descriptionMaking git usable for backing up file attributes too
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2008-06-23 David rdemanCleanup help messagemaster
2008-06-23 David HärdemanAdd stricter build flags
2008-06-23 David HärdemanAdd dynamic metafile path
2008-03-20 David HärdemanAdd documentation of the file format used...
2008-03-20 David HärdemanFirst stab at supporting the option of automatically...
2008-03-20 DavidrdemanDetect whether the underlying FS supports xattrs
2008-03-20 David HärdemanAdd something vaguely useful to README
2008-03-20 David HärdemanFix unhelpful error messages
2007-11-25 Joey Hessfix display of message in usage message
2007-11-25 Joey Hessfix documentation of --compare
2007-05-22 David HärdemanSimplify mentry_insert
2007-05-21 David HärdemanAdd optimization flags to gcc
2007-05-21 David HärdemanFree some temporarily allocated memory
2007-05-21 David HärdemanAdd caching uid/gid lookup functions
2007-05-21 David HärdemanUse hash tables instead of linked lists for a nice...
2007-05-20 David HärdemanAnd add a newline
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