7 hours ago malccamlp5master
2 days ago malcUpdate
5 days ago malcMore cosmetics
5 days ago malcCosmetics
5 days ago malc'"' confuses caml-mode
5 days ago malcUse proper tool name
5 days ago malcAnother case of unified value/exception matching
7 days ago malcSpelling
7 days ago malcKill stray space
7 days ago malcSafety nets
11 days ago malcExpand
11 days ago malcFix some origin issues
11 days ago malcSave (and optionally show) origin in history
13 days ago moosotcMerge pull request #9 from He-Ro/master
13 days ago Hendrik RFix Date of Quick Bookmarks
2015-07-21 malcAdd markdown support to llppac
2015-07-21 malcUpdate mupdf submodule
2015-07-10 malcRestore cursor when exiting list view
2015-06-26 malcMerge branch 'master' of
2015-06-26 malcMove geturl to utils and add https as a valid scheme
2015-06-10 moosotcMerge pull request #7 from tuncer/update-submodule
2015-06-10 Tuncer AyazSync with upstream (c22548d0539d)
2015-06-06 malcCosmetics
2015-06-06 malcFix positioning when visiting document via history
2015-05-24 malcProperly initialize parameters
2015-05-24 malcRemove redundant unlock
2015-04-27 Tuncer AyazUpdate mupdf to 0fd24cef
2015-04-22 malcRemove broken obscured optimization
2015-04-19 Mark Oteizaadd EPUB to list of file extensions and mime types
2015-04-01 malcMore ash fun
2015-04-01 malcash compatibility
2015-03-31 malcConditionally use .opt compilers
2015-03-31 malcAvoid saving config for fairy files
2015-03-30 malcUse ddjvu for djvu to pdf conversion
2015-03-28 malcCosmetics
2015-03-26 malcMention recursive
2015-03-26 malcFix zooming when visiting document via history
2015-03-24 Hendrik RUse git submodule to manage mupdf dependancy
2015-03-18 moosotcMerge pull request #4 from He-Ro/minor-fixes
2015-03-18 Hendrik RosendahlAdd gitignore
2015-03-18 Hendrik RosendahlFix small issues.
2015-03-06 malcRestore zoom but not window dimensions on gotohist
2015-03-05 malcFix zooming
2015-03-04 malcSimplify
2015-03-03 malcSave/load symmetry w.r.t. origin
2015-03-03 malcProperly restore x in gotohist
2015-03-02 malcSet document specific window dimensions when using...
2015-02-28 malcRefactoring
2015-02-27 malcFix info collection
2015-02-24 malcUnification
2015-02-20 malcFix non cache_pagerefs case
2015-02-18 malcCosmetics
2015-02-18 malcSync with upstream
2015-01-30 malcWorkaround for CWD in doc path
2015-01-21 malcAdd a knob contolling the way annoations are created...
2015-01-20 malcBetter error message
2015-01-20 malcAvoid using standard process management
2015-01-19 malcMore reaping
2015-01-19 malcCosmetics
2015-01-19 malcSimplify reaping
2015-01-19 malcWait for any child process
2015-01-19 malcDon't lie
2015-01-19 malcMake reaping more robust
2015-01-18 malcCosmetics
2015-01-18 malcSimplify
2015-01-18 malcAdd missing dependency
2015-01-18 malcRefactoring
2015-01-18 malcDo not rely on pdf_has_unsaved_changesadd-annots
2015-01-18 malcKill stray debugging stuff
2015-01-18 malcPeople seem to be confused
2015-01-18 malcAllow editing existing annotations
2015-01-17 malcSupport %s in savecmd
2015-01-17 malcRemove stray debugging code
2015-01-17 malcTwo unrelated annot changes
2015-01-17 malcWhoops
2015-01-17 malcDon't lie
2015-01-17 malcFurther work on annotations
2015-01-17 malcAnnot tweaks (WIP)
2015-01-17 malcFix typo
2015-01-17 malcFirst stab at adding basic text only annotations
2015-01-14 malcBetter handling passwordless case
2015-01-14 malcUgly kludge
2015-01-14 malcSupport password protected PDFs without falling back...
2015-01-13 malcCheck proper (last) element
2015-01-13 malcDo not mix annot/link generation counters
2015-01-12 malcKeyboard link navigation "fixes"
2015-01-11 malcUse test for the sake of consistency
2015-01-09 Hendrik Rllppac: Create font cache directory if necessary
2015-01-09 malcFix a case of copypastoidis
2015-01-08 malcMove "button" to the bottomv21
2015-01-08 malcWhen searching for next page with links consider annota...
2015-01-08 malcCosmetics
2015-01-08 malcNo longer applies
2015-01-08 malcText selection for annotations
2015-01-08 malcKeyboard navigation/hints for annotations
2015-01-08 malcManual loop invariant code motion
2015-01-08 malcAnother attempt to fix sb
2015-01-08 malcKill stray space
2015-01-07 malcMerge git+ssh://core/home/malc/x/rcs/git/llpp
2015-01-08 malcMore scrolling fun