2011-08-09 malcfz_fprint_obj does the line termination for usv6
2011-08-09 malcMake F1 bring the help screen too
2011-08-09 malcChange info output a bit
2011-08-09 malcShow document information in info mode
2011-08-09 malcAdd -v command line switch
2011-08-09 malcAdd help/info modes
2011-08-09 malcRename a couple of functions for consistency
2011-08-09 malcChange default warning flags
2011-08-09 malcRemove unused variable
2011-08-09 malcAllow setting tumbnail width
2011-08-09 malcAllow zooming with the mouse wheel
2011-08-09 malcAllow setting zoom level and auto scroll step from...
2011-08-09 malcConsistency
2011-08-09 malcWithout -O gcc doesn't emit some warnings
2011-08-09 malcFix preloading (was way too far behind useful point)
2011-08-09 malcMake autoscroll saving/loading behavior saner
2011-08-09 malcRemove addnavs from goto functions
2011-08-09 malcComplete what was started in one of the refactorings
2011-08-09 malcChange the way auto scrolling behaves
2011-08-09 malcAnd tweak pgdown in bird's eye one more time
2011-08-08 malcAllow scroll wheel in bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcSane defaults for leaving birdseye
2011-08-08 malcRemember the point where bird's eye was entered
2011-08-08 malcBetter default page for bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcAvoid warnings about unused variables
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #10
2011-08-08 malcThe attribute name for horizontal panning is pan not x
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #9
2011-08-08 malcRemove stray space
2011-08-08 malcRemove dead code
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #8
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #7
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #6
2011-08-08 malcRemove log function, dolog does the same
2011-08-08 malcTextentry can be entered not just from View
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #5
2011-08-08 malcFix Ctrl-9
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #4
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #3
2011-08-08 malcRefactoring #2
2011-08-08 malcIntroduce state.mode (Refactoring #1)
2011-08-08 malcWhoops
2011-08-08 malcDocument text selection limitation
2011-08-08 malcJust use base instead of absolute paths
2011-08-08 malcHopefuly last fix for bird's eye up/down navigation
2011-08-08 malcRevert "Support comments in attribute lists"
2011-08-08 malcYet another batch of bird's eye pgup/down changes
2011-08-08 malcFix page height mixup in getpageyh
2011-08-08 malcFormatting
2011-08-08 malcAllow ctrl-l in bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcCenter on the current page when entering bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcMake escape leave bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcNavigation in bird's eye shouldn't touch nav
2011-08-08 malcTweak DOWN in bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcTweak UP in bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcRemove stray space
2011-08-08 malcDo not forget to anchor the current position when enter...
2011-08-08 malcDo not forget to addnav when exiting bird's eye with...
2011-08-08 malcUse structural (in)equality tests for anchor
2011-08-08 malcDrop converter from old binary format
2011-08-08 malcFix highlighting of links in proportional mode
2011-08-08 malcMove to pervasive use of anchors
2011-08-08 malcFix a bunch of issues with repositioning after state...
2011-08-08 malcTweak Down behavior in bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcTweak End behavior in bird's eye
2011-08-08 malcConsistency
2011-08-08 malcMake thumbnail width (for birds eye) user configurable
2011-08-08 malcBe less ad-hoc
2011-08-08 malcMake F9 behave like Ctrl-9
2011-08-08 malcUnbreak positioing after reshape
2011-08-08 malcrepresent should always do the height recalculation
2011-08-08 malcFix loading message positioning
2011-08-08 malcAnd another preload fix
2011-08-08 malcReformat
2011-08-08 malcMore birds eye visual tweaks
2011-08-08 malcPlaceholder should respect current color
2011-08-07 malcUnbreak mouse clicking in birds eye
2011-08-07 malcAdd visual cue when hoovering over pages in birds eye
2011-08-07 malcFix birdseye enter/exit/scroll positioning
2011-08-07 malcFix repositioning when changing interpagespace
2011-08-07 malcMake throttled scrolling again and make preloading...
2011-08-07 malcSupport comments in attribute lists
2011-08-07 malcIncrease page width for bird's eye
2011-08-07 malcToo many things needs special care in bird's eye so...
2011-08-07 malcAvoid leaking memory and/or reusing pages from the...
2011-08-07 malcProperly position the "Loading ..." message
2011-08-07 malcThere are new invariants with new caching mode
2011-08-07 malcFurther improve pageup in bird's eye
2011-08-07 malcReset cursor and mstate when entering bird's eye
2011-08-07 malcDocument bird's eye view keys
2011-08-07 malcFix pageup in bird's eye mode
2011-08-07 malcWorkaround the fact that some PDFs have negative pagenu...
2011-08-07 malcDo not jump around needlessly
2011-08-07 malcKeyboard navigation in birds eye mode
2011-08-07 malcUse consistent (zero-based page numbering inside ML...
2011-08-07 malcRemove residue
2011-08-07 malcAllow jumping to the page in bird's eye mode, by clicki...
2011-08-07 malcChange bird's eye view defaults
2011-08-07 malcDon't be ugly
2011-08-07 malcFix height calculation for bird's eye mode