descriptionRerecording SNES/GB(C) emulator based on bsnes / gambatte core
last changeThu, 26 Oct 2017 01:41:20 +0000 (26 04:41 +0300)
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A Rerecording SNES and GBC emulator based on bsnes / gambatte core Known non-working games include anything using ST-018 (Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi 2).
2017-10-26 Ilari LiusvaaraAdd <functional> to files that use std::functionmaster
2017-10-25 Ilari LiusvaaraBus fixes: Reading of CPU MMIO registers does not updat...
2017-10-25 Ilari LiusvaaraMake wrapper for boost::lexical_cast
2017-08-30 Ilari LiusvaaraDe-header SNES games with headers submultiple of 512...
2017-08-08 Ilari LiusvaaraSave: Fix issues with adding an extension if missing
2017-07-14 Rodrigo A.... Lua (d)bitmap: add hflip and vflip functions
2017-07-13 Ilari LiusvaaraSpecialize (D)BITMAP:sample_texture when s is power...
2017-07-13 Ilari LiusvaaraLinear transformed texture sampling for (d)bitmap
2017-05-29 Ilari LiusvaaraFix few uninitialized variables and a stack smash in...
2017-05-23 Ilari LiusvaaraWhen redrawing screen, read the last written frame
2017-04-18 Ilari LiusvaaraLua: Fix type confusion between signed and unsigned
2017-02-05 Ilari LiusvaaraSupport uncompressing ZIP compression method 12 (bzip2)
2017-01-24 Ilari LiusvaaraPIX_FMT_* constants are deprecated, use AV_PIX_FMT_...
2016-09-18 Ilari LiusvaaraFix crash if text containing \n is printed at nonzero x
2016-08-09 Ilari LiusvaaraDon't try to enter loadstate with loadstate already...
2016-07-23 Ilari LiusvaaraFix crash if mouse_x or mouse_y are hooked
2 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta23 lsnes rr2-β23
2 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta22b1 lsnes rr2-β22b1
2 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta22 lsnes rr2-β22
3 years ago lsnes-rrtest
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta21 lsnes rr2-β21
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta20 lsnes rr2-β20
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta19 lsnes rr2-β19
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta18 lsnes rr2-β18
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta17 lsnes rr2-β17
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta16 lsnes rr2-β16
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta15 lsnes rr2-β15
3 years ago lsnes-rr1-delta18epsilon3 lsnes rr1-Δ18ε3
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta14 lsnes rr2-β14
3 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta13 lsnes rr2-β13
4 years ago lsnes-rr2-beta12 lsnes rr2-β12
4 years ago lsnes-rr1-delta18epsilon2 lsnes rr1-Δ18ε2
4 weeks ago master
4 weeks ago bsnes085-patchseries
23 months ago announce-test/foo
2 years ago bsnes-dynamic-multitap
2 years ago cbor-hostmem
2 years ago use-custom-string-class
2 years ago D2
2 years ago exp/gambatte-bsnes-sgb
2 years ago multicore
2 years ago exp/refactor-sprite-dumping
2 years ago exp/bsnes-ext-gb
3 years ago test
3 years ago exp/gambatte-sgb
3 years ago gambatte537-patchseries
3 years ago refactor-ctrlgen
3 years ago D