descriptionMManager, a Desktop wide manager for multimedia applications
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libmmanager, a Desktop wide manager library for multimedia applications.

libmmanager is a library which aims to offer an unified API to access
multimedia application databases.
It offers two way of comunication between the library and the applications:
- .so (shared object) files
- DBus session bus.

On top of libmmanager, there's libmmanager-gtk (which is really the thing you
might me interested in), which aims to offer a nice set of widgets to use
for querying and displaying results from the multimedia applications supporting
the library.

libmmanager is written as a Google Summer of Code 2008 project by Cosimo Cecchi
<> and right now is still in alpha state: libmmanager is some
steps more mature than libmmanager-gtk, which is still quite a proof-of-concept
sketch of how things should and do work. :)

If you're interested in contributing, please have a look at the items in TODO,
read the HACKING file and feel free to drop me a mail or contact me on (cosimoc).
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