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Lineal is basically a web-based calculator for linear algebra. It aims to outdo graphing calculators in usability and accuracy. Certain examples include the ability to save/restore sessions, trivially join together and break apart matrices and vectors without manually editing and resizing a copy, and add rows and columns to matrices on-the-fly (augmented form need not be stored). Perfect ratios are used so the accuracy of most operations remains perfect if the input is not floating point. Some important things aren't implemented yet, most notably: eigenvalue/vector stuff, diagonalization, and the Graham-Schmidt process.
It can do some basic math as well.
2008-10-08 Alex Klinkhamer+Parentheses work again.master
2008-09-09 Alex Klinkhamer+Infix parser converts to s-expressions now
2008-08-18 Alex Klinkhamer+REPL prompt fixed for SBCL
2008-08-18 Alex Klinkhamer+Shell, +A LOT
2008-07-25 Alex Klinkhamer+Fixed rounding error on floats.
2008-07-25 Alex Klinkhamer+Complex numbers handled better
2008-07-25 Alex Klinkhamer+Trace function, +Constants
2008-07-24 Alex Klinkhamer+Most files' packages determined in src/devvars
2008-07-24 Alex Klinkhamer+More treating lists as vectors
2008-07-23 Alex Klinkhamer+Generalized devvars for easier extension
2008-07-21 Alex Klinkhamer+rref button (oops), +factorial button
2008-07-12 Alex Klinkhamer+Enumerated constants!
2008-07-08 Alex Klinkhamer+Implied infix multiplication, no space required
2008-07-07 Alex Klinkhamer+Negatives work after a comma
2008-07-06 Alex Klinkhamer+Better naming for main parser functions
2008-07-06 Alex Klinkhamer+Learned to count
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