2012-12-10 Slava ZankoFixed cases with valid XML names2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair
2012-12-10 Slava ZankoAdded unit tests
2012-12-10 Andrew Borodinlittle fix.
2012-12-10 Ilia Maslakovindentation
2012-12-10 Ilia Maslakovsome little fix
2012-12-08 Ilia Maslakovlittle fix
2012-12-08 Slava Zankocode refactoring of mcedit: created separate source...
2012-12-08 Ilia MaslakovTicket #2939 (highlight xml-pair in mcedit)
2012-11-29 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2924_preserve_dir_attributes'
2012-11-29 Andrew Borodin(copy_dir_dir): get rid of extra string duplication.
2012-11-29 Andrew Borodin(copy_dir_dir): refactoring: get rid of goto dont_mkdir.
2012-11-29 SlackTicket #2924: attributes of existing directories are...
2012-11-29 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2913_sanitize'
2012-11-29 Slava ZankoAdded parameter quotation
2012-11-29 Slava ZankoAdded tests for name_quote function.
2012-11-29 Slava Zankoexec_get_export_variables(): reproduce bug in test
2012-11-29 Slava ZankoTicket #2913: CVE-2012-4463 mc-4.8.5: Does not sanitize...
2012-11-23 Andrew BorodinTicket #2934: highlight OGV files as media.
2012-11-20 Andrew Borodinsrc/*/*.[ch]: fix indentation.
2012-11-20 Andrew Borodinlib/widget/*.[ch]: fix indentation.
2012-11-20 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2919_dlg_as_widget'
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinUpdate po/*.po and po/mc.pot files.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinInternal menu structures are opaque now.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinAdd useful macros for widget type cast.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinUnify widget and dialog message handling.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinRemove DLG_WANT_IDLE. Use W_WANT_IDLE instead.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinRename Dlg_head to WDialog.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinRename default callbacks of widget and dialog.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinUnify some hotkeys.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(editcmd_dialog_raw_key_query): adjust sizes and look...
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(real_query_recursive): refactoring of dialog.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin"Directory scanning" dialog: adjust look'n'feel.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinCenter text in query owerwrite and delete dialogs.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(query_dialog): center label horizontally.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinHorizontal centering of multi-line label: center each...
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(file_mask_dialog): adjust width calculation.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(query_dialog): add horizontal line.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinRemove DLG_REVERSE flag.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild file operation dialogs in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild find file dialogs in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "Background jobs" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild hotlist dialogs in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinsrc/filemanager/hotlist.[ch]: cleanup.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "External panelize" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "Layout" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "Advanced chown command" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinsrc/filemanager/achown.c: cleanup.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "Chown command" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "Chmod command" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinBuild "Learn keys" dialog in normal order.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinsrc/learch.c: cleanup.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(tree_box): don't apply DLG_REVERSE flag.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinDon't apply DLG_REVERSE flag to the listbox window
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(spell_dialog_spell_suggest_show): fixed widget order...
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(edit_about): reimplement using QuickDialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(quick_widget_t): add pos_flags member.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(QUICK_BUTTONS_OK_CANCEL): new macro for often-used...
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinRefactoring of panel format dialog.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinReimplement "SMB authentication" dialog using QuckDialo...
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinDrop old QuickWidget engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinmcfilemanager: use new quick dialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinmcedit: use new quick dialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinmcdiffviewer: use new quick dialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodinmcviewer: use new quick dialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(fg_input_dialog_help): use new quick dialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinNew QuickDialog engine.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(groupbox_set_title): new function.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(groupbox_new): ignore empty string as title.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(create_dlg): ignore empty string as title.
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(button_set_text): don't forced redraw the entire dialog.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinAssociate label with input line and enable/disable...
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinAdd flags to place widgets with horizontal and vertical...
2012-11-19 Andrew Borodin(widget_set_options): new function to set/reset widget...
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinWHLine: adjust initialization.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinWInput: handle WIDGET_RESIZED.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinUnification of widget and dialog callback functions.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinAggressive use WIDGET macro.
2012-11-19 Andrew BorodinTicket #2919: widget system improvements and unifications.
2012-11-14 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2918_cygwin_test_build'
2012-11-14 Andrew BorodinTicket #2918: cygwin test failure.
2012-11-13 Marco CiampaUpdated italian translation.
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodinsrc/main.c: indentation.
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodinlib/mcconfig/paths.c: indentation.
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2888_cleanup'
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinFix of DOXYGEN docs: @return instead of @returns
2012-11-09 Ilia Maslakovsrc/filemanager/command.c: add DOXYGEN doc little littl...
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodin(enter): use GString instead of hand-made memory (re...
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinClarify of sig_atomic_t usage (got from Mutt).
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinDefine winch_flag as volatile sig_atomic_t.
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinFixups of SIGWINCH handling.
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinDon't exit after migration of configuration files.
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinTweak sources for --with-x/--without-x option.
2012-11-09 Andrew BorodinInit file highlighting only in full mode.
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodin(exit_subshell): return gboolean instead of int.
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodinlib/strutil/strverscmp.c: add missing include of config.h.
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodin(fish_linear_abort): type accuracy.
2012-11-09 Ilia Maslakov(fish_file_store): remove unnecessary 'was_error' variable.
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodin(fish_file_store): type accuracy to avoid counter overf...
2012-11-09 Andrew Borodin(ftpfs_file_store): type accuracy and simplify conditions.
2012-11-09 Yury V. ZaytsevTicket #2888: code cleanup before 4.8.7 release.