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The Lisp Computing Interface is a port of the GNU Emacs C core to common lisp and accompanying elisp code.
2007-12-04 Shawn Bettsmostly fix move-beginning-of-linemaster
2007-12-04 Shawn Bettsfix split-window command
2007-12-04 Shawn Bettsget it building again
2007-12-04 Shawn Bettsadd command move-end-of-line
2007-12-04 Shawn Bettsnew file
2007-12-04 Shawn Bettsadd some more ignore file types
2007-11-23 tailor[lice @ add comment to toplevel Makefile]
2007-08-24 tailor[lice @ shit loads of stuff]
2007-05-11 tailor[lice @ more rearranging. define-key modifications...
2007-05-10 tailor[lice @ big huge rearrange. add hanoi. fix extended...
2007-05-07 tailor[lice @ dont load the .asd file]
2007-05-07 tailor[lice @ some bug fixes, a makefile, autoconf support]
2007-05-07 tailor[lice @ add all function symbols emacs implements in C]
2007-05-07 tailor[lice @ add data-types.lisp]
2007-05-07 tailor[lice @ massive rearrangement to get rid of compiler...
2007-05-06 tailor[lice @ get doctor working. fix line-end-position....
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