2012-02-01 malcXPS supportv9
2012-02-01 malcUse wget instead of git to fetch mupdf sources
2012-02-01 malcSync with upstream
2012-01-29 malcRemove unused function
2012-01-29 malcTrack dimensions/pagecount info properly
2012-01-29 malcUsability tweak
2012-01-29 malcFix scroll wheel in listview
2012-01-29 malcPrecise syncing with outline
2012-01-29 malcAvoid deadlocks
2012-01-29 malcDo not call GL functions from a thread for which GL...
2012-01-29 malcProtect against accidental zooming
2012-01-28 malcDo not leak descriptors when toggling stderr redirection
2012-01-28 malcSimplify
2012-01-28 malcFix listview inefficiency
2012-01-28 malcSync with upstream
2012-01-28 malcRemove unused scrollcolor
2012-01-28 malcKill message after unoding narrowing
2012-01-28 malcTrack proper scrollbar widths
2012-01-28 malcAdd scrollbar to listview
2012-01-27 malcMention unzip
2012-01-27 malcUse proper type
2012-01-27 malcSquash a space
2012-01-27 malcUse proper sliceheight value
2012-01-27 malcWhoops
2012-01-27 malcConsistency
2012-01-27 malcMerge ifdef blocks
2012-01-27 malcFix tagged value mixup
2012-01-27 malcFix attribute name
2012-01-27 malcAllow setting texcount/sliceheight from the UI
2012-01-27 malcConsistency
2012-01-27 malcDrop getpagew/h
2012-01-27 malcUse proper layout
2012-01-27 malcAnother tweak
2012-01-27 malcUsability tweak
2012-01-27 malcstderr redirection
2012-01-27 malcChange version output a bit
2012-01-27 malcDo not flash too much on throttled zoom
2012-01-27 malcProperly handle throttled setzoom
2012-01-27 malcExpand
2012-01-27 malcCatch scanf errors
2012-01-27 malcFix c&p mistake
2012-01-27 malcMove pdfinfo before initpdims
2012-01-27 malcMove font related stuff to a struct of their own
2012-01-27 malcFix zoomrect once again
2012-01-27 malcTrim some long lines
2012-01-27 malcUse all the power of calloc
2012-01-27 malcAllow left/right jump levels in info mode
2012-01-27 malcFix zoomrect when default view is zoomed out
2012-01-27 malcRemember brightness
2012-01-27 malcHoare's maxim
2012-01-26 malcBetter throttling
2012-01-26 malcRemember proper values for previous mode and uioh
2012-01-26 malcDo info tracking properly
2012-01-26 malcTrack more info changes
2012-01-26 malcAdd information about trimmed margins
2012-01-26 malcDo not use excessive force
2012-01-26 malcFix drawing of tabbed strings
2012-01-26 malcRemove needless indirection
2012-01-26 malcTrack memused to update info screen
2012-01-26 malcWhat can i say...v8
2011-12-25 malcQuit cosmetics
2011-12-21 malcAdapt to upstream changes
2011-08-20 malcAnchor on crop
2011-08-19 malcEvict more aggressively
2011-08-19 malcWhoops
2011-08-19 malcCorrect piggybacking
2011-08-19 malcRevisited
2011-08-19 malcSimplify
2011-08-19 malcget_cmd_output is less apt than assumed
2011-08-18 malcNicer/smoother autoscroll default
2011-08-18 malcFix parentheses
2011-08-18 malcExpand credits
2011-08-17 malcFormatting
2011-08-17 malcPrecautionary measure
2011-08-17 malcFix polling
2011-08-17 malcSimplify
2011-08-17 malcExplicit placeholder's color
2011-08-17 malcRun git describe in the source directory
2011-08-17 malcShrug (nvidia)
2011-08-17 malcSimulate gc inside preload instead of just looking...
2011-08-16 malcAvoid doing extra workv7
2011-08-15 malcRefactor and restore clearpixmap's optimized status
2011-08-15 malcBe less clever/functional/dependent
2011-08-15 malcRemove empty line
2011-08-15 malcRevert "Make escape only exit if status text is empty"
2011-08-15 malcMention that doesn't fetch/build freetype
2011-08-15 malcMake ctrl-g an alias for esc in text entry mode
2011-08-15 malcMake G go to last page
2011-08-15 malcConsistency
2011-08-15 malcAnchor on rotaiton or proprotionality change
2011-08-15 malcProper gmake detection (Juergen Lock)
2011-08-15 malcNo reason to store fractional parts of zoom
2011-08-15 malcRemove bitrotten line
2011-08-15 malcMake -f override font value from configuration file
2011-08-15 malcInstallation instructions
2011-08-15 malcRefactor command line options
2011-08-15 malcAdd -c command line option to specify alternate config...
2011-08-15 malcProperly handle Vend in llppconfig
2011-08-15 malcUI font tweaks
2011-08-15 malcDrop some ifdefery since we are now hard dependant...