2013-03-10 Thomas JaroschPrepare new maemo releasemaemo-port
2013-03-10 Thomas JaroschMerge tag 'v3.13-final' into maemo-port
2013-03-05 Frank GevaertsDisable LCD_FLIP and MORSE_INPUT on recorder to make...
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerUpdate bulgarian.lang by Zahari Yurukov
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerSort bulgarian.lang into english.lang order
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerBackport d8a3871 - Update French by Amaury Pouly
2013-03-05 PurlingNayukiupdate Chinese(Simplified) translation
2013-03-05 Alex ParkerBump version numbers for 3.13
2013-02-28 Jonathan GordonRevert "skin tags: fix the id3 track/disc numbers in...
2013-02-26 Jonathan Gordonskin engine: Relax the AA load width/height checks
2013-02-24 Stephane Moutard... FS#12828 : french update
2013-02-23 Frank GevaertsBuild libtlsf for all systems
2013-02-23 Frank GevaertsMake the git viewer use the global libtlsf.a
2013-02-22 Alex ParkerManual: The c200v2 also needs to be set to MSC mode...
2013-02-22 Michael SevakisFix FS#12824 : Malfunctioning FFT plugin in Sansa Clip Zip
2013-02-21 Jonathan Gordonskin tags: fix the id3 track/disc numbers in conditionals
2013-02-19 Alex MayerTheme Engine: Fix progress bar slider (FS#12823)
2013-02-18 Amaury Poulyimxtools/sbtools: silence warning
2013-02-18 Amaury Poulyimxtools/sbtools: add -jump command, fix help
2013-02-18 Amaury Poulysbtools/elftosb1: implement key file loading
2013-02-18 Rafaël CarréManual: add missing plugin keymaps for Sansa Clip ...
2013-02-18 Rafaël Carrésnake2 manual: remove obsolete in menu keymaps
2013-02-18 Rafaël Carrésnake2: clip/m200 use same keypad than e200/c200
2013-02-18 Rafaël Carréblackjack: c200 keymap is identical to clip keymap
2013-02-18 Jonathan GordonFix advanced EQ menu
2013-02-18 Rafaël CarréClip Zip: promote to stable
2013-02-18 Rafaël Carréblackjack: adapt to narrow clip zip screen
2013-02-18 Michael SevakisFix FSB#12826 - Mini-sound burp between track skips...
2013-02-17 Amaury Poulymkimxtool: increase performance by compiling with O3
2013-02-16 Amaury Poulysbtools: add brute force option for sb1 in sbtoelf
2013-02-16 Amaury Poulysbtools: increase performance by compiling with O3...
2013-02-16 Andrew Ryabininhm60x: Fix white screen bug.
2013-02-16 Stefan MoiseiFS#12757 - Romanian translation patch
2013-02-14 Jean-Louis... [Fuze+][Manual] Fix compilation broken on oscilloscope
2013-02-14 Torne WuffRevert "[Fuze+][Manual] Fix compilation broken on oscil...
2013-02-14 Jean-Louis... [Fuze+] redo osciloscope keymaps update that was cancel...
2013-02-14 Jean-Louis... [Fuze+][Manual] Fix compilation broken on oscilloscope
2013-02-12 Jonathan Gordonlist widget: undo part of aaf3065
2013-02-12 Jonathan Gordonand fix the last compile errors
2013-02-12 Jonathan Gordonfix checkwps
2013-02-12 Jonathan Gordonskin_engine: Add a debug screen to display skin ram...
2013-02-12 Jonathan Gordonsimplelist: Make better use of the static buffer and...
2013-02-12 Jonathan GordonFix (c) notice which was apparently copy/pasted from...
2013-02-12 Thomas Martitzbitmap drawing: Support alpha blend if image over the...
2013-02-12 Thomas Martitzbitmap drawing: use temp vars to help gcc opmize loops.
2013-02-12 Thomas Martitzbitmap drawing: Use extra bit in mask to avoid nested...
2013-02-12 Thomas Martitzbitmap drawing: Negate alpha channel to match alpha...
2013-02-12 Marcin Bukatrk27xx: do not disable irq in commit_discard_dcache_range()
2013-02-10 Nils Wallméniusmanual: remove references to SVN and change "current...
2013-02-10 Jonathan Gordonremove unused members
2013-02-09 Rafaël Carrémanual: Remove invadrox and pacbox from targets that...
2013-02-09 Rafaël CarréClip Zip: new screenshots
2013-02-09 Rafaël CarréZip manual: update sudoku screenshot
2013-02-09 Jonathan Gordonfix the eq settings in the manual
2013-02-09 Jonathan GordonEQ settings: Rework the settings to clean up the config...
2013-02-08 Dominik RiebelingUpdate manual copyright information for 2013.
2013-02-08 Dominik RiebelingFix Theme Editor build.
2013-02-08 Dominik RiebelingUpdate copyright information for 2013.
2013-02-08 Dominik RiebelingCreate Qt5 compatible version of trace event handler.
2013-02-06 Jonathan Gordongui: Fix \t indenting for RTL langs in the lists (DB...
2013-02-05 Jonathan Gordoneq settings: fix the lang string used for the center...
2013-02-04 Hayden PearceAdditional colors for lamp.rock
2013-02-02 Rafaël Carrémanual: remove target names redundant with 'sansaAMS'
2013-02-02 Rafaël CarréUpdate manual for Clip Zip
2013-02-01 Andrew Ryabininrk27xx: Increase timeout for sd card initialization...
2013-01-30 Amaury Poulyimxtools/hwemul: fix Makefile linking order
2013-01-29 Amaury Poulyimxtools/hwemul: add readline support
2013-01-29 Amaury Poulyimxtools/sbtoelf: add more robust version guess
2013-01-29 Amaury Poulymkimxboot: add a switch to force version
2013-01-29 Hayden Pearce10 Band EQ w/Presets
2013-01-28 Amaury Poulymkimxboot: add support for 1.23.01 installer
2013-01-28 Amaury Poulyzenxfi2: rework dualboot
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingSet global cache immediately on startup.
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingImplement test for HttpGet class.
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingRewrite HttpGet based on QNetworkAccessManager.
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingUpdate project file for Qt5 compatibility.
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingUpdate Qt includes for compatibility with Qt5.
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingReplace toAscii() / fromAscii() with Latin1() functions.
2013-01-27 Dominik RiebelingThemes Window: don't set cache folder on each request.
2013-01-27 Kirill StryaponoffCreated graphics for the numbers in Sudoku and fixed...
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulymkimxboot: add partial support for the Zen X-Fi Style
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulyfix style
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulymkimxboot: add an option to extract the of without...
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulymkimxboot: fix bad return on internal error
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulyimx233: add a missing packed attribute for dma !!
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulyimxtools/sbtools: fix file type detection
2013-01-26 Amaury Poulyimxtools/hwemul: allow for toolchain prefix override
2013-01-25 Marcin Bukatgif viewer: remove max frames count constraint
2013-01-24 Björn StenbergDeprecate the EXTRA_LIBS variable.
2013-01-24 Marcin BukatPP: Do not use ATA DMA in bootloader
2013-01-24 Boris GjeneroRe-enable PP502x ATA DMA
2013-01-24 Boris GjeneroFix FS#12391 : Memory corruption on PP502x after commit...
2013-01-22 Dominik RiebelingRemove support for RFC850 timestamps.
2013-01-22 Dominik RiebelingRemove 64bit warning by using C99 fixed width format...
2013-01-22 Dominik RiebelingAvoid unnecessary HEAD request on uncached file.
2013-01-21 Michael GiacomelliARMv5 optimized complex multiply function for libopus.
2013-01-20 Jonathan GordonAnd use the unknown file colour if there is no extension
2013-01-20 Jonathan Gordonfix yellow
2013-01-20 Jonathan Gordonfiletree: Support ??? in viewers.config for unsupported...
2013-01-18 Amaury Poulyimx233: enable cpu frequency scaling on all targets