descriptionRerecording SNES/GB(C) emulator based on bsnes / gambatte core
last changeThu, 11 Sep 2014 19:11:58 +0000
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A Rerecording SNES and GBC emulator based on bsnes / gambatte core Known non-working games include anything using ST-018 (Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi 2).
9 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraAdd -pthread to flagsmaster
9 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraFix emulator going out of whack after project load
2014-08-29 Ilari LiusvaaraCommentary: Fix gain on oggopus export
2014-08-09 Ilari LiusvaaraSmall whitespace cleanup
2014-08-09 Ilari LiusvaaraOpus: Support some newly added stuff
2014-08-09 Ilari Liusvaara25519: Add valgrind test mode
2014-08-08 Ilari LiusvaaraRevert "Remove Lua 5.1 support"
2014-07-28 Ilari LiusvaaraLua: Initialize some variables in address.cpp to make...
2014-07-03 Ilari LiusvaaraFix some accidentially mistyped variables in makefile
2014-06-21 Ilari LiusvaaraFix loading lz images with 128 or more colors
2014-06-20 Ilari LiusvaaraFix compilation on Mac OS X
2014-06-16 Ilari LiusvaaraFix memory.writeregionlsnes-rrtest
2014-06-16 Ilari LiusvaaraFix build on GCC 4.9
2014-06-15 Ilari Liusvaarabsnes: Fix on_latch in alttimings mode
2014-06-09 Ilari LiusvaaraUse UI_in_project_context() in branchesmenu.cpp
2014-06-09 Ilari LiusvaaraClean up instance usage in editor-voicesub.cpp
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11 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta11 lsnes rr2-β11
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