5 days ago malcAdd a knob contolling the way annoations are created... master
6 days ago malcBetter error message
6 days ago malcAvoid using standard process management
7 days ago malcMore reaping
7 days ago malcCosmetics
8 days ago malcSimplify reaping
8 days ago malcWait for any child process
8 days ago malcDon't lie
8 days ago malcMake reaping more robust
8 days ago malcCosmetics
8 days ago malcSimplify
8 days ago malcAdd missing dependency
8 days ago malcRefactoring
8 days ago malcDo not rely on pdf_has_unsaved_changesadd-annots
9 days ago malcKill stray debugging stuff
9 days ago malcPeople seem to be confused
9 days ago malcAllow editing existing annotations
9 days ago malcSupport %s in savecmd
9 days ago malcRemove stray debugging code
9 days ago malcTwo unrelated annot changes
9 days ago malcWhoops
9 days ago malcDon't lie
9 days ago malcFurther work on annotations
9 days ago malcAnnot tweaks (WIP)
9 days ago malcFix typo
9 days ago malcFirst stab at adding basic text only annotations
12 days ago malcBetter handling passwordless case
12 days ago malcUgly kludge
12 days ago malcSupport password protected PDFs without falling back...
2015-01-13 malcCheck proper (last) element
2015-01-13 malcDo not mix annot/link generation counters
2015-01-12 malcKeyboard link navigation "fixes"
2015-01-11 malcUse test for the sake of consistency
2015-01-09 Hendrik Rllppac: Create font cache directory if necessary
2015-01-09 malcFix a case of copypastoidis
2015-01-08 malcMove "button" to the bottomv21
2015-01-08 malcWhen searching for next page with links consider annota...
2015-01-08 malcCosmetics
2015-01-08 malcNo longer applies
2015-01-08 malcText selection for annotations
2015-01-08 malcKeyboard navigation/hints for annotations
2015-01-08 malcManual loop invariant code motion
2015-01-08 malcAnother attempt to fix sb
2015-01-08 malcKill stray space
2015-01-07 malcMerge git+ssh://core/home/malc/x/rcs/git/llpp
2015-01-08 malcMore scrolling fun
2015-01-07 malcRevert "Proper scrollbar width accounting"
2015-01-07 malcSync with upstream
2015-01-07 malcProper scrollbar width accounting
2015-01-07 malcRemove assymetry in listview mouse click handling
2015-01-07 malcBasic text only annotaitons support
2015-01-06 malcComments
2015-01-06 malcCosmetics
2015-01-05 malcXKB compatibility
2015-01-02 malcbuildtype safety net
2015-01-02 malcAdd -g
2015-01-02 malcAvoid name clashes
2014-12-29 malcProperly cleanup pdflut
2014-12-29 malc-3 lines
2014-12-28 malcAvoid pointless work
2014-12-24 malcCompile C with some optimizations
2014-12-24 malcKill unused -I$freetype
2014-12-24 malcMake pdim gathering fast again
2014-12-24 malcFix condition
2014-12-24 malcUgly but working trimming from history
2014-12-24 malcUndo some breakage
2014-12-23 malcTemporary speed hack
2014-12-21 malcRestore trimming when visiting document via gotohist
2014-12-21 malcRemove dysfunctional (for OCaml) automatic dependency...
2014-12-21 malcBetter error message
2014-12-21 malcTrim some fat
2014-12-17 malcNative aware dep generation
2014-12-15 malcAdd missing dependency
2014-12-15 malcKill stray space
2014-12-15 malcAllow native compilation
2014-12-15 malcUse OCaml 4.02s unified value/exception matching
2014-12-15 malcOnly link against MuJS if it is available
2014-12-15 malcRobustness
2014-12-06 malcDisable SumatraPDF lookup
2014-11-29 malcAllow opting out of fontconfig
2014-11-29 malcConsistency
2014-11-28 malcDeconfuse shake
2014-11-27 malcMake shake happy
2014-11-11 malc%F is apparently not without issues
2014-11-09 malcOptional use of ocamlfind for lablGL discovery
2014-11-09 malcUse abstract unix sockets on linux
2014-11-09 malcRevert "More apt fix for stray outlines"
2014-11-09 malcFix rotation
2014-10-29 malcAccount for change in CAMLParamN initialization behavio...
2014-10-24 malcAdd missing dependency
2014-10-15 malcNo idea
2014-10-14 malcSimplify
2014-10-13 malcRiiight...
2014-10-13 malcBring back the ability to link semi-statically
2014-10-13 malcAdd document type - none
2014-10-12 malcPython3 friendly splitting
2014-10-12 malc once again
2014-10-12 malcComments
2014-09-13 malcMore apt fix for stray outlines
2014-09-13 malcReset outline on opendoc