descriptionRerecording SNES/GB(C) emulator based on bsnes / gambatte core
last changeFri, 18 Apr 2014 18:19:43 +0000
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A Rerecording SNES and GBC emulator based on bsnes / gambatte core Known non-working games include anything using ST-018 (Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi 2).
2 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraSNES: Pseudo-registers hcounter and vcountermaster
2 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraSNES: SA1 registers for memory.getregister/setregister
2 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraZMBV full search mode
4 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraRecognize SA1IRAM for purposes of breakpoints
6 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraSA1 tracing support + memorywatch/search SA1 IRAM
6 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraAdvance macros after frame is complete, not before...
7 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraFix macros getting frame duplicated after loadstate
8 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraSelect slot hotkeys
10 days ago Ilari LiusvaaraUse open/read/write/close for binary saves instead...
2014-04-06 Ilari LiusvaaraDon't use -Werror
2014-04-06 Ilari Liusvaarasrc/lua/gui-bitmap.cpp Initialize spal to avoid compile...
2014-04-06 Ilari Liusvaarac-interface: Add some translation templates
2014-04-02 Ilari LiusvaaraLua: (D)BITMAP:draw_clip, (D)BITMAP:draw_outside, TILEM...
2014-04-02 Ilari LiusvaaraLua: gui.solidrectangle
2014-04-02 Ilari LiusvaaraNumeric range class, obsolete clip_range.
2014-04-02 Ilari LiusvaaraDelete the now-unused emulator_status stuff
2 weeks ago lsnes-rr2-beta20 lsnes rr2-β20
2 weeks ago lsnes-rr2-beta19 lsnes rr2-β19
4 weeks ago lsnes-rr2-beta18 lsnes rr2-β18
7 weeks ago lsnes-rr2-beta17 lsnes rr2-β17
2 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta16 lsnes rr2-β16
3 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta15 lsnes rr2-β15
3 months ago lsnes-rr1-delta18epsilon3 lsnes rr1-Δ18ε3
3 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta14 lsnes rr2-β14
4 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta13 lsnes rr2-β13
6 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta12 lsnes rr2-β12
6 months ago lsnes-rr1-delta18epsilon2 lsnes rr1-Δ18ε2
6 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta11 lsnes rr2-β11
6 months ago lsnes-rr2-beta10 lsnes rr2-β10
6 months ago lsnes-rr1-delta18epsilon1 lsnes rr1-Δ18ε1
6 months ago lsnes-rrtest2
6 months ago lsnes-rrtest1
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6 days ago bsnes085-patchseries
3 weeks ago gambatte537-patchseries
4 weeks ago keybroadcast
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3 months ago bsnes085-patchseries-nodebug
4 months ago gambatte364-patchseries
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5 months ago rng-improve
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