2013-12-21 Thomas M. HermannStore the test in the appropriate package.master
2013-12-15 Thomas M. HermannOrganization
2013-08-24 Thomas M. HermannStore the test based on the SYMBOL-PACKAGE of the test...
2013-08-01 Thomas M. HermannCorrect error in parse-body that was discarding the...
2013-06-10 Thomas M. HermannFix issue 17 in remove-tags.
2013-04-27 Thomas M. HermannIgnore CCL FASL files.
2013-04-22 Thomas M. HermannRemove redundant function print-warning.
2013-04-18 Thomas M. HermannEnsure that a package object is used as the hash-key...
2013-04-18 Thomas M. HermannWarn when there are no tests or tags defined for a...
2013-04-02 Thomas M. HermannUse a function instead of a generic function to generat...
2013-03-18 Thomas M. HermannVersion 0.9.5 README.0.9.5
2013-03-18 Thomas M. HermannMake the list of test names and tags optional.
2013-03-15 Thomas M. HermannSignal an error if no tests are defined in the package.
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannCorrectly quote name and use valid-test-name in define...
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannReplace assert-class function with generic function...
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannReplace assert-function with a generic function assert...
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannSignal a type-error if anything besides a symbol is...
2013-02-11 Thomas M. HermannUpdate the README for version
2013-02-08 Thomas M. HermannMerge branch 'tap'
2013-02-08 Thomas M. HermannCorrect the macro expansion assertion to number GENSYMS...
2013-02-06 Thomas M. HermannMerge pull request #12 from AccelerationNet/tap-with...
2013-02-05 Ryan Davisprint out test duration, in seconds12/head
2013-02-05 Ryan Davisrecord the run time of the test
2013-02-03 Thomas M. HermannWarn on missing tags to remove and continue on.
2013-02-03 Thomas M. HermannWarn on missing tests to remove and continue on.
2013-02-03 Thomas M. HermannAdd an optional stream argument to all print and output...
2013-02-01 Thomas M. HermannCount passed assertions and only store details for...
2013-02-01 Thomas M. HermannOptionally signal results.
2013-01-31 Thomas M. HermannMerge pull request #9 from AccelerationNet/master
2013-01-31 Thomas M. HermannMerge pull request #10 from AccelerationNet/tap
2013-01-31 Ryan Davisremove extraneous hyphen10/head
2013-01-31 Ryan Davisenable print-pretty for TAP results
2013-01-31 Ryan Davissupport test output using the test anything protocol
2013-01-31 Ryan Davisintroduce a new `test-run-complete` condition, and...
2013-01-30 Ryan Davisintroduce a `*keep-passing-asserts*` flag to toggle... 9/head
2013-01-29 Ryan DavisMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-29 Thomas M. HermannPerform evaluation of actual, expected, and extra forms...
2013-01-29 Thomas M. HermannGuard against multiple evaluations of a unit test name.
2013-01-29 Thomas M. HermannFIXME note for the norm of an array in the floating...
2012-12-14 Thomas M. HermannREADME for version
2012-12-14 Thomas M. HermannExamples of using tags.
2012-12-14 Thomas M. HermannWarn if there are no tests for a tag.
2012-11-26 Thomas M. HermannClean up the equality predicates.
2012-11-26 Thomas M. HermannMerge branch 'master' into assertion-records
2012-11-26 Thomas M. HermannResurrect the use-debugger function.
2012-11-23 Thomas M. HermannUpdate %run-thunks to make a test-results-db instance.
2012-11-23 Thomas M. HermannReset the global counters whenever run-tests or run...
2012-11-23 Thomas M. HermannUse the local exerr in print-errors.
2012-11-23 Thomas M. HermannRefine and export the failure and error print functions.
2012-11-23 Thomas M. HermannPrint failures and errors as test results are generated.
2012-11-22 Thomas M. HermannPrint failures and errors during tests if requested.
2012-11-22 Thomas M. HermannProperly handle the extra results.
2012-11-22 Thomas M. HermannUpdate print-error to work with result objects.
2012-11-22 Thomas M. HermannUpdate print-failure to work with result objects.
2012-11-22 Thomas M. HermannOrganize the main lisp-unit file.
2012-11-22 Thomas M. HermannPreliminary implementation of comprehensive test result...
2012-11-01 Ryan DavisMerge pull request #1 from OdonataResearchLLC/master
2012-10-31 Thomas M. HermannMerge branch 'master' into assertion-records
2012-10-31 Thomas M. HermannReturn the actual condition instead of :error.
2012-10-31 Thomas M. HermannMerge pull request #4 from AccelerationNet/master
2012-10-30 Russ Tyndallmake use-debugger actually allow the debugger to get... 4/head
2012-10-19 Thomas M. HermannUpdate print-failure and print-error to handle various...
2012-10-16 Thomas M. HermannUnpdated norms with internal unit tests.0.9.2
2012-10-16 Thomas M. HermannObsolete call to get-tagged-tests in run-tags.
2012-10-16 Thomas M. HermannClean up sumsq sump.
2012-10-16 Thomas M. HermannImplement default-epsilon for sequences using LOOP.
2012-10-16 Thomas M. HermannMiscellaneous clean-up.
2012-10-15 Thomas M. HermannMatch the ASDF definition version to the code.
2012-10-15 Thomas M. HermannUse the string name of the test for documentation if... 0.9.1
2012-10-14 Thomas M. HermannCorrect merge edit typo.0.9.0
2012-10-14 Thomas M. HermannMerge branch 'devel-0.9.0'
2012-10-14 Thomas M. HermannUnmatched right parenthesis and bad format split in...
2012-10-14 Thomas M. HermannUpdate remove-tests to also from the tests from tag...
2012-10-13 Thomas M. HermannMerge failure-control-string with print-failure.
2012-10-13 Thomas M. HermannExpanded on new features in 0.9.0 in the README.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannAdd a documentation string to the unit test object.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannInitial implementation of test tags.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannFunctions for managing the tags DB.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannParse tag definitions in the unit test body.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannDefine a unit test class to store code and documentation.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannFix typos in the 'How to use' comment, correct referenc...
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannUpdate the simplified interface link in the README
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannUpdate get-tests and get-test-code for managing tests.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannDescribe and link to the simplified interface in the...
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannCompatibility version
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannWarn if no test are defined in the package.
2012-10-10 Thomas M. HermannCorrect some bugs with the resurrected API.
2012-10-09 Thomas M. HermannRoll back the run-tests,run-all-tests,remove-tests...
2012-10-09 Thomas M. HermannWrap the new run-tests function in the old interface.
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannVersion
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannRemove the obsolete lisp-unit documentation.
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannPrint the summary when any print parameter is true.
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannUpdate the README file to reflect new tasks and link...
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannAlways summarize the results.
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannExport functions for reporting test results.
2012-10-08 Thomas M. HermannAdded the my-sqrt example test.
2012-10-07 Thomas M. HermannPrint parameters and format for failures, summary,...
2012-10-06 Thomas M. HermannPrint the summary count totals with the representation...
2012-10-06 Thomas M. HermannImprove the results summary.
2012-10-06 Thomas M. HermannMinimal implementation with new interface and updated...