2 days ago malcKill stray linemaster
2 days ago malcRedundancy removal
2 days ago malcCosmetics
2 days ago malcYura has a point
2 days ago malcUnbreak
2 days ago malcAdd debugging
3 days ago malcSwitch to ninja
3 days ago malcDrop tbs in favour of ninja
5 days ago malcDon't confuse myself
5 days ago Mark Oteizafix Method overridden warnings
5 days ago Mark Oteizafix Label omitted warnings
5 days ago malcIiiiirkutsk
8 days ago malcProcess .zips as cbz
9 days ago malcAdd missing function key definitions
9 days ago malcWhoops
9 days ago malcAdd fcfont type and also perform some font cleanup
10 days ago malcOpts?
10 days ago malcNo idea yet how to make it 100% foolproof
10 days ago malcRobustify
10 days ago malcSince we dont create cachedir (dont) do the same with...
10 days ago malcUse filt
10 days ago malcDifferent approach to font handling
10 days ago malcAdd some missed key names
11 days ago malcHandle some font types
11 days ago malcFix minus value
11 days ago malcExpand pp
11 days ago malcKeys
11 days ago malcRemove superfluous parentheses
12 days ago malcCosmetics
13 days ago malcWhoops
2014-07-17 malcShrug
2014-07-17 malcWill it ever end
2014-07-16 malcWhoops
2014-07-16 malcDo not leak
2014-07-16 malcMake things fast again by piggy backing on good folks...
2014-07-16 malcSave on fpn formatting, and needless subsecond precision
2014-07-16 malcErm... hard to explain in one sentence
2014-07-16 malcz is for zoom... not for g
2014-07-16 malcNot quite but closer
2014-07-15 malcAlternative is worse
2014-07-15 malcStill not sure
2014-07-15 malcCosmetics
2014-07-13 malcSync with upstream
2014-07-13 malcSortingv19
2014-07-13 malcCreate and use Utils.nindex
2014-07-13 malcWhoops
2014-07-13 malcAlmost
2014-07-13 malcEllipsis
2014-07-12 malcHistory sorting (WIP)
2014-07-11 malcDo not die on openxref errors, report and continue...
2014-07-10 malcEnter histmode when no file is specified
2014-07-10 malcTry curl if wget is not available
2014-07-10 malcNicer history
2014-07-10 malcAdd history to the list of modes
2014-07-10 malcSave date of last visit (and sort history based on...
2014-07-09 malcLefty again
2014-07-09 malcLeft accounting again
2014-07-09 malcKill redundant method
2014-07-09 malcAmend
2014-07-08 malcFix some more lefties
2014-07-08 malcHandle scroll bar on the left properly
2014-07-08 malcFix mb vs utf8 mismatch
2014-07-08 malcE
2014-07-08 malcSimplify (and fix for llppac (i.e. origin) case)
2014-07-08 malcCosmetics
2014-07-07 malcSave config on history goto
2014-07-07 malcRefine history mode
2014-07-07 malcAdd abspath to
2014-07-07 malcFirst rough take on history mode
2014-07-04 malcAccount for lefty scroll bar in help screen
2014-07-04 malcCondense and dim
2014-07-04 malcChange selection color
2014-07-04 malcAvoid possible confusion
2014-07-03 malcShuffle code around
2014-07-03 malcCompress
2014-07-03 malcMinor refactoring
2014-07-03 malcSupport lefty scroll-bar
2014-07-02 malcChange UI font handling
2014-07-02 malcExplain how to search for help text
2014-07-01 malcHacks don't work
2014-07-01 malcRemove stray empty line
2014-07-01 malcUhm
2014-07-01 malcNicer KEYS (Michael Asnes)
2014-06-30 malcClang support
2014-06-25 malcAdd missing space
2014-06-24 malcUpdate
2014-06-24 malcRemove default ghyll scroll
2014-06-21 malcUh... even more massage
2014-06-16 malcFurther massage
2014-06-15 malcSync with upstream
2014-06-15 malcOptional fontconfig support
2014-06-12 malcMassage ghyll scroll a bit
2014-05-06 Mark Oteizaadd newline to uri error message
2014-04-16 malcTest proper path for existance
2014-04-15 malcSync with upstreamv18
2014-04-13 malcSync with upstream and massage a bit
2014-03-29 malcFix listview's button up with negative y coordinate
2014-03-22 malcUpdate tbs wrt latest upstream changes
2014-03-22 Tuncer AyazSync with upstream
2014-03-21 malcAdd a verb