2011-12-13 Andrew BorodinUpdated Russian translation.4.8.1
2011-12-13 Slava ZankoUpdated doc/NEWS file
2011-12-13 Slava ZankoUpdated translations from transifex.net
2011-12-13 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2686_master_cleanup'
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinModified "Configure options" dialog for better look...
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoFixed user defined home dir, if home dir contain tilda...
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoFixed memory leak in lib/serialize.c
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinMove type and function declarations.
2011-12-12 Andrew Borodin(mc_config_normalize_before_save): fixed possible memor...
2011-12-12 Andrew Borodin(history_put): unused. Removed.
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinFixed double declaration of midnight_dlg variable.
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinMoved declaration of old_esc_mode_timeout variable...
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinMore type accuracy
2011-12-12 Andrew Borodin(tty_lowlevel_getch): used in lib/tty only.
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinType accuracy.
2011-12-12 Andrew BorodinFixed panel type replacement.
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoTicket 2686: Code cleanup
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2646_filehighlight_enhancement'
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoAdded file types for MS Office files
2011-12-12 Artem S. TashkinovTicket #2646: A few useful additions to filehighlight.ini
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2625_fish_mtime'
2011-12-12 Slava ZankoFISH: added external script 'utime'
2011-12-12 SergeyTicket #2625: mc does not preserve file mtime when...
2011-12-09 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2662_fix_space_calculation'
2011-12-09 Egmont KoblingerTicket #2662: Calculating free space by ctrl+space...
2011-12-07 Slava Zankoupdate po/mc.pot file
2011-12-07 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2678_resize_layout_fix'
2011-12-07 Andrew BorodinFixup update of command line after window resize.
2011-12-07 Andrew BorodinTicket #2678: fixup of filemanager layout after screen...
2011-12-07 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2677_viewer_double_dialog'
2011-12-06 Andrew BorodinTicket #2677: ret rid of double dialog in viewer if...
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2636_configs_placement'
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoShow error and don't start if config directory is a...
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoFixed migration rules
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoAdded unit test for mc_config_get_full_path() function
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoUpdated MAN-pages for describe new paths to configs
2011-12-06 Andrew BorodinTicket #2675: man pages fixes.
2011-12-06 Andrew BorodinFixed comment about location of mc.keymap file.
2011-12-06 Slava Zankofixup! Ticket #2636: The various MC config placements.
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoAdded function mc_config_get_full_path() for search...
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoSome config files moved to more appropriate places.
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoChanged source code for respect '--enable-homedir'...
2011-12-06 Slava ZankoTicket #2636: The various MC config placements.
2011-12-06 SergeyTicket #1730 (troubles in mcviewer with utf8)
2011-12-06 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '2676_learn_f13-f20_fix'
2011-12-06 Andrew SavchenkoTicket #2676 (save of some learned keys is broken)
2011-12-01 Ilia MaslakovAdded files make.log, make.clang, make.gcc, make.tcc...
2011-12-01 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch 'master' of github.com/MidnightCommander/mc
2011-11-29 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2662_extended_mouse_clicks'
2011-11-29 Egmont KoblingerTicket #2662: support extended mouse clicks beyond...
2011-11-18 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '275_panelization_fixes'
2011-11-18 Andrew BorodinMinor optimization in file list creation.
2011-11-18 Ilia MaslakovShow the relative filename path in the panel
2011-11-18 Ilia MaslakovChanged type of the WPanel::is_panelized member from...
2011-11-17 Andrew BorodinFixes segfault after switch panel mode
2011-11-17 Andrew BorodinTicket #275: panelization fixes.
2011-11-16 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '71_skip_all_fix'
2011-11-16 Andrew BorodinTicket #71: not all errors are skipped after "Ignore...
2011-11-16 Sergei Trofimovichsyntax/lua: highlight '\\' escape (and similar) properly
2011-11-16 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2669_broken_dir_reload'
2011-11-09 Andrew BorodinTicket #2669: fixed broken directory reloading.4/head
2011-11-08 Egmont KoblingerTicket #2640: sand256 skin update
2011-11-03 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '2653_input_password_fix'
2011-11-03 Ilia MaslakovTicket #2653 (fixed: input password)
2011-10-31 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2652_broken_smb'
2011-10-31 Slava ZankoTicket #2652: SMB is broken
2011-10-31 SZABÓ GergelyLex/Flex sources (extension .l) handled by yxx.syntax...
2011-10-31 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2637_faster_startup'
2011-10-31 Andrew BorodinOptimization of menu creation.
2011-10-31 Andrew BorodinTicket #2637: faster startup of mc.
2011-10-28 Andrew BorodinTicket #2643: can't compile on OpenIndiana (Solaris)
2011-10-28 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2338_free_space_calculation'
2011-10-28 Andrew Borodinsrc/filemanager/mountlist.c and related m4 macros:...
2011-10-28 Andrew BorodinTicket #2338: use uintmax_t for file system infomation
2011-10-27 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '275_panelize_enhacement'
2011-10-27 Ilia Maslakovchanged mc.1 man
2011-10-27 Ilia Maslakovchanged mc.keymap
2011-10-27 Ilia MaslakovTicket #275 (panelize enhancement)
2011-10-26 Sergei Trofimovichfix build error in ‘vfs_preallocate’: vfs.c:613:12...
2011-10-25 Slava ZankoFixed compiler error: request for member strict in...
2011-10-25 Slava Zankofixed warning: enumeration value 'FUSE_MAGIC' not handl...
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2635_ftp_spaces'
2011-10-24 SergeyTicket #2635: mc adds spaces an the beginning of all...
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2634_spftp_servers'
2011-10-24 SergeyTicket #2634: mc cannot navigate over spftp servers
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2614_word_completion'
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoFixed searching the start of word
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoCode optimization: avoid lot of calls for alloc/free...
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoCurrent word under cursor doesn't included in completio...
2011-10-24 plyTicket #2614: Editor word completion should ignore...
2011-10-24 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2254_fuse_preserve_attributes'
2011-10-24 igorTicket #2254: not mark checkbox "preserve Attributes...
2011-10-24 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '2372_mcedit_utf8_fix'
2011-10-24 Sergeyfixed function 'edit_get_prev_utf ' to obtain the corre...
2011-10-24 SergeyTicket #2372 (Editor sometimes shows multibyte UTF...
2011-10-23 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2639_compile_disable_nls'
2011-10-23 Oswald BuddenhagenTicket #2639: doesn't compile when using --disable-nls
2011-10-23 Egmont KoblingerTicket #2640: sand256 skin update.
2011-10-23 Egmont KoblingerTicket #2641: URL inside the xoria256 skin definition...
2011-10-20 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2610_posix_fallocate'