2011-08-16 malcAvoid doing extra workv7
2011-08-15 malcRefactor and restore clearpixmap's optimized status
2011-08-15 malcBe less clever/functional/dependent
2011-08-15 malcRemove empty line
2011-08-15 malcRevert "Make escape only exit if status text is empty"
2011-08-15 malcMention that doesn't fetch/build freetype
2011-08-15 malcMake ctrl-g an alias for esc in text entry mode
2011-08-15 malcMake G go to last page
2011-08-15 malcConsistency
2011-08-15 malcAnchor on rotaiton or proprotionality change
2011-08-15 malcProper gmake detection (Juergen Lock)
2011-08-15 malcNo reason to store fractional parts of zoom
2011-08-15 malcRemove bitrotten line
2011-08-15 malcMake -f override font value from configuration file
2011-08-15 malcInstallation instructions
2011-08-15 malcRefactor command line options
2011-08-15 malcAdd -c command line option to specify alternate config...
2011-08-15 malcProperly handle Vend in llppconfig
2011-08-15 malcUI font tweaks
2011-08-15 malcDrop some ifdefery since we are now hard dependant...
2011-08-15 malcDo not fiddle with atexit
2011-08-15 malcMake preloading slightly more aggressive
2011-08-15 malcSet initial autoscrollstep to something sane
2011-08-14 malc1:1 zoom
2011-08-14 malcRename configuration parameter for consistency
2011-08-14 malcRefactor to avoid uninitialized variable warning
2011-08-14 malcFix typo
2011-08-14 malcMake maximal texture width user configurable
2011-08-14 malcDrop never used argument to ml_draw
2011-08-14 malcDo not fail to compile altivec code with older GCCs
2011-08-14 malcRemove some redundant and some obsolete zoom checks
2011-08-14 malcMake escape only exit if status text is empty
2011-08-14 malcSlice things both horizontally and vertically
2011-08-14 malcUse \t instead of literal 9
2011-08-13 malcMake functional on FreeBSD
2011-08-13 malcConsistency
2011-08-13 malcChange info processing
2011-08-13 malcBeautify
2011-08-13 malcOnly reset text when in View mode
2011-08-13 malcCosmetics
2011-08-13 malcBe more intuitive
2011-08-13 malcDo not overload the meaning of variables
2011-08-13 malcAllow auto scrolling in both directions
2011-08-13 malcI'm an idiot
2011-08-13 malcBe more explicit
2011-08-13 malcThe only robust way i can think of that will make persi...
2011-08-13 malcHow did this happen
2011-08-13 malcOne more take on proper re-positioning after reshape
2011-08-13 malcMake things less dependent on host speed
2011-08-12 malcTweak input box a bit
2011-08-12 malcTabulation breaks panning, unbreak it
2011-08-12 malcWe don't care
2011-08-12 malcDo not try to fetch lablGL with cvs (the server has...
2011-08-12 malcIncrease items text size by a point
2011-08-12 malcAdd sufficient ammount of hackery to make proportional...
2011-08-12 malcUnfortunately not every font defines box drawing characters
2011-08-12 malcMore aggressive safety net
2011-08-12 malcSpelling
2011-08-12 malcChange font API a bit, also remove redundant face check
2011-08-12 malcMark more things as static
2011-08-12 malcRefactor
2011-08-12 malcFix qsearch in items mode
2011-08-12 malcSwitch beack to GL_NEAREST, otherwise Nimbus Mono looks...
2011-08-12 malcAvoid enabling/disabling stuff needlessly
2011-08-12 malcShuffle code around
2011-08-12 malcMake builtin font loading work
2011-08-12 malcCosmetics
2011-08-12 malcRemove tautology
2011-08-12 malcAvoid loosing position when zoom is changed
2011-08-12 malcProperly handle scroll bar width change in setup mode
2011-08-12 malcCorrect handling of enter when nothing is active
2011-08-12 malcFeature testing for memstream is convoluted indeed
2011-08-12 malcRefactor
2011-08-12 malcStop using glut to draw text
2011-08-11 malcAlways use our own err/errx implementations and avoid...
2011-08-11 malcSimulataneously avoid waring on 64bit systems and cap...
2011-08-11 malcDo not fail if building via tbs outside of git tree
2011-08-11 malcWhoops
2011-08-11 malcMake changing the visibility of scroll bar in presentat...
2011-08-11 malcBack out unintended change that kreeped into ddfb30313d...
2011-08-11 malcAnchor when reloading
2011-08-11 malcBe more intelligent in choosing bird's eye target
2011-08-11 malcComment what key with code 7 supposed to mean
2011-08-11 malcRefactor
2011-08-11 malcFix scroll bar width mishandling
2011-08-10 malcCosmetics
2011-08-10 malcAllow setting background color from the UI
2011-08-10 malcRefactor
2011-08-10 malcPanning tweaks
2011-08-10 malcUse better feature test for a memstream block
2011-08-10 malcMove variable to avoid warnings when _GNU_SOURCE is...
2011-08-10 malcCosmetics
2011-08-10 malcFix positioning when zoom is changed
2011-08-10 malcUse alt-left/right for navigation
2011-08-10 malcComment lines with numeric values for keys
2011-08-10 malcTurn on more aggressive warnings and fix the issues...
2011-08-10 malcDo not track mouse outside of View/Birdseye
2011-08-10 malcTry harder to avoid confusion
2011-08-10 malcAvoid confusion
2011-08-10 malcBeautify