2011-08-02 malcRemove unintended changev5
2011-08-02 malcUnbreak scroll bar when page is zoomed
2011-08-02 malcRename rotate field to angle and move it to conf
2011-08-02 malcPrevent warnings about unused variables (coming from...
2011-08-02 malcTrim empty lines
2011-08-01 malcAdd scrollbar functionality, i.e. scroll indicator...
2011-08-01 malcUse consistent page numbering (1 based)
2011-08-01 malcReintroduce fit to page height and make it Ctrl-1
2011-08-01 malcConsistency
2011-08-01 malcRename pdim related variable/function names
2011-08-01 malcDisable 'Z', the calculations are wrong (due to scroll...
2011-08-01 malcLess crazy
2011-08-01 malcRefactor code so that page/window size/coords mistake...
2011-08-01 malcAdd 'z' for zooming the page so it's height fits the...
2011-08-01 malcCorrect some window width manipulation mistakes
2011-08-01 malcClear text field when entering outline/bookmark mode
2011-08-01 malcCorrect some viewport/scaling issues
2011-08-01 malcReformat a bit
2011-08-01 malcClear the notification text when moving around
2011-08-01 malcClarify panning
2011-08-01 malcLimit zoom in to 220%
2011-08-01 malcShow zoom level when it was changed
2011-08-01 malcDo not forget to change cursor when entering panning...
2011-08-01 malcFix spelling
2011-08-01 malcMake variable height pages work in presnetation mode
2011-07-31 malcConsistency
2011-07-31 malcAdd notification message when switching presentation...
2011-07-31 malcMake preloading more useful in presentation mode
2011-07-31 malcPrevent a crash when browsing PDFs with variable page...
2011-07-31 malcFix showrects when page was panned
2011-07-31 malcMake layout a bit more manageble
2011-07-29 malcFix 't' and getpagey
2011-07-29 malcRename/do zooming variables/code
2011-07-29 malcStop panning once whole page can be visible
2011-07-29 malcFix calcheight for non presentation case
2011-07-29 malcAllow panning with the mouse
2011-07-29 malcFix row selector widht in outline mode
2011-07-29 malcIntroduce panning and allow zoom/in
2011-07-29 malcCeil it
2011-07-29 malcSimplify text area rect code
2011-07-29 malcImprove presentation mode
2011-07-28 malcReverse the meaning of Ctrl-+/-
2011-07-28 malcDocument ctrl-+/-
2011-07-28 malcFix text area rectangle
2011-07-28 malcAdd ability to zoom out (set horizontal margins)
2011-07-26 malcRevert part of the first page ips change..
2011-07-26 malcRespect heading interpage space for first page
2011-07-26 malcAdd "presentation" mode and fix getpageyh w.r.t. inter...
2011-07-26 malcFix inter-page spacing calculations and make it configu...
2011-05-04 malcFeed proper value to strerror after pthread_create...
2011-04-22 malcGive up and add command line switches... (sigh)
2011-04-22 malcSupport password protected documents
2011-04-22 malcAdd libfitz dependency
2011-04-15 malcb6b44399b9cf4dffe034189c4a2333a2c7173d95 was overly...
2011-04-15 malcTry to be a bit more consistent in formatting
2011-04-15 malcDo not leak memory when reloading document
2011-04-15 malcUse pdf_open_xref instead of open coding things
2011-04-15 malcCheck the return value of fz_open_file
2011-04-15 malcDo not repeatedly invoke vsprintf without va_start...
2011-04-08 malcWhen in verbose mode do not clear status text when...
2011-04-07 malcComplete upstream coordination
2011-04-07 malcFix page numbering
2011-04-07 malcFilter out non-breaking space from outline captions
2011-04-07 malcFollow the upstream changes
2011-03-29 malcFix signed/unsigned mixup (John Stuffer)v4
2011-03-28 malcDo not use static buffer in printd
2011-03-21 malcMention lablGL
2011-02-02 malcRemove debugging leftover
2011-02-02 malcExpand credits
2011-02-02 malcFix order of evaluation (John Stuffer)
2011-01-24 malcUse sockerr instead of err after ioctlsocket
2011-01-23 malcRemove section which isn't true anymore
2011-01-21 malcExpand credits
2011-01-20 malcUse official MuPDF git mirror by default
2011-01-03 malcUse proper string comparison operator
2010-12-05 malcRemove incorrect apostrophe
2010-12-05 malcRemove another leftover from local experiments
2010-12-04 malcFollow the upstream changes of fz_clearpixmap
2010-11-30 malcSimplify reloading
2010-11-30 malcAllow reloading document (activated with 'r' key)
2010-11-30 malcRemove unused (page linking) code
2010-11-27 malcDo not set WM title when PDF object is an empty and...
2010-11-22 malcFix handling of outline links where destination is...
2010-11-08 malcDo not rely on MuPDF and/or Freetype having valid face...
2010-11-07 malcFix typo
2010-11-07 malcMake compatpdims static
2010-11-06 malcRemove empty line
2010-11-06 malcFix preloading (again)
2010-11-06 malcFix clearpixmap
2010-11-02 malcFold highlightlinks into draw
2010-11-02 malcUse FIONREAD for hasdata
2010-11-01 malcHighlightlinks does not mutate anything so drop the...
2010-10-29 malcAltivec code to clear pixmaps
2010-10-27 malcRefactor build scripts
2010-10-27 malcRemove unused variable
2010-10-27 malcChange the way outlines/bookmarks are stored
2010-10-26 malcScript to build native version of the code
2010-10-26 malcfor VIM j[un]k[ies]
2010-10-26 malcCheckout known to work version of openjpeg
2010-10-24 malcMake bookmark position stable across reloads