 Vitaly MayatskikhNew feature: display message in raw format
2008-10-25 Vitaly MayatskikhAdded workaround for non-storing the "Seen" flag. Wl...
2008-10-25 Vitaly MayatskikhDon't long input data in process filter
2008-10-24 Vitaly Mayatskikhwl-expire-folder was splitted to 2 parts (added new...
2008-10-24 Vitaly MayatskikhFixed bug in wl-expire-delete-reserved-messages. Now...
2008-10-24 Vitaly MayatskikhUse merge updates for refreshing messages list.
2008-10-24 Vitaly MayatskikhFix for Zimbra (ask for capabilities after login)
2008-10-24 Vitaly MayatskikhAdded support for RFC4731
2008-10-24 Vitaly MayatskikhBetter logging for imap4 proto
2008-10-24 Vitaly MayatskikhInitial commit