2012-01-12 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.17v3.0.17
2012-01-12 Xi Wangxfs: fix acl count validation in xfs_acl_from_disk()
2012-01-12 Thilo-Alexander... usb: cdc-acm: Fix acm_tty_hangup() vs. acm_tty_close...
2012-01-12 kashyap.desai... SCSI: mpt2sas: Added missing mpt2sas_base_detach call...
2012-01-12 Srivatsa S... PM / Sleep: Fix race between CPU hotplug and freezer
2012-01-12 stephen hemmingerbonding: fix error handling if slave is busy (v2)
2012-01-12 Aurelien Jacobsasix: fix infinite loop in rx_fixup()
2012-01-12 Ben Hutchingsigmp: Avoid zero delay when receiving odd mixture of...
2012-01-12 Alan SternOHCI: final fix for NVIDIA problems (I hope)
2012-01-12 Felipe Balbiusb: ch9: fix up MaxStreams helper
2012-01-12 Janne Snabbusb: option: add ZD Incorporated HSPA modem
2012-01-12 VU Tuan DucUSB: option: add id for 3G dongle Model VT1000 of Viettel
2012-01-12 Hans de Goedexhci: Properly handle COMP_2ND_BW_ERR
2012-01-12 Clemens Ladischusb: fix number of mapped SG DMA entries
2012-01-12 Malte SchröderUSB: Add USB-ID for Multiplex RC serial adapter to...
2012-01-12 Johan HovoldUSB: omninet: fix write_room
2012-01-12 Felipe Contrerasusb: musb: fix pm_runtime mismatch
2012-01-12 Oliver NeukumUSB: add quirk for another camera
2012-01-12 Huajun Liusb: usb-storage doesn't support dynamic id currently...
2012-01-12 Greg Kroah... USB: isight: fix kernel bug when loading firmware
2012-01-12 Julia Lawalldrivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.c: clear dangling pointer
2012-01-12 Jan Karaudf: Fix deadlock when converting file from in-ICB...
2012-01-12 Li Zefancgroup: fix to allow mounting a hierarchy by name
2012-01-12 Claudio Scordinoatmel_serial: fix spinlock lockup in RS485 code
2012-01-12 Alan SternUSB: update documentation for usbmon
2012-01-12 Jan Karaext3: Don't warn from writepage when readonly inode...
2012-01-12 Jeff Mahoneyreiserfs: Force inode evictions before umount to avoid...
2012-01-12 Jan Karareiserfs: Fix quota mount option parsing
2012-01-12 Steven Rostedtperf: Fix parsing of __print_flags() in TP_printk()
2012-01-12 Ram VepaIB/qib: Fix a possible data corruption when receiving...
2012-01-12 Aurelien Jacobsasix: new device id
2012-01-12 Li Zhongpowerpc: Fix unpaired probe_hcall_entry and probe_hcall...
2012-01-12 Anton Blanchardpowerpc/time: Handle wrapping of decrementer
2012-01-12 Pontus Fuchswl12xx: Check buffer bound when processing nvs data
2012-01-12 Pontus Fuchswl12xx: Validate FEM index from ini file and FW
2012-01-12 Benjamin Herrenschmidtoffb: Fix bug in calculating requested vram size
2012-01-12 Benjamin Herrenschmidtoffb: Fix setting of the pseudo-palette for >8bpp
2012-01-12 Larry Fingerrt2800usb: Move ID out of unknown
2012-01-12 Neil Hormanfirmware: Fix an oops on reading fw_priv->fw in sysfs...
2012-01-12 Joe PerchesDocumentation: Update stable address
2012-01-12 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: stable: Update address
2012-01-06 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.16v3.0.16
2012-01-06 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Fix kernel panic in AR2427 in AP mode
2012-01-06 Oleg Nesterovptrace: partially fix the do_wait(WEXITED) vs EXIT_DEAD...
2012-01-06 Linus TorvaldsRevert "rtc: Disable the alarm in the hardware"
2012-01-06 Mandeep Singh... hung_task: fix false positive during vfork
2012-01-06 Alexander Müllerdrm/radeon/kms/atom: fix possible segfault in pm setup
2012-01-06 Christoph Hellwigxfs: log all dirty inodes in xfs_fs_sync_fs
2012-01-06 Christoph Hellwigxfs: log the inode in ->write_inode calls for kupdate
2012-01-06 Konrad Rzeszutek... xen/swiotlb: Use page alignment for early buffer alloca...
2012-01-06 Kyle Mannamfd: Turn on the twl4030-madc MADC clock
2012-01-06 Kyle Mannamfd: Check for twl4030-madc NULL pointer
2012-01-06 Kyle Mannamfd: Copy the device pointer to the twl4030-madc structure
2012-01-06 Sanjeev Premimfd: Fix mismatch in twl4030 mutex lock-unlock
2012-01-06 Emmanuel Grumbachiwlwifi: update SCD BC table for all SCD queues
2012-01-06 Stephen Rothwellipv4: using prefetch requires including prefetch.h
2012-01-06 Eric Dumazetipv4: reintroduce route cache garbage collector
2012-01-06 Weiping Panipv4: flush route cache after change accept_local
2012-01-06 Thomas Grafsctp: Do not account for sizeof(struct sk_buff) in...
2012-01-06 Xi Wangsctp: fix incorrect overflow check on autoclose
2012-01-06 Eric Dumazetsch_gred: should not use GFP_KERNEL while holding a...
2012-01-06 Gerlando Falautonet: have ipconfig not wait if no dev is available
2012-01-06 Thomas Grafmqprio: Avoid panic if no options are provided
2012-01-06 Alex Juncullc: llc_cmsg_rcv was getting called after sk_eat_skb.
2012-01-06 Djalal Harounippp: fix pptp double release_sock in pptp_bind()
2012-01-06 Markus Kötternet: bpf_jit: fix an off-one bug in x86_64 cond jump...
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc: Fix handling of orig_i0 wrt. debugging when...
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc64: Fix masking and shifting in VIS fpcmp emulation.
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc32: Correct the return value of memcpy.
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc32: Remove uses of %g7 in memcpy implementation.
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc32: Remove non-kernel code from memcpy implementation.
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc: Kill custom io_remap_pfn_range().
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc64: Patch sun4v code sequences properly on module...
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc32: Be less strict in matching %lo part of relocation.
2012-01-06 David S. Millersparc64: Fix MSIQ HV call ordering in pci_sun4v_msiq_bu...
2012-01-06 Nagalakshmi... mpt2sas: fix non-x86 crash on shutdown
2012-01-06 Hillf Dantonmm: hugetlb: fix non-atomic enqueue of huge page
2012-01-06 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/kms: bail on BTC parts if MC ucode is missing
2012-01-06 Mingarelli... watchdog: hpwdt: Changes to handle NX secure bit in...
2012-01-06 Hugh Dickinsfutex: Fix uninterruptible loop due to gate_area
2012-01-06 Vladimir Zapolskiyoprofile, arm/sh: Fix oprofile_arch_exit() linkage...
2012-01-06 Ulf HanssonARM: 7220/1: mmc: mmci: Fixup error handling for dma
2012-01-06 Ulf HanssonARM: 7214/1: mmc: mmci: Fixup handling of MCI_STARTBITERR
2012-01-06 Jason ChenARM:imx:fix pwm period value
2012-01-06 Srivatsa S... VFS: Fix race between CPU hotplug and lglocks
2012-01-06 Hillf Dantonmemcg: keep root group unchanged if creation fails
2012-01-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: allow to switch to HT40 if not associated
2012-01-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: do not set the sequence control bit is not...
2012-01-06 Rajkumar Manoharanath9k: fix max phy rate at rate control init
2012-01-06 Sylwester Nawrockimedia: s5p-fimc: Use correct fourcc for RGB565 colour...
2012-01-06 Dave Kleikampvfs: __read_cache_page should use gfp argument rather...
2012-01-06 Ilya Yanokmfd: Fix twl-core oops while calling twl_i2c_* for...
2012-01-06 Mandeep Singh... cgroups: fix a css_set not found bug in cgroup_attach_proc
2012-01-06 Rusty Russellmmc: vub300: fix type of firmware_rom_wait_states modul...
2012-01-06 Thomas Meyernilfs2: unbreak compat ioctl
2012-01-06 David HowellsSELinux: Fix RCU deref check warning in sel_netport_ins...
2012-01-06 Trond MyklebustNFSv4.1: Ensure that we handle _all_ SEQUENCE status...
2012-01-06 Robert Richteroprofile: Fix uninitialized memory access when writing...
2012-01-06 Frantisek Hrbataoom: fix integer overflow of points in oom_badness
2012-01-06 Michel Lespinassebinary_sysctl(): fix memory leak