2012-07-25 Andrew BorodinTicket #2129: fixed build with static GLib.2129_glib_static
2012-07-22 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2852_ext_d_fixes'
2012-07-21 Andrew BorodinTicket #2851: fixes of ext.d scripts:
2012-07-20 Andrew Borodinmisc/mc.ext.in: update change description.
2012-07-19 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2838_spaces_in_rpm'
2012-07-19 Slava ZankoTicket #2838: Fixed 'Enter' action on a rpm file contai...
2012-07-19 Andrew Borodindoc/NEWS: cosmetics and forgotten #2768
2012-07-18 Slava ZankoUpdated NEWS file4.8.4
2012-07-18 Slava ZankoUpdated translations from Transifex
2012-07-18 Andrew BorodinRevert "Try fix of compile warnings about assigned...
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2845_cleanup'
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinClarify cvs dependency.
2012-07-17 Andrew Borodin(mcview_moveto_eol): comparison of unsigned expression...
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinMakefile.ams cleanup.
2012-07-17 Slava ZankoCode indentation.
2012-07-17 Slava ZankoTry fix of compile warnings about assigned but unused...
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinCode cleanup: removed unused variables amd removed...
2012-07-17 Andrew Borodin(exec_extension): ret rid of double filename conversion.
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinTicket #2839: Fix keybindings for Quit command of mcedit.
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinTweak of select codepage code in case of --disable...
2012-07-17 Ilia MaslakovFix of 'External panelize' dialog: update of 'Command...
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinFix of f13 key handling.
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinFix typos.
2012-07-17 Pavel VasilyevTicket #2538: mcviewer: unused result of str_term_width1().
2012-07-17 Slava Zankosrc/filemanager/mountlist.c: apply mc code indentation...
2012-07-17 Andrew BorodinTicket #2845: code cleanup before 4.8.4 release.
2012-07-12 Andrew BorodinUpdate po/mc.pot file.
2012-07-12 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2788_mcedit_aspell'
2012-07-12 Andrew BorodinRemove misc/edit.spell.rc since aspell is supported...
2012-07-12 Ilia MaslakovTicket #2788 (aspell support)
2012-07-10 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2843_search_hotkey_conflict'
2012-07-08 Andrew BorodinTicket #2842: change hotkey for Normal search mode.
2012-07-05 Slava ZankoMerge branch '1535_vfs_sftp_fixes'
2012-07-05 Andrew BorodinAdd SFTP to the list of supported VFSes.
2012-07-05 Slava ZankoSFTP connections are shown now in 'Active VFS connectio...
2012-07-05 Andrew BorodinFixed reget support in SFTP.
2012-07-05 Sergei TrofimovichTicket #1535: configure: don't fail if 'sftp' support...
2012-07-02 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2825_solaris_statvfs_members'
2012-07-02 Andrew BorodinTicket #2825: obtain FS name from stat info: sync with...
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2820_extd_fix'
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoFixed libexec hardcoded value
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoAdded 'View' action to all video formats.
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoFixed the filename escaping issues.
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoTicket #2820: Typo fix 'oofice' -> ooffice
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2803_homedir_in_tests'
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoTicket #2803: fixed bug do_panel_cd: FTBFS with --enabl...
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2834_disable_vfs'
2012-06-29 Slava ZankoTicket #2834: Fixed bug 'FTBFS with --disable-vfs'
2012-06-26 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2829_copy_to_full_partition'
2012-06-26 Andrew BorodinTicket #2829: loss of data on copy to full partition.
2012-06-25 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2827_tweak_without_charset'
2012-06-25 Andrew BorodinTests tweak and cleanup in case of --disable-charset...
2012-06-25 Andrew BorodinCore, mceditor, mcviewer and mcdiffviewer code tweak...
2012-06-25 Andrew BorodinTicket #2827: tweak and cleanup of code in case of...
2012-06-23 Marco CiampaUpdated italian translation.
2012-06-22 Sergei Trofimovich./configure: cleanup '--enable-background' option descr...
2012-06-21 Slava ZankoMerge branch '1535_vfs_sftp'
2012-06-21 Slava ZankoTicket #1535: SFTP support
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2261_multiedit'
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinSet fullscreen layout as previous editor look'n'feel.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinUpdated documentation.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinOpen several files in mc editor from command line.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinShow top opened file in screen list.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAdd icons to close window and toggle window state using...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinSkin support for window frames.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAdd toggle fullscreen mode of editor windows.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinHandle CK_ShowNumbers action in dialog level instead...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinHandle CK_ShowTabTws and CK_ShowMargin actions in dialo...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinHandle CK_SyntaxOnOff action in dialog level instead...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinModify CK_Refresh command handling.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinHandle CK_Option action in dialog level instead of...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAssign button bar to the current editor.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinSwitch windows using keyboard.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinOpen each file in its own window.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAdd edit_add_window() function.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAdd CK_Close action to close current open file.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinHandle CK_Shell, CK_LearnKeys, CK_OptionsSaveMode and...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinHandle CK_Help, CK_Quit and CK_About actions in dialog...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAllow move and resize edit window using keyboard.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinEditor: optimization of menu handling.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAllow move and resize edit window using mouse.
2012-06-20 Ilia MaslakovAdd edit_info_status() function.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinDraw a frame around edit area.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinMinor optimization and type accuracy of some editor...
2012-06-20 Ilia MaslakovFix of mult-byte characters and tabulation printing.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinMenubar: ignore GPM_UP event.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinAccuracy use of arguments of dlg_move and widget_move...
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinTicket #2261: allow edit many files in one editor window.
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2833_url_port_in_history'
2012-06-20 Andrew BorodinTicket #2833: url with port was stored wrong in history.
2012-06-12 Slava ZankoMerge branch '2751_gputils_lib'
2012-06-12 Molnár KárolyTicket #2751: Support *.lib artifacts generated by...
2012-06-11 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2313_history'
2012-06-11 Andrew BorodinHandle directory history of panel.
2012-06-11 Andrew BorodinHandle history of input line.
2012-06-11 Andrew BorodinTicket #2313: CK_History removes CK_HistoryNext entries
2012-06-11 Ilia MaslakovMerge branch '2495_show_addition_info_about_macros'
2012-06-11 Ilia MaslakovTicket #2495 (show info about macros)
2012-06-08 Andrew BorodinMerge branch '2817_dlg_mouse_fix'
2012-06-08 Andrew BorodinTicket #2817: fixes of mouse handling in file manager.