2010-07-08 malcUpdate KEYS descriptionv2
2010-07-08 malcCtrl-g to interrupt searches
2010-07-08 malcProper handling of T when textentry is active
2010-07-08 malcDummy command for interruption (of searches currently)
2010-07-08 malcAdd history
2010-07-08 malcFix some y related manipulations
2010-07-08 malcUpdate KEYS description
2010-07-08 malcNarrowing has "funny" consequences in bookmark mode...
2010-07-07 malcAllow narrowing outlines
2010-07-07 malcRerun search on backspace
2010-07-07 malcUpdate KEYS description
2010-07-07 malcagraff bindings
2010-07-07 malcThrottle mode
2010-07-07 malcRemove unused code
2010-07-06 malcDo not terminate text entry when backspacing last char
2010-07-06 malcUpdate
2010-07-05 malcUpdate build instructions and thanks
2010-07-04 malcSupport for rotation
2010-07-03 malcSigh...
2010-07-03 malcFix thinko
2010-07-02 malcMac OS X support
2010-07-02 malcFix the boundary check in autoscroll
2010-07-02 malcMove autoscroll from '-' 'a' to just 'a'
2010-07-02 malcStupid but fun autoscrolling
2010-07-02 malcDim page view a little when waiting for users input
2010-07-02 malcAllow overriding scrollincr
2010-07-02 malcFix percent computation
2010-07-02 malcSome functionality still requires MuPDF patched by...
2010-07-02 malcStop badmouthing MuPDF
2010-07-01 malcMove conditional GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB definition...
2010-07-01 malcmupdf switched to RGBA - follow the lead
2010-06-30 malc"Auto build" lablGL too
2010-06-29 malcScript to build "hard dependencies" automatically
2010-06-29 malcUniversal const correctness
2010-06-29 malcRemove some unused functionality
2010-06-29 malcRemove obsolete comment
2010-06-25 malcRemove useless open directive
2010-06-24 malcBump the select timeout
2010-06-24 malcMore platform neutral approach to HOME
2010-06-24 malcMake Microsoft C emit less warnings
2010-06-24 malcUse select instead of poll
2010-06-24 malcIntroduce and use sockerr (since winsock doesn't set...
2010-06-24 malcWindows support
2010-06-23 malcIntroduce V command
2010-06-23 malcDo not use display lists
2010-06-23 malcGuard against invalid regexps in qsearch
2010-06-23 malcImprove qsearch
2010-06-23 malcQuicksearch improvement
2010-06-23 malcAdd crophack
2010-06-23 malcDecrease select timeout value (makes things less jerky...
2010-06-23 malcIncrease scrollincr
2010-06-23 malcIncrease slice height
2010-06-22 malcFill pagetbl
2010-06-22 malcChange default slice height to make text scroll smoothe...
2010-06-22 malcUpdate to reflect changes in MuPDF
2010-06-17 malcTitle setting simplification
2010-06-17 malcFix some ordering/synchronization issues
2010-06-17 malcFix c&p error
2010-06-17 malcUse Info.Title for Window title (if available)
2010-06-17 malcMake outlines work with most current version of MuPDF
2010-06-16 malcClear outlines on 'C'
2010-06-16 malcChange default cursor to inherited one
2010-06-16 malcQuick and on-quit bookmarking
2010-06-15 malcDrop texture preload
2010-06-15 malcDo not continue searching after encountering (undefined...
2010-06-15 malcOOM mitigation for searches
2010-06-15 malcDon't change the semantics of 'd', introduce 'D' comman...
2010-06-15 malcMake repeated text searches flash less
2010-06-15 malcBookmark deletion safety nets
2010-06-15 malcAllow bookmark removal
2010-06-15 malcChange how/when page place holders are presented
2010-06-15 malcDocument some new keys
2010-06-15 malcDo not report when state was simply not found
2010-06-15 malcSave pre-fullscreen dimensions
2010-06-15 malcCrop
2010-06-15 malcBetter initial window mapping
2010-06-15 malcEnsure bookmark positions are stable across reshapes
2010-06-15 malcPersistent bookmarks/geometry
2010-06-15 malcCosmetics
2010-06-15 malcUser defined bookmarks
2010-06-15 malcEnsure that leading spaces in search pattern are not...
2010-06-14 malcImprove recurse_page (inheritance)
2010-06-14 malcYet another maxhfit related fixup
2010-06-14 malcAlert the use if he tries to go to the outline mode...
2010-06-14 malcFix recurse_page
2010-06-14 malcChange T command format
2010-06-14 malcSort spans when searching
2010-06-14 malcMake openxref static
2010-06-14 malcTweak initial page transform information gathering
2010-06-14 malcDo not change qsearch text if pattern wasn't found
2010-06-14 malcFix by-page scrolling
2010-06-14 malcFix scroll indicator
2010-06-14 malcBetter positioning
2010-06-14 malcDecouple pagedim init from layouting
2010-06-14 malcpthread functions do not set errno
2010-06-14 malcUse proper data race avoidance
2010-06-14 malcCosmetics
2010-06-14 malcMore dynamic typing fun
2010-06-14 malcFix two outline related bugs
2010-06-14 malcForgot to add Str to in the previous commit