descriptionMicrodia : webcam kernel driver, for USB webcams with vendor id 0c45
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Microdia : webcam kernel driver, for USB webcams with vendor id 0c45 (Webcam Support group for all Microdia chipsets under Linux) Q) Is my webcam a "Microdia"? A) Execute the following command #lsusb If you see any of the following numbers, you have a "microdia" webcam 0c45:6027, 0c45:608f, 0c45:60ec, 0c45:60fe, 0c45:60c0, 0c45:613b, 0c45:613c, 0c45:624e, 0c45:624f, 0c45:6242, 0c45:6253, 0c45:6260, 0c45:6270, 0c45:627b, 0c45:8105 (basically 0c45:[xxxy] above is enough to conclude you have a microdia webcam) All of the above webcams are unsupported under Linux Please join this Group, to help each other get better support for these webcams from Linux.
2009-06-08 Brian JohnsonFix SXGA support to enforce bayer formatmaster
2009-06-02 Brian JohnsonAdd support for SXGA
2009-05-06 Vasily KhoruzhickDon't check memory type in querybuf ioctl
2009-05-06 Brian JohnsonImplement ENUM_FRAMESIZES
2009-05-06 Brian JohnsonFix bug when setting resolution lower than lowest avail...
2009-05-06 Boris BorisovFix LED off function for 6270
2009-05-02 Brian JohnsonFix bug when compiling on 2.6.29 or greater 64bit kernel
2009-05-01 Brian Johnsonupdate version to v2009.04v2009.04
2009-04-13 Boris BorisovOnly scan entire packet for frame header in bulk mode
2009-04-10 Lars MunchDino lite pro is a mt9m111
2009-04-02 Brian JohnsonUpdate sysfs to use base 10 instead of base 16 values...
2009-04-01 Stefan Krastanovsubtle improvement in soft-AE speed
2009-04-01 Boris BorisovAdds hue and Saturation controls
2009-04-01 Brian Johnsonusb_sn9c20x_control_write/read should return 0 on success
2009-03-29 Lars MunchFixes missing termination in init block for the hv7131r...
2009-03-29 Lars MunchAdds support for the Dino-Lite USB Digital Microscope
9 years ago v2009.04 Version 2009.04 s
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9 years ago last-release-without-libv4l
9 years ago last-v4l1-release This is the last revision that...
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