2011-10-19 Slava ZankoAdded forgotten file to distribution for tests4.8.0
2011-10-19 Slava ZankoUpdated doc/NEWS file
2011-10-19 Andrew BorodinUpdated Russian translation.
2011-10-19 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2632_vfs_store_file_fix'
2011-10-19 Ilia Maslakovlittle optimization to make code more intuitive.
2011-10-19 Andrew BorodinTicket #2623: vfs: use data after free.
2011-10-18 Andrew BorodinFixed Interlingua translation.
2011-10-18 Slava ZankoUpdate translations from Transifex.net
2011-10-18 Slava ZankoMerge branch '1551_update_gpl_version'
2011-10-18 Slava ZankoTicket 1551: Update GPL version from 2 to 3
2011-10-18 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2620_cleanup'
2011-10-18 Slava Zankovfs_parse_ls_lga: The checks for timestamp is commented...
2011-10-17 Slava ZankoInclude config.h to all test's files
2011-10-17 Slava Zankovfs_parse_ls_lga: Make tests output more verbose
2011-10-17 Andrey TataranovichTicket #2627: Fixed several errors in manpages.
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinFix build with --disable-charset option.
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinAdded the 'c' hotkey for 'Compile and link current...
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinEditor: reduce scope of some functions.
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinEditor: reduce scope of some functions.
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinEditor: reduce scope of some functions.
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(get_paragraph): fix of pointer difference.
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(load_keymap_from_section): minor optimization.
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(load_keymap_from_section): remove unneeded keybind...
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinAdded percent sign to key names.
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodinkeymap files: unification of Fxx keys: move to lower...
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(mc_refresh): moved from lib/widget/wtools.[ch] to...
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinMan pages clean up
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinRemove CK_Help action handler in diffviewer
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(size_trunc_len): fixed potential integer overflow...
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinVFS small optimization
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinRemove extra screen update after show help.
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(mc_build_filename): incorrect processing of first...
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(mc_build_filename): fixed incorrect processing of...
2011-10-17 Andrew Borodin(_vfs_get_cwd): fixed memory leak.
2011-10-17 Andrew BorodinFix potential segfault in term_trim() functions
2011-10-17 Slava ZankoCode cleanup after runing splint on src/main.c file
2011-10-03 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2598_u7z'
2011-10-03 Daniel HahlerTicket #2598: u7z: Improve handling of missing p7zip...
2011-09-30 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2621_path_encoding_and_extfs'
2011-09-30 Slava ZankoTicket #2621: VFS extfs: broken navigation in archives...
2011-09-27 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2543_hexview_cursor_position'
2011-09-23 Andrew BorodinFixed positions of text start and hex cursor
2011-09-22 Vitaliy FilippovTicket #2543: Hex viewer mode does not restore cursor...
2011-09-21 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2611_broken_panels_drawing'
2011-09-19 Slava ZankoTicket #2611: FISH: broken panels drawing after enterin...
2011-09-12 Slava ZankoUpdated NEWS for 4.8.0-pre2 release4.8.0-pre2
2011-09-12 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '2605_fish_get_fix'
2011-09-12 Ilia MaslakovTicket #2605 (FISH: mc hangs while copy lot of small...
2011-09-11 Slava ZankoFixed placement for changesetfs and patchsetfs files
2011-09-11 Andrew BorodinUpdated Russian translation.
2011-09-09 Slava ZankoUpdated NEWS for 4.8.0-pre2 release.
2011-09-09 Slava ZankoUpdate translations from Transifex.net
2011-09-09 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2602_cleanup'
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(try_complete): fixed warinig:
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(edit_collect_completions): fixed warinig:
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(etags_set_definition_hash): fixed memory leak
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinUse ESC_STR macro instead of hardcoded "\033".
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinValue accuracy of mouse_enabled global variable.
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinFixed VFS prefix in hints.
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinNice location of red (warning and error) dialogs.
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(dlg_find_by_id): use the GLib way to find widget.
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(move_right): fixed type of return value.
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(menubar_arrange): fixed typos.
2011-09-09 Slava ZankoAvoided warning message about non-existent maint/versio...
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinMinor fixes in NEWS.
2011-09-09 Slava ZankoPreventing po/*.po files in git-diff output
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinCleanups and format small fixes in EN and RU man pages.
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinEditor: remove unused #define's.
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinOptimization of walking in dialog widgets.
2011-09-09 Andrew BorodinSet logfile for smbfs using mc_setctl().
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(mc_setup_by_args): fixed old VFS prefix.
2011-09-09 Andrew Borodin(show_datadirs_extended): fixed paths in help message.
2011-09-09 Slava ZankoTicket #2602: cleanup branch
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2594_ftp_leading_spaces'
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoVFS ftpfs: fixed broken filenames in unaligned 'ls...
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoTicket #2594: ftp failures - leading white space in...
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2595_vfs_encode'
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoFixed filenames recoding while call external utilites...
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoFixed regexp error if current codepage isn't equal...
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoTicket #2595: Broken panels recode in current master
2011-09-08 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2601_tty_init'
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoRemoved mc_global.args structure.
2011-09-08 Ilia MaslakovAdded -g, --oldmouse option to support of NORMAL/BUTTON...
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoRemoved global variable slow_tty
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoRemoved global variable ugly_line_drawing
2011-09-08 Slava ZankoMoved xterm_flag global variable to mc_global.tty.xterm...
2011-09-08 Andrew BorodinMove SIGWINCH handler initialization to tty_init()
2011-09-08 Andrew BorodinFix of mouse and ca capabilities check.
2011-09-08 Andrew BorodinRefactoring of TTY layer shutdown.
2011-09-08 Andrew BorodinTicket #2601: incorrect TTY layer initialization.
2011-09-07 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2582_sshfs_crash_while_copying_symlink'
2011-09-07 Slava ZankoFISH: Fixed creating relative symlinks
2011-09-07 Slava ZankoTicket #2582: Crash in 4.8.0-pre1 when copying symlink...
2011-08-30 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2580_file_size_column'
2011-08-30 Andrew Borodin(size_trunc): added ability to show size in [G|g]bytes.
2011-08-30 Andrew Borodin(size_trunc_len): process full range of uintmax_t type.
2011-08-30 Andrew BorodinTicket #2580: file size column is bogus for widths...
2011-08-30 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2576_duplicate_symbol'
2011-08-30 Slava ZankoTicket #2576: Duplicate symbols (Linking) problem under...
2011-08-29 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2201_tar_filename_length'