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MIME types are used to identify types of file. For example, a plain text file would have the MIME type 'text/plain'. An HTML page would be 'text/html' and a PNG image's type is 'image/png'. ROX-Filer uses MIME types to decide which application to run when you click on a file, and what icon to give it. ROX now uses the Shared MIME Database to deal with MIME types. Ideally, the shared database will contain most of the types you need, and applications will add their own types to it automatically. However, sometimes you may need to edit the database manually, and MIME-Editor is a graphical editor for this. If a type is missing, consider asking for it to be added to the main database.
2015-08-03 Thomas LeonardRequires Python < 3master
2009-07-11 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.6-post
2009-07-11 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.6v0.6
2009-07-11 Thomas LeonardFixed version number and added 0release support
2009-07-11 Thomas LeonardUpdated to cope with new output format from update...
2009-05-02 Thomas LeonardAdded initial (read-only) support for <treemagic> elements
2006-09-30 Stephen WatsonWork around change in Python 2.5
2006-03-24 Thomas LeonardUpdated Spanish translation (Juan Carlos Jiménez).
2006-02-26 Thomas LeonardRemoved svn:eol-style from binaries.
2005-12-15 Thomas LeonardNew release.v0.5
2005-12-02 Thomas LeonardAdded MIME-Editor.xml local injector feed (Thomas Leonard).
2005-09-23 Thomas LeonardRemoved code to get database from Zero Install. It...
2005-07-20 Thomas LeonardNew release.v0.4
2005-02-05 Thomas LeonardGive location to submit updates.
2004-03-05 Yuri Bongiornoupdated it.po
2004-02-28 Thomas LeonardAdded French translation (Jean Privat).
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