descriptionA Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style of JUnit, designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind.
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lisp-unit is a Common Lisp library that supports unit testing. It is an extension of the library written by Chris Riesbeck. There is a long history of testing packages in Lisp, usually called "regression" testers. More recent packages in Lisp and other languages have been inspired by JUnit for Java. Documentation is located in the documentation directory.
2013-12-21 Thomas M. HermannStore the test in the appropriate package.master
2013-12-15 Thomas M. HermannOrganization
2013-08-24 Thomas M. HermannStore the test based on the SYMBOL-PACKAGE of the test...
2013-08-01 Thomas M. HermannCorrect error in parse-body that was discarding the...
2013-06-10 Thomas M. HermannFix issue 17 in remove-tags.
2013-04-27 Thomas M. HermannIgnore CCL FASL files.
2013-04-22 Thomas M. HermannRemove redundant function print-warning.
2013-04-18 Thomas M. HermannEnsure that a package object is used as the hash-key...
2013-04-18 Thomas M. HermannWarn when there are no tests or tags defined for a...
2013-04-02 Thomas M. HermannUse a function instead of a generic function to generat...
2013-03-18 Thomas M. HermannVersion 0.9.5 README.0.9.5
2013-03-18 Thomas M. HermannMake the list of test names and tags optional.
2013-03-15 Thomas M. HermannSignal an error if no tests are defined in the package.
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannCorrectly quote name and use valid-test-name in define...
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannReplace assert-class function with generic function...
2013-03-14 Thomas M. HermannReplace assert-function with a generic function assert...
2 years ago 0.9.5
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2 years ago 0.8.1
2 years ago 0.8.0 Improve test reporting.
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