6 days ago malcDo not lose original error causemaster
6 days ago malcConsistency
7 days ago malcRemove mupdf submodule
7 days ago malcLogging consitency
7 days ago malcRemove stderr redirection code
7 days ago malcMassage remote a bit
7 days ago malcCode shuffling
7 days ago malcAdd missing space
7 days ago malcTBD
7 days ago malcReorganize code around regexps
7 days ago malcRemove duplicate entry
7 days ago malcRename parameter to minimize (self)confusion
7 days ago malcCosmetics
7 days ago malcUse Str for geturl
8 days ago malcSimplify code involving subbytes
8 days ago malcHack to ensure proper inherited cursor is picked up...
8 days ago malcCosmetics
8 days ago malcRestore the ability to configure/build outside of the...
8 days ago malcUse local versions of libraries
8 days ago malcUse quoted strings where possible
8 days ago malcDo not use character class regexp
8 days ago malcBack to ocaml
9 days ago malcStop open coding emptystr this time around
9 days ago malcFix initial config creation
9 days ago malcConsistency
9 days ago malcRename filelines to filecontents
9 days ago malcCosmetics
9 days ago malcCosmetics
9 days ago malcCosmetics - avoid namespace polution
9 days ago malcConsistency
9 days ago malcGenerate via shell/sed
10 days ago malcRemove more pointless stuff
10 days ago malcRemove pointless code
10 days ago malcAdd tiff
10 days ago malcCosmetics
10 days ago malcCosmetics
10 days ago malcAdd tiff
12 days ago malcRelax html requirements
2015-08-19 malcC(osmetics|onsistency)
2015-08-19 malcImplement filelines on top of fdcontents
2015-08-18 malcMake addition of annotation behave the same way modific...
2015-08-18 malcCosmetics
2015-08-18 malcUse correct name for inline annotation editing parameter
2015-08-16 malcPrefer inkscape for svg conversion
2015-08-11 malcReplace crosshair cursor with fleur one
2015-08-09 malcReogranize selectors to minimize potential for future...
2015-08-09 malcFix reentering narrowed outline
2015-08-09 malcPrefer llpp.custom in dir-locals
2015-08-09 malcMissing space
2015-08-09 malcSafety
2015-08-09 malcReal constency
2015-08-09 malcAdd "file" as a valid uri scheme
2015-08-09 malcConsistency
2015-08-09 malcI can't count
2015-08-09 malcMove cursor handling to C
2015-08-08 malcCosmetics
2015-08-08 malcSlightly better
2015-08-07 malcSlightly less ugly
2015-08-07 malcStill ugly, but -2 lines
2015-08-07 malcStop open coding existing nonemptystr
2015-08-07 malcConsistency
2015-08-06 malcAdd back missing argument
2015-08-06 malcMore cosmetics
2015-08-06 malcCosmetics (split overly long line)
2015-08-06 malcCosmetics
2015-08-06 malcBe less ugly
2015-08-05 malcReset state.text in enttext
2015-08-05 malcShow link contents in an echo area (when keyboard navig...
2015-08-04 malccamlp5
2015-08-02 malcUpdate
2015-07-30 malcMore cosmetics
2015-07-30 malcCosmetics
2015-07-30 malc'"' confuses caml-mode
2015-07-30 malcUse proper tool name
2015-07-30 malcAnother case of unified value/exception matching
2015-07-28 malcSpelling
2015-07-28 malcKill stray space
2015-07-28 malcSafety nets
2015-07-24 malcExpand
2015-07-24 malcFix some origin issues
2015-07-24 malcSave (and optionally show) origin in history
2015-07-22 moosotcMerge pull request #9 from He-Ro/master
2015-07-22 Hendrik RFix Date of Quick Bookmarks
2015-07-21 malcAdd markdown support to llppac
2015-07-21 malcUpdate mupdf submodule
2015-07-10 malcRestore cursor when exiting list view
2015-06-26 malcMerge branch 'master' of
2015-06-26 malcMove geturl to utils and add https as a valid scheme
2015-06-10 moosotcMerge pull request #7 from tuncer/update-submodule
2015-06-10 Tuncer AyazSync with upstream (c22548d0539d)
2015-06-06 malcCosmetics
2015-06-06 malcFix positioning when visiting document via history
2015-05-24 malcProperly initialize parameters
2015-05-24 malcRemove redundant unlock
2015-04-27 Tuncer AyazUpdate mupdf to 0fd24cef
2015-04-22 malcRemove broken obscured optimization
2015-04-19 Mark Oteizaadd EPUB to list of file extensions and mime types
2015-04-01 malcMore ash fun
2015-04-01 malcash compatibility
2015-03-31 malcConditionally use .opt compilers