2012-10-18 malcDo multicolumns properlyv13
2012-10-17 malcExplicitly set number of make jobs to one when building...
2012-10-16 malcProvide more feedback and be more conistent when readin...
2012-10-16 malcRespect ghyll
2012-10-16 malcFix text selection in multicolumn case
2012-10-16 malcMore robust .Xauthority processing
2012-10-16 malcConsistency
2012-10-15 malcMagic
2012-10-15 malcFix delete behavior in multi column with coverB case
2012-10-15 malcRefactor calcips
2012-10-15 malcAllow presentation in multi column case
2012-10-15 malcFix coverB test
2012-10-15 malcUse rowyh in calcheight and fix the former while at it
2012-10-15 malcAccount for cover page in rowyh
2012-10-15 malcAddress soem multicolumn vertical centering issues
2012-10-15 malcFix multicol + coverB maximum height calculation
2012-10-14 malcMake [back]space do the right thing in multicolumn...
2012-10-14 malcFix page_of_y in multicolumn case
2012-10-14 malcLink nav is not supposed to work in bird's eye
2012-10-14 malcTypo
2012-10-12 malcRobustness
2012-10-12 malcOne pthread is enough
2012-10-12 malcCosmetics
2012-10-12 malcRobustness
2012-10-12 malcDeal with the fact that under certain conditions Cxxx...
2012-10-12 malcRemove debugging leftover
2012-10-12 malcConsistency
2012-10-11 malcReturn properly bounded value when binary search fails
2012-10-11 malcFix another issue with page_of_y and use it to bootstra...
2012-10-11 malcFix width/height position in pdim tuple mixup
2012-10-10 malcRestore old-style positioning when going into presentat...
2012-10-10 malcOnly accept one as cover A/B
2012-10-10 malcHard to explain...
2012-10-10 malcMake use of the preload argument
2012-10-10 malcLayouting/preloading/anchoring fixes
2012-10-09 malcDo not lose precision when saving zoom value
2012-10-09 malcExit from bird's eye properly
2012-10-09 malcOff-by-one
2012-10-09 malcMake obscured optimization optional and disabled by...
2012-10-09 malcGive presentation mode fine positioning some love
2012-10-09 malcAdd more key name comments
2012-10-09 malcDo not store movable pointers
2012-10-08 malcRemove debugging leftover
2012-10-08 malcShrug...
2012-10-08 malcSigh..
2012-10-08 malcDo not try to use altivec pixmap clearing when pixmap...
2012-10-08 malcCosmetics
2012-10-08 malcAnother zoom fix
2012-10-07 malcFix several issues with multi-column layouting
2012-10-07 malcRemove condition that no longer applies
2012-10-07 malcFix config saving when exiting from bird's eye mode
2012-10-07 malcFix zooming
2012-10-07 malcGet rid of layout1 altogether
2012-10-07 malcMemoize layout when gcing
2012-10-07 malcAfter 9ddf72a5753c5f3c8584b39cba715db85c7928f4 we can...
2012-10-07 malcGive up and use precomputed approach for layout1
2012-10-06 malcFix pgup/down in bird's eye mode with taller than windo...
2012-10-06 malcFix mupdf-thirdparty download/extraction
2012-10-06 malcFix key comments
2012-10-06 malcCBZ trim caching
2012-10-06 malcCosmetics
2012-10-06 malcFix delete behavior in presentation mode corner case
2012-10-06 malcHonor interpagespace in presentation mode for taller...
2012-10-06 malcFix preloadlayout for certain edge cases
2012-10-05 malcApply page scrolling scale in presentation mode for...
2012-10-05 malcAllow distance traveled when pgup/down is hit be scaled
2012-10-05 malcSync with upstream
2012-10-03 malcKill stray whitespace
2012-10-03 Michael WittenZooming: `Ctrl-=' as an alias for `Ctrl-+'
2012-10-03 malcLimit previously changed space/del behavior to presenta...
2012-10-03 malcChange the way space/delete work in corner cases
2012-10-03 malcFix getanchor
2012-10-03 malcNot worth it
2012-10-03 malcMake space skip past first (not last) visible page
2012-10-03 malcFix preloading in presentation-mode case
2012-09-30 malcUnbreak brightness some more
2012-09-30 malcUnbreak brightness
2012-09-30 malcSet texture environment to replace
2012-09-28 malcAdd space
2012-09-24 Michael WittenRemove `exit' command (debugging code was probably...
2012-09-23 malcBuild native version of lablGL only when the user asked...
2012-09-02 malcIdentifier clash avoidance
2012-08-21 malcWhoops #2
2012-08-21 malcCosmetics
2012-08-21 malcWhoops
2012-08-20 malcRefactor
2012-08-20 malcSync with upstream
2012-08-20 malcConsistency
2012-08-20 Michael Witten3rdp: Update link for mupdf-thirdparty
2012-08-17 malcFix zoom for height in non-zero rotation case
2012-08-17 malcFix zoom to height in split columns case
2012-08-16 malcConsistency
2012-08-15 malcConsistency
2012-08-15 malcBetter space/delete behavior in split columns case
2012-08-12 malcRefactor
2012-08-08 malcAnother posix_spawn* cleanup fix
2012-07-29 malcRefactor
2012-07-27 malcFix warnings noticed by OCaml 4.0
2012-07-20 malcerrno makes no sense as a first argument to err (exitcode)
2012-07-19 malcAvoid extra work