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The PHP extension you have in front of you allows you to run a
webserver from inside your PHP application. This allows you to
run a standalone application as server, giving it all the benefits
of an easy to learn and write language plus secure deployment.

It is currently /in development/, this means that the code you
can find here is not ready for production yet, unless you are
able to debug it yourself and/or are willing to invest time
why things do not work as expected. A very tricky problem that
could be encountered is out of memory situations because of
garbage collector incidents.

This code has been written because of /extreme/ performance
improvements in comparison to standard SAPI clients like FastCGI
or mod_php.
We suggest you to use this code behind a reverse proxy such
as Varnish, haproxy or the Cherokee Webserver.

How to use;
rm aclocal.m4  # might be needed
autoreconf     # for gentoo
make install
add to your php.ini, see the examples
directory for the typical Hello World type of application.

The code requires libev to compile and run, and gets it's major
speed improvement from this great library.

1.) phpize
2.) ./configure
3.) make
4.) make install
5.) add to your php.ini, see the examples
    directory for the typical Hello World type of application.

We hope you find this extension useful and
you will create high performance web sites using it 

Stefan de Konink & Michael Maier, 2010-05-13

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