2011-03-29 malcFix signed/unsigned mixup (John Stuffer)v4
2011-03-28 malcDo not use static buffer in printd
2011-03-21 malcMention lablGL
2011-02-02 malcRemove debugging leftover
2011-02-02 malcExpand credits
2011-02-02 malcFix order of evaluation (John Stuffer)
2011-01-24 malcUse sockerr instead of err after ioctlsocket
2011-01-23 malcRemove section which isn't true anymore
2011-01-21 malcExpand credits
2011-01-20 malcUse official MuPDF git mirror by default
2011-01-03 malcUse proper string comparison operator
2010-12-05 malcRemove incorrect apostrophe
2010-12-05 malcRemove another leftover from local experiments
2010-12-04 malcFollow the upstream changes of fz_clearpixmap
2010-11-30 malcSimplify reloading
2010-11-30 malcAllow reloading document (activated with 'r' key)
2010-11-30 malcRemove unused (page linking) code
2010-11-27 malcDo not set WM title when PDF object is an empty and...
2010-11-22 malcFix handling of outline links where destination is...
2010-11-08 malcDo not rely on MuPDF and/or Freetype having valid face...
2010-11-07 malcFix typo
2010-11-07 malcMake compatpdims static
2010-11-06 malcRemove empty line
2010-11-06 malcFix preloading (again)
2010-11-06 malcFix clearpixmap
2010-11-02 malcFold highlightlinks into draw
2010-11-02 malcUse FIONREAD for hasdata
2010-11-01 malcHighlightlinks does not mutate anything so drop the...
2010-10-29 malcAltivec code to clear pixmaps
2010-10-27 malcRefactor build scripts
2010-10-27 malcRemove unused variable
2010-10-27 malcChange the way outlines/bookmarks are stored
2010-10-26 malcScript to build native version of the code
2010-10-26 malcfor VIM j[un]k[ies]
2010-10-26 malcCheckout known to work version of openjpeg
2010-10-24 malcMake bookmark position stable across reloads
2010-10-24 malcReset cursor when entering selector mode
2010-10-24 malcAnother local experiment that fell through the cracks
2010-10-24 malcHandle non array outline links properly too
2010-10-24 malcFix handling of links where destination is not an array
2010-10-23 malcRemove useless code
2010-10-23 malcD'oh
2010-10-23 malcRemove stray newline
2010-10-23 malcRemove unused variable
2010-10-23 malcTry to consume all input without waiting for the next...
2010-10-22 malcShow both pdf and real family name in what's under...
2010-10-21 malcAdd guard to avoid endless redisplay cycle and enable...
2010-10-03 malcReset fullscreen when pragmatically reshaping
2010-10-03 malcClear the text/drawpage fields when freeing piggyback...
2010-10-02 malcAvoid doing redundant memory operations
2010-10-02 malcWhoops
2010-10-02 malcLast commit broke preloading slightly, fix it
2010-10-02 malcDo not perform useless redisplays
2010-10-02 malcFollow OCaml's "18.5.2 Low-level interface Rule 5"
2010-10-02 malcSmall refactoring
2010-10-02 malcShow link targets when hoovering over them and underinf...
2010-10-02 malcAdd ctrl pageup/pagedown
2010-10-02 malcAdd "What's under the cursor" information
2010-10-01 malcReject text selection which spans multiple pages
2010-10-01 malcFix xselpipe asignment logic
2010-09-18 malcMake text handling not fall into an undefined behaviour...
2010-09-18 malcMake gcc's liveness analyzer happy
2010-09-18 malcAdd missing error handling
2010-09-15 malcRemove wrong and add correct locks
2010-09-14 malcStricter locking
2010-09-13 malcChange the way (mostly when) pages are submitted for...
2010-09-07 malcAllow changing page brightness
2010-09-05 malcUpdate
2010-09-05 malcSimplify navigation logic
2010-09-04 malcDrop -Dinline
2010-08-30 malcFix typo(s)
2010-08-28 malcImrpove consistency and mention ~
2010-08-25 malcUse proper offsets when displaying selections
2010-08-25 malcExpand the thank you sectionv3
2010-08-25 malcRedo text copying
2010-08-19 malcFix typo
2010-08-18 malcAvoid trying to transform empty link destinations
2010-08-18 malcRemove pagetbl and use pdf_findpageobject instead
2010-08-06 malcfz_dropstream is now gone upstream, use fz_close
2010-08-01 malcWSAGetLastError returns int not long
2010-08-01 malcRemove c&p residue
2010-07-27 malcMake it less chatty when hovering over
2010-07-27 malcElliminate checklink in favour of getlink
2010-07-27 malcMicrosoft C is blissfully unaware of C99 conversion...
2010-07-25 malcFix jbig2 installation (forgot prefix)
2010-07-25 malcAvoid dreaded autoconf when building jbig2
2010-07-25 malcMake sure preloading takes effect immediately
2010-07-25 malcRemove immediate redisplay
2010-07-25 malcTie preload to y chage
2010-07-24 malcFix checklink to actually set the ret value when link...
2010-07-23 malcRemove stray grep
2010-07-21 malcLast commit introduced an off by one regression, fix it
2010-07-20 malcUse pdf_getpageref instead of touching xref directly
2010-07-18 malcpdf_devicergb is now fz_devicergb upstream
2010-07-17 malcUpdate to build with current MuPDF
2010-07-15 malcCommit messages are boring
2010-07-15 malcGuard against using the wrong cache/layout combo
2010-07-14 malcFix navigation corner case
2010-07-14 malcRemove arch fixup
2010-07-14 malcTweak crophack a bit