2012-02-08 malcFix OPTIMIZEv10
2012-02-07 malcFix some types that cause warnings under Windows
2012-02-07 malcNetBSD
2012-02-06 malcBetter handling of cover pages
2012-02-06 malcBe more verbose
2012-02-06 malcAllow setting the number of jobs for make that builds...
2012-02-06 malcSync with upstream and re-enable XPS links
2012-02-06 malcSave proper configuration when quiting while in birds...
2012-02-06 malcCorrect visible height calculation in multicolumn mode
2012-02-06 malcMore multicol fixes
2012-02-06 malcCorrect multicol centering
2012-02-06 malcFix fix
2012-02-05 malcExpand
2012-02-05 malcSafety net
2012-02-05 malcProper N columns layouting
2012-02-05 malcDisable links processing for XPS until it's fixed upstream
2012-02-05 malcAdd -C
2012-02-05 malcSupport cover pages
2012-02-05 malcSet pan to zero when enetering multi-column mode
2012-02-05 malcRename setup parameter
2012-02-05 malcFix text selection in multicolumn mode
2012-02-05 malcInitial stab at multi-column output
2012-02-04 malcSafety net
2012-02-04 malcRestore proper maxrows calculation
2012-02-04 malcBail out early
2012-02-04 malcSeems to work better
2012-02-04 malcSimplify
2012-02-04 malcLess state -> less code
2012-02-04 malcDo not kill text on TEstop
2012-02-03 malcFix listview navigation
2012-02-03 malcSet rotate to zero in cbz/notrim case, and avoid warnin...
2012-02-03 malcRename variable/configuration value to reflect what...
2012-02-03 malcJust in case page outlives document type change
2012-02-03 malclinks in XPS + make it less ugly
2012-02-03 malcPreliminary CBZ support
2012-02-03 malcSync with upstream
2012-02-03 malcGhyll scroll
2012-02-03 malcExpand
2012-02-02 malcUse ocaml 3.12 style warning specifiers
2012-02-01 malcFix linkage problems on some systems (tusen takk til...
2012-02-01 malcUse specific (known to be good) version of mupdf-thirdparty
2012-02-01 malcXPS supportv9
2012-02-01 malcUse wget instead of git to fetch mupdf sources
2012-02-01 malcSync with upstream
2012-01-29 malcRemove unused function
2012-01-29 malcTrack dimensions/pagecount info properly
2012-01-29 malcUsability tweak
2012-01-29 malcFix scroll wheel in listview
2012-01-29 malcPrecise syncing with outline
2012-01-29 malcAvoid deadlocks
2012-01-29 malcDo not call GL functions from a thread for which GL...
2012-01-29 malcProtect against accidental zooming
2012-01-28 malcDo not leak descriptors when toggling stderr redirection
2012-01-28 malcSimplify
2012-01-28 malcFix listview inefficiency
2012-01-28 malcSync with upstream
2012-01-28 malcRemove unused scrollcolor
2012-01-28 malcKill message after unoding narrowing
2012-01-28 malcTrack proper scrollbar widths
2012-01-28 malcAdd scrollbar to listview
2012-01-27 malcMention unzip
2012-01-27 malcUse proper type
2012-01-27 malcSquash a space
2012-01-27 malcUse proper sliceheight value
2012-01-27 malcWhoops
2012-01-27 malcConsistency
2012-01-27 malcMerge ifdef blocks
2012-01-27 malcFix tagged value mixup
2012-01-27 malcFix attribute name
2012-01-27 malcAllow setting texcount/sliceheight from the UI
2012-01-27 malcConsistency
2012-01-27 malcDrop getpagew/h
2012-01-27 malcUse proper layout
2012-01-27 malcAnother tweak
2012-01-27 malcUsability tweak
2012-01-27 malcstderr redirection
2012-01-27 malcChange version output a bit
2012-01-27 malcDo not flash too much on throttled zoom
2012-01-27 malcProperly handle throttled setzoom
2012-01-27 malcExpand
2012-01-27 malcCatch scanf errors
2012-01-27 malcFix c&p mistake
2012-01-27 malcMove pdfinfo before initpdims
2012-01-27 malcMove font related stuff to a struct of their own
2012-01-27 malcFix zoomrect once again
2012-01-27 malcTrim some long lines
2012-01-27 malcUse all the power of calloc
2012-01-27 malcAllow left/right jump levels in info mode
2012-01-27 malcFix zoomrect when default view is zoomed out
2012-01-27 malcRemember brightness
2012-01-27 malcHoare's maxim
2012-01-26 malcBetter throttling
2012-01-26 malcRemember proper values for previous mode and uioh
2012-01-26 malcDo info tracking properly
2012-01-26 malcTrack more info changes
2012-01-26 malcAdd information about trimmed margins
2012-01-26 malcDo not use excessive force
2012-01-26 malcFix drawing of tabbed strings
2012-01-26 malcRemove needless indirection
2012-01-26 malcTrack memused to update info screen