2012-04-24 malcSync with upstreamv12
2012-04-19 malcPerformance over bells and whistles
2012-04-14 malcClarify
2012-04-09 malcOnly disable split link/hint highlighting, not postproc...
2012-04-08 malcDo not post process split columns
2012-04-06 malcc
2012-04-06 malcRemove full-split
2012-04-06 malcAnother fullsplit tweak
2012-04-06 malcExplicit cancelation on empty text
2012-04-06 malcDo not terminate link name entry when removing last...
2012-04-06 malc-F full-split
2012-03-31 malcExpand
2012-03-30 malcMake kerning optional
2012-03-30 malcFix bird's eye exit to split column
2012-03-30 malc"Better" handling of zoom out in split column mode
2012-03-27 malcAdd view keymap
2012-03-27 malcTry mode specific keymap first
2012-03-26 malcExplicitly set blend function when drawing hints
2012-03-24 malcMake hint font size user configurable
2012-03-21 malcSort blocks
2012-03-21 malcRedo columns after interpagespace changes
2012-03-21 malcDo not pipe link description unless popen succeeded
2012-03-17 malcCosmetics
2012-03-16 malcDo not use `expr substr' either
2012-03-16 malcDrop bashism
2012-03-16 malcTake len from proper structure
2012-03-16 malcSync with upstream
2012-03-16 malcDo not close pipe twice
2012-03-15 malcFix maxhfit toggling in split column mode
2012-03-15 malcFix out-of-bounds preloadlayout
2012-03-15 malcProper anchoring in split column mode
2012-03-15 malcConsistency and robustness
2012-03-15 malcFortran
2012-03-15 malcCorrect text positioning in infolike modes
2012-03-15 malcThinko
2012-03-14 malcy
2012-03-14 malcOSX doesn't support front buffer rendering
2012-03-14 malcHide non-applicable links
2012-03-13 malcClear front buffer on expose if geometry changing comma...
2012-03-13 malcSeems to help XQuartz resizing
2012-03-13 malcBetter guard
2012-03-13 malcHousekeeping in failure case
2012-03-12 malcGenerate exposures instead of displays on configure...
2012-03-12 malcConserve bandwidth
2012-03-11 malcAdd slinks locking
2012-03-10 malcFix multicolumn positioning
2012-03-10 malcCleanup spawn attributes/file actions
2012-03-10 malcMake BSD happy
2012-03-10 malcTry to always close pipe fd in copysel
2012-03-10 malcCosmetics
2012-03-10 malcDo not complain if .Xauthority does not exist
2012-03-10 malcMake Cygwin happy again (no spawn.h)
2012-03-09 malcRobustness
2012-03-09 malcUse home grown popen pervasively
2012-03-09 malcConsistency
2012-03-09 malcSet errno properly
2012-03-09 malcRefactor
2012-03-09 malcConsistency
2012-03-09 malcRoll out own popen like function under linux
2012-03-08 malcCosmetics
2012-03-08 malcQuote cygstart argument
2012-03-08 malcAvoid zombies under cygwin too
2012-03-07 malcFix getpageyh in split columns mode
2012-03-05 malcSlightly saner panning in split column mode
2012-03-05 malcRestore pan properly
2012-03-05 malcNicer keyboard link selection
2012-03-05 malcFurther split columns improvements
2012-03-04 malcFix some split issues
2012-03-04 malcBump default store size now that MuPDF stores decoded...
2012-03-04 malcSimplify
2012-03-04 malcSplit view
2012-03-04 malcRefactor
2012-03-04 malcDo not clear fully obscured pixmaps
2012-03-03 malcRefactor
2012-03-03 malcConsistency
2012-03-03 malcRobustness
2012-03-03 malcRemove
2012-03-03 malcc is way too risque
2012-03-03 malcMove L to ctrl-p
2012-03-03 malcCounter productive, link numbers are unstable
2012-03-02 malcRefactor
2012-03-02 malcFix subtle bug that affects outlining
2012-03-02 malcDrop OS X specific GL inclusion
2012-03-02 malcDrop windows band aid
2012-03-02 malcPrefer short names
2012-03-02 malcHandle OSX's X server
2012-03-02 malcRefactor
2012-03-02 malcCosmetics
2012-03-02 malcAdd fallback for fullscreen if _NET_WM atoms are not...
2012-03-01 malcMake ASH happy
2012-03-01 malcGo to link (F)
2012-03-01 malcMake cygwin happy
2012-03-01 malcCygwin's X Server sends configure instead of exposure...
2012-03-01 malcMake things work with Cygwin
2012-03-01 malcHousekeeping
2012-03-01 malcKeep the right link focused
2012-03-01 malcc&p again
2012-03-01 malcHoare again
2012-03-01 malcContinue fixing grave slinks related bug(s)
2012-03-01 malcFix grave slinks related bug(s)