12 hours ago malcKill stray spacemaster
12 hours ago malcSafety nets
3 days ago malcExpand
3 days ago malcFix some origin issues
3 days ago malcSave (and optionally show) origin in history
6 days ago moosotcMerge pull request #9 from He-Ro/master
6 days ago Hendrik RFix Date of Quick Bookmarks
7 days ago malcAdd markdown support to llppac
7 days ago malcUpdate mupdf submodule
2015-07-10 malcRestore cursor when exiting list view
2015-06-26 malcMerge branch 'master' of
2015-06-26 malcMove geturl to utils and add https as a valid scheme
2015-06-10 moosotcMerge pull request #7 from tuncer/update-submodule
2015-06-10 Tuncer AyazSync with upstream (c22548d0539d)
2015-06-06 malcCosmetics
2015-06-06 malcFix positioning when visiting document via history
2015-05-24 malcProperly initialize parameters
2015-05-24 malcRemove redundant unlock
2015-04-27 Tuncer AyazUpdate mupdf to 0fd24cef
2015-04-22 malcRemove broken obscured optimization
2015-04-19 Mark Oteizaadd EPUB to list of file extensions and mime types
2015-04-01 malcMore ash fun
2015-04-01 malcash compatibility
2015-03-31 malcConditionally use .opt compilers
2015-03-31 malcAvoid saving config for fairy files
2015-03-30 malcUse ddjvu for djvu to pdf conversion
2015-03-28 malcCosmetics
2015-03-26 malcMention recursive
2015-03-26 malcFix zooming when visiting document via history
2015-03-24 Hendrik RUse git submodule to manage mupdf dependancy
2015-03-18 moosotcMerge pull request #4 from He-Ro/minor-fixes
2015-03-18 Hendrik RosendahlAdd gitignore
2015-03-18 Hendrik RosendahlFix small issues.
2015-03-06 malcRestore zoom but not window dimensions on gotohist
2015-03-05 malcFix zooming
2015-03-04 malcSimplify
2015-03-03 malcSave/load symmetry w.r.t. origin
2015-03-03 malcProperly restore x in gotohist
2015-03-02 malcSet document specific window dimensions when using...
2015-02-28 malcRefactoring
2015-02-27 malcFix info collection
2015-02-24 malcUnification
2015-02-20 malcFix non cache_pagerefs case
2015-02-18 malcCosmetics
2015-02-18 malcSync with upstream
2015-01-30 malcWorkaround for CWD in doc path
2015-01-21 malcAdd a knob contolling the way annoations are created...
2015-01-20 malcBetter error message
2015-01-20 malcAvoid using standard process management
2015-01-19 malcMore reaping
2015-01-19 malcCosmetics
2015-01-19 malcSimplify reaping
2015-01-19 malcWait for any child process
2015-01-19 malcDon't lie
2015-01-19 malcMake reaping more robust
2015-01-18 malcCosmetics
2015-01-18 malcSimplify
2015-01-18 malcAdd missing dependency
2015-01-18 malcRefactoring
2015-01-18 malcDo not rely on pdf_has_unsaved_changesadd-annots
2015-01-18 malcKill stray debugging stuff
2015-01-18 malcPeople seem to be confused
2015-01-18 malcAllow editing existing annotations
2015-01-17 malcSupport %s in savecmd
2015-01-17 malcRemove stray debugging code
2015-01-17 malcTwo unrelated annot changes
2015-01-17 malcWhoops
2015-01-17 malcDon't lie
2015-01-17 malcFurther work on annotations
2015-01-17 malcAnnot tweaks (WIP)
2015-01-17 malcFix typo
2015-01-17 malcFirst stab at adding basic text only annotations
2015-01-14 malcBetter handling passwordless case
2015-01-14 malcUgly kludge
2015-01-14 malcSupport password protected PDFs without falling back...
2015-01-13 malcCheck proper (last) element
2015-01-13 malcDo not mix annot/link generation counters
2015-01-12 malcKeyboard link navigation "fixes"
2015-01-11 malcUse test for the sake of consistency
2015-01-09 Hendrik Rllppac: Create font cache directory if necessary
2015-01-09 malcFix a case of copypastoidis
2015-01-08 malcMove "button" to the bottomv21
2015-01-08 malcWhen searching for next page with links consider annota...
2015-01-08 malcCosmetics
2015-01-08 malcNo longer applies
2015-01-08 malcText selection for annotations
2015-01-08 malcKeyboard navigation/hints for annotations
2015-01-08 malcManual loop invariant code motion
2015-01-08 malcAnother attempt to fix sb
2015-01-08 malcKill stray space
2015-01-07 malcMerge git+ssh://core/home/malc/x/rcs/git/llpp
2015-01-08 malcMore scrolling fun
2015-01-07 malcRevert "Proper scrollbar width accounting"
2015-01-07 malcSync with upstream
2015-01-07 malcProper scrollbar width accounting
2015-01-07 malcRemove assymetry in listview mouse click handling
2015-01-07 malcBasic text only annotaitons support
2015-01-06 malcComments
2015-01-06 malcCosmetics
2015-01-05 malcXKB compatibility