descriptionThis is a binding of libevent to Lua. It will serve as a drop-in replacement for copas, and eventually support more features (async DNS, HTTP, RPC...).
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2014-09-16 Thomas Harning JrMerge pull request #5 from jprjr/mastermaster
2014-02-21 John ReganCreating rockspec5/head
2013-07-24 Thomas Harning Jrcore: fixes header definition to use luaopen_luaevent_core
2013-06-14 Thomas Harning JrMerge pull request #3 from Zash/fix-segfault
2013-06-11 Thomas Harning Jrcore: updates to MIT-style license and properly include...
2013-05-13 Kim Alvefurevent_callback: Keep declarations at the top3/head
2013-04-25 Kim Alvefurevent_callback: Fix segmentation fault
2013-04-16 Thomas Harning Jrluaevent.lua: updates version specification to the...
2013-04-15 Thomas Harning Jrluaevent.c: Drops global registration of core in favor...
2013-03-15 Thomas Harning JrMerge pull request #2 from Zash/master
2013-03-15 Kim Alvefurevent_callback.c: Don't pop too much.2/head
2013-03-12 Thomas Harning Jrdocs: adds release note in CHANGELOGv0.4.3
2013-03-11 Thomas Harning JrMerge remote-tracking branch 'zash/master'
2013-03-11 Matthew Wildbase: adds error catching / re-raisev0.4.2
2013-03-03 Kim AlvefurFix stack overflow issue
2013-03-03 Kim AlvefurApply
23 months ago v0.4.3 Release v0.4.3
23 months ago v0.4.2 Release v0.4.2
2 years ago v0.4.1 Release v0.4.1
2 years ago v0.4.0 Release v0.4.0
3 years ago v0.3.2 Release v0.3.2
3 years ago v0.3.1 Tagged version 0.3.1
3 years ago v0.3.0 Tagged version 0.3.0
3 years ago v0.1.2 Tagged version 0.1.2
3 years ago v0.1.1 Tagged new release of mostly-workin...
3 years ago v0.1.0 Tagged v0.1.0 working release
3 years ago v0.0.0 Tagged 1st broken release.
5 months ago master
2 years ago 0.3.x
3 years ago prosody-tree
5 years ago v0.2