2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAdd this prototype for dbus spawning.week4
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAdd NEWS.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAdd INSTALL.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAdd the LGPLv2.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAdd these two Makefiles.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAutofooize everything in a much saner way.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiImplement activation of applications via desktop files.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiRefine comment.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiRefine error handling and fix some indentation.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiQuit the mainloop when the bus proxy is destroyed.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiUpdate to generate GTypes for enums in...
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiUpdate the client test.
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiMake GetRegisteredApps return a string array. Now it...
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiAdded some debugging printfs and modify the introspecti...
2008-06-23 Cosimo CecchiSplit DBus test into client and register
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiUpdate the dbus test.
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiModify introspection data to reflect latest changes
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiModify the DBusManager to acquire org.gnome.MediaManage...
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiAdd gthread
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiMove acquiring of the name on the bus in the main and...
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiAdd a test for the dbus client interface.
2008-06-20 Cosimo CecchiMake GetRegisteredApps work.
2008-06-19 Cosimo CecchiAdapt the rest of the code and implement GetRegisteredA...
2008-06-19 Cosimo CecchiAdded the standalone dbus manager (first draft).
2008-06-18 Cosimo CecchiAdded a first implementation of the DBus manager.
2008-06-18 Cosimo CecchiFixed to make DBus cflags and ldadds to...
2008-06-18 Cosimo CecchiAdd this xml prototype for manager methods
2008-06-18 Cosimo CecchiAdd some comments
2008-06-18 Cosimo CecchiUpdate to generate dbus headers bindings
2008-06-18 Cosimo CecchiInclude DBus and fix some whitespaces
2008-06-16 Cosimo CecchiUse proper includes.week3
2008-06-16 Cosimo CecchiUpdate test to new mm-utils API
2008-06-16 Cosimo CecchiAdd mm-utils.c with mm_create_gvalue_for_attribute...
2008-06-15 Cosimo CecchiModify the client test to cover filter params.
2008-06-15 Cosimo CecchiActually allocate and free the GValue.
2008-06-15 Cosimo CecchiFix overall header indentation
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiUse a single include.
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiInclude mm.h in and add mm-module.h
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiAdded a global include header
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiUpdate tests
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiUse right hashing function for the hash table in MMHit
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiFree cached attributes on _finalize ()
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiImplement attribute caching.
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiUpdate tests to the new API.
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiActually build a valid Attribute/Value hash table.
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiFix include
2008-06-13 Cosimo CecchiFix the name of a method to reflect mm-attribute.h
2008-06-11 Cosimo CecchiMake it compile with new files.
2008-06-11 Cosimo CecchiReimplement MMHit with new filtering API
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiLogic operators are not supported (yet?)
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiMake this a GObject.
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiImplement MMFilter.
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiAdd "id" to the attribute fields, fix indentation.
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiAdd the base attributes defines.
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiImplement the base manager.
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiAdd boilerplate macros.
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiFix indentation
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiModified prototypes of MMFilter to include the new...
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiAdapted MMFilterParam to the new operator types and...
2008-06-10 Cosimo CecchiMove Logic operator to Comparision operator and add...
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiUnfinished implementation of the base attribute manager
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiAdded the MMAttributeManager interface
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiFix indentation
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiAdded a first MMAttribute implementation
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiFix a typo in boilerplate macros
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiFix a typo and add prototypes for future methods to...
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiAdd MMLogicOperator
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiFix indentation and add prototypes for future filtering...
2008-06-09 Cosimo CecchiAdd MMFilterParam implementation.
2008-06-08 Cosimo CecchiAn application can now support only one type.week2
2008-06-08 Cosimo CecchiUpdate the test to check for categories and hits too
2008-06-08 Cosimo CecchiRef all the hits before inserting them into the pointer...
2008-06-08 Cosimo CecchiUncommented MM_IS_FILTER as that macro exists now
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiForgot to add these too.
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdd this
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiForgot to add this.
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiFirst implementation of a "server side" app to test...
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdd a test for client side implementation
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiGenerate types for enums with glib-mkenums
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiModify the type of the property to use the glib-mkenums...
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdd _get_property and _set_property
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiFix sefgault using the library
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdd _get_type ()
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiFix BAAAD typo
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdd -lmmanager to libs
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdd mm-filter.c skeleton
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiAdded mm-filter.c
2008-06-05 Cosimo CecchiFix warning about freeing NULL error.
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiAdd
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiFix indentation, and add libmmanager.pc
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiAdd some files for the build.
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiCompile all with -Werror
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiFix more includes and typos. Make it compile for the...
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiFix several typos and includes
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiAdd comment about properties and implement get_prop...
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiAdd finalize
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiAdd mm-hit.c skeleton and adapt .h to it
2008-06-04 Cosimo CecchiAdd mm-hit-collection.c first impl, adapt .h to it.
2008-06-03 Cosimo CecchiImplement mm_category_get_hits
2008-06-03 Cosimo CecchiAdd some missing class boilerplate methods.