2011-08-06 Henrique de... ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: add development version tagrelease/2.6.35
2011-08-06 Henrique de... thinkpad-acpi: handle HKEY 0x4010, 0x4011 events
2011-08-06 Henrique de... thinkpad-acpi: handle some new HKEY 0x60xx events
2011-08-06 Joe Perchesthinkpad_acpi: Convert printks to pr_<level> v2
2011-08-06 Joe Perchesthinkpad_acpi: Correct !CONFIG_THINKPAD_ACPI_VIDEO...
2011-08-06 Manoj Iyerthinkpad-acpi: module autoloading for newer Lenovo...
2011-08-06 Keith Packardthinkpad-acpi fails to load with newer Thinkpad X201s...
2011-08-06 Lucas De Marchiplatform-drivers: x86: fix common misspellings
2011-08-06 Seth Forsheethinkpad_acpi: Always report scancodes for hotkeys
2011-08-06 Jesper JuhlACPI Thinkpad: We must always call va_end() after va_st...
2011-08-06 Joe Perchesdrivers/platform/x86: Remove unnecessary semicolons
2011-08-06 Julia Lawalldrivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c: delete double...
2011-08-06 Lionel Debrouxbacklight: constify backlight_ops
2011-08-06 Uwe Kleine... tree-wide: fix comment/printk typos
2011-08-06 Henrique de... thinkpad-acpi: untangle ACPI/vendor backlight selection
2011-08-06 Henrique de... The Linux ACPI core locates the ACPI video devices...
2011-08-01 Andi Kleenrelease
2011-08-01 Fernando Luis... IGMP snooping: set mrouters_only flag for IPv6 traffic
2011-08-01 Fernando Luis... IGMP snooping: set mrouters_only flag for IPv4 traffic
2011-08-01 Thomas Grafipv6: add special mode forwarding=2 to send RS while
2011-08-01 Suresh Siddhax86, mtrr: lock stop machine during MTRR rendezvous...
2011-08-01 Ralf BaechleSERIAL: SC26xx: Fix link error.
2011-08-01 Mark BrownASoC: Ensure we delay long enough for WM8994 FLL to...
2011-08-01 Will DeaconARM: 6989/1: perf: do not start the PMU when no events are
2011-08-01 K. Y. SrinivasanStaging: hv: netvsc: Fix a bug in accounting transmit...
2011-08-01 Vasiliy Kulikovstaging: comedi: fix infoleak to userspace
2011-08-01 Larry Fingerstaging: r8192e_pci: Handle duplicate PCI ID 0x10ec...
2011-08-01 Joerg Roedeliommu/amd: Don't use MSI address range for DMA addresses
2011-08-01 Paul ParsonsARM: pxa: fix PGSR register address calculation
2011-08-01 Steven Rostedttracing: Have "enable" file use refcounts like the...
2011-08-01 Steven Rostedttracing: Fix bug when reading system filters on module
2011-08-01 Kuninori MorimotoASoC: ak4642: fixup snd_soc_update_bits mask for PW_MGMT2
2011-08-01 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix TKIP replay vulnerability
2011-08-01 Hans Verkuilv4l2-ioctl.c: prefill tuner type for g_frequency and
2011-08-01 Hans Verkuilpvrusb2: fix g/s_tuner support
2011-08-01 Hans Verkuilbttv: fix s_tuner for radio
2011-08-01 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix a race between work-queue and rpc_killall_tasks
2011-08-01 Ajay Kumar... usb: musb: restore INDEX register in resume path
2011-08-01 Rajkumar Manoharanmac80211: Restart STA timers only on associated state
2011-08-01 Sergei ShtylyovEHCI: only power off port if over-current is active
2011-08-01 Bob Liumm/nommu.c: fix remap_pfn_range()
2011-08-01 Stefan Richterfirewire: ohci: do not bind to Pinnacle cards, avert...
2011-08-01 Igor GrinbergARM: pxa/cm-x300: fix V3020 RTC functionality
2011-08-01 Ben GreearSUNRPC: Fix use of static variable in rpcb_getport_async
2011-08-01 Len Brownx86, intel, power: Initialize MSR_IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS
2011-08-01 Venkatesh Pallipadix86: Look for IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS support
2011-08-01 J. Bruce Fieldssvcrpc: fix list-corrupting race on nfsd shutdown
2011-08-01 Stefan Richterfirewire: cdev: return -ENOTTY for unimplemented ioctls...
2011-08-01 Stefan Richterfirewire: cdev: prevent race between first get_info...
2011-08-01 Alan SternUSB: OHCI: fix another regression for NVIDIA controllers
2011-08-01 Luca Tettamantihwmon: (asus_atk0110) Fix memory leak
2011-08-01 Pavel Herrmannhwmon: (max1111) Fix race condition causing NULL pointer
2011-08-01 Mauro Carvalho... si4713-i2c: avoid potential buffer overflow on si4713
2011-08-01 Michael Neulingpowerpc/kdump: Fix timeout in crash_kexec_wait_realmode
2011-08-01 Hendrik Bruecknerhvc_console: Improve tty/console put_chars handling
2011-08-01 Anton Blanchardpowerpc/pseries/hvconsole: Fix dropped console output
2011-08-01 Jon Poveydavinci: DM365 EVM: fix video input mux bits
2011-08-01 Wolfgang DenkUSB: serial: add IDs for WinChipHead USB->RS232 adapter
2011-08-01 Huang Yingkexec, x86: Fix incorrect jump back address if not
2011-08-01 Andi KleenDrop -Werror in perf
2011-08-01 Manoj Iyermmc: Added quirks for Ricoh 1180:e823 lower base clock
2011-08-01 Manoj Iyermmc: Add PCI fixup quirks for Ricoh 1180:e823 reader
2011-08-01 James Bottomleyfix crash in scsi_dispatch_cmd()
2011-08-01 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Fix unmap error (Causing system freeze)
2011-08-01 Manfred Spraulipc/sem.c: fix race with concurrent semtimedop() timeouts
2011-08-01 Dan Rosenbergxtensa: prevent arbitrary read in ptrace
2011-08-01 Peter Zijlstramm/backing-dev.c: reset bdi min_ratio in bdi_unregister()
2011-08-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidtmm/futex: fix futex writes on archs with SW tracking of
2011-08-01 H. Peter Anvinx86: Make Dell Latitude E6420 use reboot=pci
2011-08-01 Daniel J Bluemanx86: Make Dell Latitude E5420 use reboot=pci
2011-08-01 Dan Rosenbergalpha: fix several security issues
2011-08-01 Vasiliy Kulikovproc: restrict access to /proc/PID/io
2011-08-01 Miklos Szeredimm: prevent concurrent unmap_mapping_range() on the...
2011-08-01 Xufeng Zhangudp/recvmsg: Clear MSG_TRUNC flag when starting over...
2011-08-01 Xufeng Zhangipv6/udp: Use the correct variable to determine non...
2011-08-01 Marcus Meissnernet/ipv4: Check for mistakenly passed in non-IPv4 address
2011-08-01 Eric Dumazetaf_packet: prevent information leak
2011-08-01 Joe Perchesnet: filter: Use WARN_RATELIMIT
2011-08-01 Joe Perchesbug.h: Add WARN_RATELIMIT
2011-08-01 Rafael J. WysockiPM / Hibernate: Fix free_unnecessary_pages()
2011-08-01 Eric Dumazetinet_diag: fix inet_diag_bc_audit()
2011-08-01 Roland McGrathuml: fix CONFIG_STATIC_LINK=y build failure with newer...
2011-08-01 Alan SternUSB: don't let the hub driver prevent system sleep
2011-08-01 Alan SternUSB: don't let errors prevent system sleep
2011-08-01 Vasiliy Kulikovtaskstats: don't allow duplicate entries in listener...
2011-08-01 Arnd Bergmann6pack,mkiss: fix lock inconsistency
2011-08-01 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Ensure the RPC client only quits on fatal signals
2011-08-01 NeilBrownmd: avoid endless recovery loop when waiting for fail...
2011-08-01 Jean Delvarei2c-taos-evm: Fix log messages
2011-08-01 Shaohua Licfq-iosched: fix a rcu warning
2011-08-01 Jens Axboecfq-iosched: fix locking around ioc->ioc_data assignment
2011-08-01 Marcin Slusarzdebugobjects: Fix boot crash when kmemleak and debugobj...
2011-08-01 Florian Fainelliwatchdog: mtx1-wdt: request gpio before using it
2011-08-01 Sjoerd Simonsuvcvideo: Remove buffers from the queues when freeing
2011-08-01 Rafael Aquinimm: fix negative commitlimit when gigantic hugepages...
2011-08-01 Eugene A. Shatokhinath5k: fix memory leak when fewer than N_PD_CURVES...
2011-08-01 Michal KubecekPM: Free memory bitmaps if opening /dev/snapshot fails
2011-08-01 Sarah Sharpxhci: Reject double add of active endpoints.
2011-08-01 Thomas Gleixnerclocksource: Make watchdog robust vs. interruption
2011-08-01 Stefano Stabellinixen: partially revert "xen: set max_pfn_mapped to the...